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Tuesday October 27th
The New York International Independent Film and Video Festival Presents
Charmed Life

Charmed Life is a rare glimpse into a world shrouded in misconception. This all access documentary dispels the myths associated with drag queens and their medium. It strives to shed light on the passion, technique and commitment employed to transcend gender. It explores the trials and triumphs of Drag performers who buck convention and embrace life on the fringe. It documents artists who despite consequence choose to be true to
themselves rather than fade quietly into the background. Raw, witty and touching Charmed Life gives entree into the world of Drag performance and the realm of its glorious inhabitants

Charmed Life is the debut effort of director Katherine Delaney for
Pure Content Pictures.

Village East Cinema Theater
181 2nd Ave. @ 12th St. NYC.

Tickets are $12.00 ea
Tickets are available through the festival website
Charmed Life is part of the 10:05 block screening
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Looks like a great flick.
But a caution for the producers, watch out for the promoters of the festival. They can be a real piece of work coming at you with heavy pitches for how they can get you a lot of recognition and even program you in to Cannes, all for something like a measley ten or twenty thousand dollars. Otherwise, the festival is a fairly inexpensive way to get your film up on a screen.

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