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Reply to "Wanted: Memories Of The Pyramid Club, 1981-1985"

It's true.
Hattie was just the messenger (the only one still sober enough to dial a phone at 2 in the afternoon).
And it's also true, I would probably still be there playing the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack if Hattie hadn't fired me.
(But not at "1984" thank you very much!)

You see, I was into this "Disco as Retro" thing, I LOVED Disco. The tackier the better. I used to wear these stretch Jordache jeans and blow my hair out like Denny Tario (He was the star of this TV show called "Dance Fever" and the man who taught John Travolta how to dance). I changed my name to "Johnny Dynell", this sort of plastic Las Vegas disco name. It was brilliant except that I was just a little bit too early. Disco wasn't even dead yet and I was trying to resurrect it. I just came off as some goofy guido from Staten Island.

And The Pyramid Club was VERY advanced. It was a brilliant group of people that would change the world. I just didn't really fit in at that time. New Wave was coming in and a young upstart DJ named "Sister Dimension" was playing it (to the joy of the East Village Saturday night crowd I must add).
Johnny Dynell had to go!

I HATED New Wave (and still do). It's just too wimpy. The Smiths, Joy Division, Morrisey all that crap made me puke. It just wasn't great art like K.C. And The Sunshine Band!

So that's the story Tonya.
Actually, it's not really that interesting as Hattie said. Just another day at The Pyramid Club. There were MANY MANY real scandals to come so you all should really buy the book.