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Reply to "Wanted: Memories Of The Pyramid Club, 1981-1985"

I remember the tech phone to the dj booth that was fixed to the stairs to the stage . . . and what a thrill it was the first time (and everytime, I guess) that I picked it up. How a screw up like me ended up being the emcee . . . that had a lot to do with Mark Oates.
But that phone ringing meant "Showtime"

Finally in the "Cuchifritos" or "Hapi's BackDoor" days (daze - it's all a grey (gardens) blur) the tech-phone broke and no one was there who could or cared to fix it. Probably someone stole the copper wire to sell for drug money. That more than anything signaled to me that the Queen of Clubs was indeed a corpse. You'd have thouth some of the many thousands of other signposts along the way would have sunk in.

Other fun memories, when Sister Dimension called me to put me on probation and say, "Hapi, a Pyramid Dancer does not pull her panty hose down around her ankles and lift her dress over her head." after a particularly wild (what I thought was 'artistic') go-go gig.

That reminds me. Hattie once explained that it was illegal to expose one's pubic hair in a NYC bar or some such wording that was on the books - as to why I couldn't wear a see-through dress. So I remember being very proud of myself and thinking that I was getting one on against "the man" by walking on stage totally nude with a shaved bush.

Funny to be remembering all this now as I sit here writing this in a full Birka from my Underground Bunker in an Undisclosed Location.

Hatches - do you think China is ready for Hattie & Hapi Hattie & Hapi Hapi and Hattie's Fried Chicken Review?

xxoo Haplestilskin
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