Reply to "VANDAM SUNDAYS at Greenhouse w/ Susanne Bartsch and Kenny Kenny"

It's official...
The bitches are back!

This past Sunday was the third week of Vandam and every week gets better and better.

It's Sunday so that means it's an early party.
People start lining up outside at 10PM
(open bar) by 11PM it's full and by midnight both floors are packed!

Upstairs has the traditional Susanne & Kenny over the top madness.
I play VERY high energy music to drive it over the top. (Electro mixed with Disco and House).

And the kids are DONE!!!
Every week more and more people come lit up like Christmas trees.
It's very "Happy Valley" if you were ever there.

It's also a VERY mixed crowd.
Of course there are the gays but there are also lots of cute girls.
(those born that way and those not)
And where there are cute girls...
(those born that way and those not)
there will eventually be straight boys sniffing them out.
I think I saw two on Sunday.

There is always a show. (around 12:30 or 1AM)
Narcissister, Julie Atlas Muz, Dirty Martini etc.

Upstairs empties out by 3AM and then it ALL happens downstairs.
Downstairs is packed all night but "late nite" is the best!
The music is hot and deep.
DJ Will drove me out of my mind last Sunday.
He was on fire.
I dragged my sad old beat up carcass (I was in a cab accident on the way to work and have a big black eye) out of there at 4AM but I still haven't stopped dancing.

The reason I am going on and on about this night because I know the Motherboards crowd and this party is for you!

It's not some last century bottle bar and it doesn't cost $1,000.00 to sit at a "Box" with a bunch of frat boy investment bankers if you know what I mean.
It's a real New York party night!
If you kids want to know what New York was like...
Come to this party.
Get fucked up.
Lose your self in the music.
Go home with someone that would give your Sunday School teacher a heart attack.
Miss work the next day.
Miss work the next week!
And do it all over again.