A "time-travel" costume ball with an 18th and 19th Century flair (all period costumes nevertheless welcome), inspired by the adventures of Baron Münchausen.

More Info: http://www.dancesofvice.com/DOVFII/

---- Chevaliere Falon de l'Avenue Premiere

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Thanks so much for posting this Falon. I will definately be there on the 23rd..Who could resist this lineup, location or theme?


A gala featuring everything from an 18th century fashion show by designer Kathleen Marie to a lesson on the "Principles of Mythomania" by the famed Professor Starkall of the Psychiatric Hospital of Cologne in Germany - plus, fencing instruction by the New York Fencers Club, with live Baroque music by harpsichord soloist Alexandra Snyder + guests. Renown dance troupe Desert Sin will also be making an exclusive appearance on this evening.

All this and more at the venerable Montauk Club, a grandiose private Victorian clubhouse in Park Slope, Brooklyn. VIP/Press Party is by invitation-only.

AND new Kathleen Marie designs! Can't wait to see all the period costume fanciers out and about again..

Kathleen designed this beautiful dress that Vangeline wore in last year's Low Life.


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Hi Falon! I have been meaning to post about the festival here Smile

The Dances of Vice Festival II is taking place in New York in just 2 weeks! The theme for this festival will be 18th Century "new romantic" glamour (think Adam Ant, and the 1780s meets the 1980s), with several couture fashion shows, Baroque opera, dance art, and elaborate costuming.

Find out more and reserve your advance tickets at: http://www.dancesofvice.com

Also, what could be better than having a Victorian absinthe party and open bar in Brooklyn's glorious Montauk Club, a Victorian clubhouse modeled after the palaces on Venice's Grand Canal?

The New York Dances of Vice Festival II VIP/Press party promises just that, sponsored by Lucid Absinthe Superieure, who will be featuring authentic absinthe distilled in strict accordance with traditional French methods, and replica Victorian absinthe fountains and glasses.

The festival itself will have an 18th Century focus, but we of course could not leave the Victorian era behind completely, so both the picnic and VIP party will encompass some Victorian elements.

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