Reply to "VANDAM SUNDAYS at Greenhouse w/ Susanne Bartsch and Kenny Kenny"

I also have to give some props.

Last Sunday I was watching Giorgio Armani (or "Mr. Armani" as everyone calls him).
It was about 2AM and he was having a ball.
This man has got to be about 70 but he was out there like a twenty year old.

I loved watching him.
He was intently checking out all the fashion of course.
REALLY enjoying all the looks that the kids put together.
I also loved watching him move to the music.
The hardest most rocking songs would get him off I noticed.
The Klass mix of "Where's Your Head At" by Jean Elan seemed to be his favorite.

This was interesting to me because the man is obviously very smart and successful etc. and the songs that he most responded to were the best songs.
It's like if something is good it transcends all age barriers.
I'm sure he's not hanging out with seventeen year-olds every night but he was there for hours got an earfull of their music and fashion.
And I can honestly say that by the songs that he most responded to that he totally gets it.