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Eve, you and I both should have done Click that night. But who would've known?

I went to Exit that night to catch Peaches and Fischer-Spooner as part of Larry Tee's ElectroClash Festival. It looked promising, but Peaches was absolutely AWFUL. I love her record, but her stage showed STANK to high heaven. The other bands were largely forgettable (and there were far too many acts to begin with) and everyone had to wait 5 hours before Fischer-Spooner FINALLY came on, and it looks to me like success has already gone to their heads. Their show was so-so, nice gowns but sloppy and self-indulgent otherwise. Oh well.
130 Madison St. at
Mechanic's Alley in Chinatown under the Manhattan Bridge.
10 PM - 4 AM
$15, $5 with invite before midnight/ $10 after.
21 and over with a valid ID.

The November edition of CLICK + DRAG, FREAKS FOR FREEDOM, is a
night of fun, glitter and self-expression, as this much-loved
futurist monthly so often is. This particular edition, though,
celebrates a right that we have taken for granted for a long time
- the right to self-express through dress and lifestyle on
evenings like this, and it is also a fundraiser for the
courageous women of R.A.W.A., the Revolutionary Association of
the Women of Afghanistan.

Producer ROB ROTH explains "I was horrified by a documentary I
saw where the Afghan women had to hide in a secret location just
to put on makeup and do their hair. I don't know why that
affected me so much - considering all the other awful footage of
executions and torture of women and homosexuals - but the fact
that these people cant even put on lipstick for fear of being
killed was devastating." And so the idea for this night was born.

The night will feature performances including MARLA BELT applying
makeup as go-go, a female duo called AVENUE D performing booty-
inspired rap, THE RADICAL FAERIES spirited go-go, painted
Priestess JOEY ARIAS, and other acts still being shaped including
will spin "jackin'dark-core- intergalactic-elektro-freqbeats" for
this most special edition, and ROB ROTH will turn out the

All door profits will be donated directly to RAWA. Larger
donations gratefully accepted. The hastily formed host committee
for this event includes THE RADICAL FAERIES, Click co-producer

Strict Dress Code: Boas, lashes, glitter, beads, cyberslut,
fetish, gothic, post-apocolyptic, sexy robot, glam nerd, leather,
vinyl, rubber, genderhacking, imaginative head-to-toe black or
Full Freak For Freedom.

More on RAWA at
212 929-6060
We Build Nightlife Utopias
HI-the next edition of CLICK AND DRAG is upon us-so lets celebrate our freedom to dress however we want-and help raise money for R.A.W.A., the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan. All profits from this night will go to this organization and please donate more if you wish-if you are normally on our guest list I urge you to donate something-I know things are tight for a lot of people but even a $1-will help-but most of all please attend to show your support for FREAKS FOR FREEDOM. We just added the fabulous Burlesque star Dirty Martini to the bill to perform the Dance of the Seven Veils!! -
Thanks love Kitty

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Really loved Click and Drag last night except it seemed that I only knew the family and no one else. I must be getting old..EVERYONE looked about 12 yrs old. And Rob roth is always cute in a dress.

But wasn't that Messy Bonnie Raitt dancing on the gogo box in between sets of the real dancers?

And what happened to Flawless and Brandon and Darla..they never made it.
Flawless Mother Sabrina, along with Brandon Olson, Darla Diamond and yours truly, were all at Spa. The evening started off Messy - - I was supposed to bump over to Barracuda to do Star Search but spent too much time getting my look together and by the time I left my apartment it was after 1:15 a.m., too late to be in Cashetta's show. So I used the time to my advantage by scooting over to Ultra at Spa instead to spread the word, the fliers, the love and the gospel about PTM tonight. Brandon Olson, who was there as part of the Artist's Ball that occurred earlier in the evening, was riding a joyous wave of cocktails into the dawn. Poor Sabrina was a bit crestfallen because she misplaced her purse that had her keys, money and all her identification in the cab, which is probably why she missed Click. I bought her a Poland Spring and we bonded. Darla flew through at one point, and we chatted for a bit but then I didn't see her again. Otherwise I kicked back with Richie Rich, Amanda and Sophia, Kenny Kenny and Lavinia Co-op, who looked absolutely smashing. She'd taken one of her 1920s Erte-letter inspired gowns she's been working of late and topped it with white 80s Missing Persons hair, SO glamorous.

Sorry I missed Click ... how was Avenue D?? I know Debbie, one of the girls in it but I haven't seen them perform yet.
Thanks to last night's Click + Drag and all the fabulous freaks who gave what they could, I am happy to say that we raised $1,500 for R.A.W.A!! Special thanks to Nancy Agresta for her generosity. Also I was reminded what a true showman/woman Joey Aris is. He could make a room of 2 seem like 200! Showy Arias indeed! Bush should send him to Afghanistan to bring the peace!

Last night reminded me that a little bit of makeup and glitter can bring a lot of joy! All the Radical Faeries know a thing or 2 about it; they make the party go all night! Kitty and I have decided to send a package of 100 tubes of Channel red lipstick addressed to the taliban in Afghanistan. I think they should learn the power of a painted lip!

Thanks also go out to Dirty Martini, a true living goddess! And Avenue D, such silly girls! And Chi Chi for her magic.

Oh Lex, sorry you couldn't be there, personally I would rather eat glass then ever set foot in that place again, but I understand about promotion. Hope Flawless gets her purse back.

Until "Plushies"...., paint your face and keep the peace!

Rob we are sending the lipstick to the women of afganistan-not the men - you big drag queen - terence sent a envelope with a donation last nite saying "for lipstick for the afganistan ladies"!!!! for the men we should send butt plugs, ball gags and heels-daddy really knows how hard it is to work in heels-so imagine the taliban trying to fight a war in them- heels from payless though.
The plan was to go to Click after Linda's party. It just didn't happen that way. I will still send my donation to:

Please make your check or money order payable to SEE/Afghan Women's Mission. Your contribution will be sent to RAWA. Mail individual checks, money order or cash (not recommended) to:

The Afghan Women's Mission
260 S. Lake Avenue
PMB 165
Pasadena, CA 91101

Donations sent to THIS ADDRESS are tax deductible to the extent of the law.
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Regrettably we have been forced to cancel our Dec 13th edition of Click + Drag and put the event on hiatus. Because of a scheduling snafu on the part of the new management team at Fun, another party was scheduled on our date. Click of all parties can NOT share a space with anyone, so we are unable to bring back the PLUSHIES theme that so many of you requested. We were especially looking forward to this night because of the circumstances around its original cancellation on September 13. Because of the difficulties Kitty and I have faced in the days since September's cancellation (problems that are certainly affecting many other events and venues in Chinatown, sadly,) we have decided to put the party on hold for the time being.

Between Kitty's film costuming and fashion career and my art direction/photo/design career (and now constant travelling schedule as one of Deborah Harry's Fishsticks) it is impossible for us to continue producing Click at the level it deserves.

We have enjoyed our year long run at Fun. Some of our best work was done there (The Atomic Cafe, Beat on the Brat and Big in Japan were just 3 events that come to mind) but since the change in management, it has become much harder to produce. Click + Drag is a labor intensive event that takes up a huge amount of time, but becomes all the more difficult when the venue is not giving their support.

We are looking to take Click yet again into the future, re-defining and reinventing it with a new location and on the road to different cities (Japan anyone?). So keep in touch and check out the Click web site for details of the hiatus, more jpg's and video clips of past events and news of the future. Thank you all for the years of energy, love, kink and most of all DRAG that was brought in all its many facets by the most fearless and fabulous audience a club could ever hold! See you in 2002!

Rob Roth & Kitty Boots, Producers
Chi Chi Valenti, Contributing Editrix
Click + Drag

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