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Reply to "Wigstock 2003 and post-Wigstock events"

Maybe you mis-understood my point...

Acceptance goes beyond us being accepted by them, it transends to us "accepting" them at one of our events. Like I pointed out in my prior post, there are times when people aren't repectful, as was my experience at the exotic erotic ball, but last Sat. they were respectful and as such we should accept their presence at our event.

Beyond that, combating ignorance is an ongoing battle. To think that any group, gays, lesbian or transgendered is secure against discrimination because it's politically incorrect to bash them "publically" is naive. Thats why it's good to continue having pride weekends, marches and wigstocks, so that poeple know we're still here and having fun.

That being said your points on the restaurants are valid, but lets take a look you're audience...
Lucky Changs East Village
Stingy's East Village
Lipp's West Village
Trannie Rest. on the Upper East Side 0
Trannie Rest. on the Upper West Side 0
Trannie Rest. in midtown 0
Trannie Rest. in the Wall Street District 0
Trannie Rest. in the Flatiron District 0
Trannie Rest. in Tribecca 0

Ru Paul was on VH1 not MTV, which is great and certainly constitutes progress...but that progress doesn't translate to blanket acceptance.

I'm not being sarcastic..maybe someone really should open a Rest. uptown. Merlin and I will operate the one on the Upper West Side.

I think we should bring Wigstock North next year!