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I don't know about you but I can never get enough Gay Porn.

Congratulations Mr. Joe!

He's part of a new anthology published by Cleis Press Books called HOT GAY EROTICA 2006.

You can buy the book in the chains -Barnes & Nobles, Borders etc. (But if you pick it up from an independent that's always better).

As Mr. Joe says, "Support the "little guys"!

In NYC, check Oscar Wilde or Bluestockings.
In Atlanta, check Outwrite.

If you prefer the comfort of your own home or office and are repulsed by the idea of actually touching something with your hands before you buy... well, you can go to the Cleis Press homepage , or onlined booksellers or


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Daddy! Gay Porn? I thought you were talking about that movie I made last year (PunkSpunk Episode 1: Fan Base)!

This is a nice addition to the repertoire. LPTV on Manhattan Neighborhood Network is broadcasting my reading of this from October in the garden of Le Petit Versailles. It's on tonight at 11pm.

BTW...let us not forget the "little girls" as well, huh?
Here are just a few of the books I've read so far in recent months:
Close To The Knives--David Wojnarowicz (deep explosive, sexy, pissy, dark and utterly astonishing),
The Waterfront Journals--Wojnarowicz (of another time and place and yet so relevant),
I Put A Spell On You--Nina Simone (what a life she led, I wish I met her),
Billie Holiday:Wishing on the Moon--Donald Clarke (fabulous, better than Lady Sings The Blues, which I also read),
Fever: the Art Of David Wojnarowicz (again),
Brecht --Martin Esslin
Paroles--Jaques Prevert
Brecht poems (assorted translators edited by Mannhiem and Willet)
Tricks-Renaud Camus (this guy records his sexual encounters, sexy and smart, with beauty and brains--in France and America in the swingin' 70s! sorta porny but it really isn't still it's kinda hot)
Violet Quill Reader
My Lives Edmund White (the real stories behind the fictional accounts of them in the various novels White wrote)
Has anyone read Tipping the Velvet?
The BBC have produced it as a drama and it looks so handsome
The book is supposed to be fab too

Tipping the Velvet is a novel written by Sarah Waters and published by Virago. It tells the story of Nancy Astley, an oyster girl from the English town of Whitstable, who falls in love with a stage performer named Kitty Butler. The book, like the rest of Waters' novels, has a strong lesbian theme, though Tipping the Velvet in particular deals very candidly with the topic of lesbian sex and desire along with the role that economic class can play in oppression. The peculiar title derives from a Victorian era euphemism for cunnilingus.

GOD BLESS THE BBC - am dying to see this.
Sometimes I luck out and find something good in the pile of books that my super Rico puts out by the trash every so often. Recently he told me that an old lady who lived in one of the other buildings he works in had just died, and here were a lot of her books. She had all kinds of classics and generally good stuff, so that I felt sad that whoever she was, I had never met her and she lived somewhere in the neighborhood. It seemed by looking at the books and their price tags that the late 80s was a big time for her buying books. One of them I just read, a little memoir by Vivian Gornick called Fierce Attachments, about growing up in a Bronx tenement, her mother, the other people (mostly Jewish in her case) who lived in the building. It reminded me a little of Bronx Primitive with some of the descriptions of life in general in those old buildings, and some of that still exists in some neighborhoods, laundry lines out the back, etc, and it was just a nice book. I don't know if I ever would have read it had it not been in the pile Rico left down at the trash. Now I'm re-reading 100 Years of Solitude, which is just so juicy and yummy I can't imagine anyone not liking it.
Paul Robeson - Here I stand.

A book that America refused to re-print for many many years... a man whom America confiscated his passport due to his interest in learning about communism. It's a beautiful powerful in his own words book. An amazing talented man who was left penniless by the McCarthy years. Wherever you are Mr.Robeson i luvs ya!
Mostly scripts to plays:
The History Boys--Alan Bennett (would like to see the film)
Torch Song Trilogy--Harvey Fierstein
The Fantastiks/Celebration---Schimdt/Jones
Jacques Brel--Eric Blau (lyrics, and a bit of how the show came about)
Opera 101--Fred Plotkin
Just Say No--Larry Kramer (funny topical, in a 80s way, exposes the Reagan/bush 1 era)
Speed-the-plow--David Mamet (good and I can see way Madonna hated playing the role see played--It's not Madonna, it's someone else)
Stripped:The Depeche Mode biog. (an indepth look at DA MODE!)
I'm reading "The City Of Falling Angels" by John Berendt.
If you liked "Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil" you will like this!


The City of Falling Angels, by John Berendt, (author of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil), tells the story of some interesting inhabitants of Venice, Italy, that the author met while living there in the months following the fire that destroyed the historic Fenice Theater opera house.

Among those interviewed is Archimede Seguso, who is arguably the finest Venetian glassblower of the twentieth century. Archimede Seguso lives directly behind the Fenice, explaining the amount of passion he begins to feel after it has burned. This passion begins to directly correlate into his glass, and soon he is creating a whole line dedicated to the memory of the Fenice fire, his own rendition of how the opera house burned.

The book explores the local reaction to the Fenice fire, from the Save Venice Foundation to Venice's bureaucratic government.

It also tells the story of many American and English expatriates who went to live in Venice, from Daniel Curtis, who owned the Barbero palace where Henry James and John Singer Sargent were guests, to the poet Ezra Pound who lived the last part of his life in Venice.

This wikipedia review doesn't make it sound very interesting but it's a real page turner like his other one.


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