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Reply to "Wigstock 2003 and post-Wigstock events"

...and relax with free experimental film in a garden!

After Wigstock, Le Petit Versailles Community garden will be hosting the HOWL festival's "Avant Garde(n)" screenings for the night. We'll be starting when it gets dark. The program is called "The Beast Within" and it's curated by M.M. Serra.

For those of you who haven't seen Jack Smith's "Flaming Creatures" it is a work of unparalleled beauty; truly an encounter with the sublime and magical. Also really freaky, dirty and glamourous. For those of you who have seen it, you know you want more!

It's an extravaganza of sexy films by artists from the Lower East Side includes:
Jack Smith's "Flaming Creatures,"
Barbara Rubin's double screen projection "Christmas on Earth",
Abby Child's "Mayhem"
Jen Reeves/M.M. Serra's "Darling International"
"Deliquescence" (becoming liquid) a film/performance by Bradley Eros.

With a personal appearance by Queenie.

Where: Le Petit Versailles Garden
346 E. Houston (betw. Ave. B and C).

Tickets: Free