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Reply to "Wanted: Memories Of The Pyramid Club, 1981-1985"

I remember all of you...well, most of you.
And if Brian is Hatches then I have you to thank once again for letting me still come in after my father called you.

I spent loads of time in the DJ come noone has yet to mention Ivan?
....and I spent time propped on the beer boxes next to the ice machine in the wait station, where Stephan named me "Queen of the May."
I screamed when songs I liked came on.
I mean high piercing screamed- like the girl in that "dont need this pressure" song
I did a fine job of giving Bill Murray and Dan Ackroyd an utterly pointless tour of the Mood Lounge, which in hindsight pretty absurd, but who the hell cares.
I helped to redesign the loft upstairs for a New Year's event...Painted for a day and a half!

the first night I ever went to the pYramid was in high school....all the guys I liked were bisexual or gay, and I was at a party, and this guy I was friends with came out to me and I said thats IT...I cant TAKE this anymore! Everyone is GAY! I'm going downtown to the Pyramid!!!
and there I least three nights a week for about three years....

What ever happened to....Grace, Joey, Richard, Tanya, Peggy, Robert, Michael Rios, Russell..I kept a diary when I was that young and in my first few weeks out at pYramid, I would remember and record the names of everyone I had met that night...too bad I dont have that kind of marketing ability today!!!

I remember when there was no DJ booth for me to hang out in (boo hoo) and they had to climb through some strange hole in the wall...that had to be a fire hazard..for sure!

I did "rounds" at pYramid...I was outside, inside, DJ booth, mood lounge, tech room, backstage...everywhere...

Then people took me out to breakfast at 103's or Nightbirds which were both so awesome and funfilled, or we would go to after hours places like Save the Robots or Berlin...warm drinks - no ice - no refrigeration - no air conditioning...but great music....

then once I was exposed to the club scene I became a job at Danceteria...had a problem one night working as elevator girl, then the club closed...went to work at Palladium...then went back to school and left the scene.

I doubt any of you remember me...but let it be known that the pYramid cocktail lounge played a very signicant part in my early adulthood and will probably require an entire chapter in the autobio.