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I had goose bumps from the beginning to the end of the show... loved every tiny details of the show! Still can't believe that was real..
Also, I had a lovely coincidence and my seat was next to Mr. Joe's! Mr. Joe, you're right. I also want to see this show many more times! I'm addicted to this beautiful show already...
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hey everybody i have fantastic news and i wanted you all to be the first to know....


"Eat your heart out, Madonna. The chanteuses that play Madison Square Garden and football stadiums have never experienced the imaginative heights of spectacle with which Basil Twist surrounds Joey Arias in Arias with a Twist"
--The New York Times

"What Arias and Twist have fashioned is no less than an eye-popping, delightfully transgressive lysergic fantasia"
--Time Out New York

"As show-business survivors go, few are as graceful or as funny as the drag artist and singer Joey Arias"
--The New Yorker

The critically heralded engagement of Arias with a Twist, an exotic fantasy of song and puppetry from drag artist Joey Arias and theatrical puppet creator Basil Twist, has extended its run now through New Year's Eve.

Arias with a Twist began performances at HERE Arts Center June 12, and subsequently extended its original four-week run through Aug. 31. Credited with turning drag into high art, Arias returns to New York in Arias with a Twist, following an extended run headlining the Las Vegas production of Cirque du Soleil's Zumanity. Renowned puppet designer Basil Twist, Arias with a Twist incorporates Arias' uncanny Billie Holiday-inspired vocals into a production that features a marionette band of musicians, an alien abduction, poisonous snakes, a Busby Berkeley sequence "” and a trip to hell.

Twist also directs the production that features costume concepts by Thierry M. Mugler, costume execution by Chris March, musical arrangements and production by Elliot Douglass and Jean-Francois Houle, sound design by Greg Duffin, lighting design by Ayumu "poe" Saegusa and video design by Daniel Brodie. Alex Gifford has penned original songs ("Lately" and "The Jungle of Eden").

Arias with a Twist will be seen 9 PM Wednesdays-Saturdays, with an additional midnight performance on Saturdays. Sunday performances are at 6 and 9 PM.

Tickets are available by calling (212) 352-3101 or by visiting

HERE Arts Center is located at 145 Sixth Avenue in Manhattan.
the midnight shows for fri and sat this weekend and next are a perfect time to come see our normally sold out show. not only have the dog days of august (and some gay party on fire island) made it that a $20 rush ticket is an easy bet to actually snag a really good seat, but the midnight shows always feature a especially juiced up audience...and joeys voice get particularly smokin!!

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