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So, mates of mine in the UK media have ALWAYS told me that Princess Diana was murdered... which i believe... The Independant newspaper in UK just printed this about Dodi's dad Harrods owner.. which here is snippets of that was interesting..

Mohamed Fayed is more convinced than ever that Diana and Dodi were murdered - and that the Royal family were behind it....
In a Channel 4 documentary next week, You're Fayed, he calls Prince Philip, inter alia, "a sick, diseased German Nazi bastard from nowhere" and "a murderer", describes some members of the Cabinet as "cocksuckers" (but only the ones he likes), dismisses Tony Blair as "a failed lawyer", and asks rhetorically how Prince Charles can sleep with a woman "who looks like a crocodile".
...... He firmly believes that his son Dodi and Diana, Princess of Wales were murdered by rogue elements in British intelligence at the behest of the Royal Family in general, but the Duke of Edinburgh in particular........."Those boys are suffering now. But just now, what can they do? Nothing. But me, I can, and everything will be proved in few months' time by the Stevens report. This will be the biggest story in history." He's referring to the police report on Diana's death commissioned by the royal coroner Michael Burgess......

James Andanson, the paparazzo found burnt to death in his car three years after the Paris crash, has, Fayed claims, now been proved to have been driving the mysterious white Fiat Uno, and was in the pay of a third party to cause the crash. The Fiat was carrying 100kg of lead to make it heavier and thus more effective in knocking Diana and Dodi's Mercedes off course

The driver, Henri Paul, Fayed claims, was also in the pay of some malevolent party - hence the large sums found in his accounts - but Paul was double-crossed. He was hired and paid to take Diana and Dodi to their deaths, but the plan as he understood it wasn't for him to die too. Paul's main job on the night was to persuade Trevor Rees-Jones, the bodyguard, to dispense with the usual security car that followed Diana's vehicle.

The question of Paul's drunkenness is also, Fayed says, being unravelled by Sir John's team. Questions remain over an apparent mix-up by French police in which a blood sample of Paul's may have become muddled with someone else's. According to Fayed: "Paul's parents have agreed to a DNA test that will establish whether the blood sample that still exists is Henri's or somebody else's."
Interesting stuff huh....
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wallis' future husband was tricked by the chancellor into saying parliament had to approve his marriage. had he not fell to that legal technical trickery wallis might be royalty, tho never queen.

the kids should be happy, their father, prince charles, had the presence of mind to have pretty first wife while still in love with his future second wife.
I'm a newbie, so hello first. I have nothing to add about the Diana thing (although, is there still that deli on second avenue and like thirteenth called Diana Y Dodi? I shopped there just because of the name.) Since this topic was conspiracy theory, I thought I would mention to anyone interested in conspiracy theory, paranormal, crazy fringe ideas, UfO's, and weird science to tune into this radio show on every night(seven nights a week)on 77WABCam from 1am to 5am, perfect for nighties. It is great and hilarious when they have open lines and people from Omaha call in and tell about how grandpappy fell off a tractor when he saw a UFO and then had sex with the alien. It is called Coast to Coast AM. Here is the website in case you are curious...coast to coast
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