oh god/goddess!!! tonite's celebration of dean was so lovely, so much gratitude to everyone for testifying and witnessing! Beth it was amazing to read your post, thank you for yr generosity, and im so so so sorry for your loss. he alwasy held you in the highest regard when he'd speak of you. you will be happy to know there was some true love and joy in the room for having known him, or even those who didnt know him, and who were still influenced and affected by Dean, everyone celebrating him. it gave me some peaceful feeling to swim in that. And it was so fun to see everyone turn OUT for it, i think dean would have been thrilled! i too kept thinking he was gonna stroll in at some point, weirdly. the lights were flickering at the early part of the night and i of course thought that meant dean had entered the building and was waiting to see who was coming to pay tribute. Keeping track! hello! I thought it was nice of dale to share what he read , and so i'm taking his lead. love you dale. love you dean. we all were beach buddies together, at dale and tony's homebase in cherry grove. the following is a short interview/questionnaire i did with dean a few years ago for the notorious fanzine Scumbagfagmag, i am their staph writer. the issue topic was SLUTS.

SLUTTTTT. I dont know, calling someone a slut is like calling someone an alcoholic. It's something a slut has to admit themsleves, a self diagnosed state of being. so, i took an educated guess over here by asking dean.i have been to the beach with him many times, and i'm telling you there must be some pretty good conversations or something in those dunes, at 20 minute intervals over the course of 5 hours. Gods bless you big dean johnson, rock n roll superstar of the universe, a NY legend, and also my pal. Thank you Dean!

1.define the word SLUT
*********A slut is someone who puts out without getting paid for it

2.are you a slut?
*******I am now. I used to be a consummate professional but my work ethic has waned

3.assuming the answer is yes, please list some "sluts" you may have been inspired by in the past
***** mae west, JFK, tonya harding, elizabeth dole

4. what might a typical day of a slut look like?
******* there is no typical day...sluts follow the whims of their own sexual impulses and life is always an adventure

5. is it possible to be a slut in a committed relationship? hmmm?
******well, to paraphrase a famous slut, it depends on what yr definition of "commitment" is

6. do you think there is one group of people in particular that are predisposed to being sluts? like gay men? and why is that?
*****For some reason, anyone raised in a religious enviroment turns out slutty , i dont know why

(*note* viva has lived through 13 years of catholic school)

7. some drawbacks to being a slut , if any. feel free to leave this blank. i mean if you cant find any drawbacks.
**** sometimes sex can conflict with your television viewing schedule. a lot of sluts are getting tivo

8. advice to emerging sluts in the east village of new york city?

***** call me 347. 528. 3700

( that was his real # originally but i changed it around cuz im not sure whats happening w his phone right now. fuck. reality check. this sucks.)
thank you to johnny mcgovern for playing the role of dean in this reading tonite. i know they were great friends too.
it was quite a lovely night. xavier sang RAINBOW CONNECTION! oh boy. dean is really so loved. i hope you can feel that dean! i really didnt get enough of you dean but what can i say? i was so lucky to have gotten some of you up close and personal. i miss you. i want more. dean, you are awesome and you will stay that way in me forever and ever amen.
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From Her One and Only Jayne County on the Myspace blog of The Velvet Mafia:


When the Velvet Mafia were at CBGB*s I missed the beginning of their show! I was downstairs doing coke and giving a blow job Richard Hell!!! By the time I had snorted three bags and noticed that Richard wasn*t ever gonna cum, I ran upstairs just in time to sing a few songs with the band! They were great! Like passing out in a toilet at the Cock and waking up next to Lady Bunny! A real Rockin Shockin band! The Velvet Mafia are the real NYC! And they are for real. No phony pretend bi sexuals or glamed up straight men on steriods!!! (Styriods?? Fuck it!!) I love the soon to be recorded song I wrote, just for them! It*s called *I Belong To The Spank Generation!* Rock on!! Hmmmmmm beat on those drums till they bleed!!! Rock on!!! xx Jayne County!!! PS. I give the beat a 98! Now BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED FOR ME!!!

Posted by JAYNE COUNTY ™* on March 17, 2007 - Saturday at 11:28 PM
Luther - got your message. Those were the good ol' daze. :-) But of course I remember you and I appreciate what you said. I know Dean cared for you very much.
Beth - thank you for coming on here and reassuring all that you will let us know everything once you know yourself. My heart goes out to you, whatever sadness his friends feel I am sure yours in tenfold in losing a brother.

A big thank you to Joe, Hattie and all that spoke and shared their thoughts, memories and private (or not so private) moments with Dean last night. I wasn't sure I was up for attending but it was good to see other people grieving and celebrating Dean. It was really beautiful to see how many people Dean inspired. Although there were tears it was great to hear the laughter, applause and the "woo dean!!" - that was the best part.

Like Viva said - I am sad that there will not be more of him, more times shared, more conversations, more laughs but I am grateful for the memories I have. I will never be able to wear chandelier earrings now and NOT think of him.

Special thanks to Clark for his re-do of "FUCK YOU"
Thank you for this pic!! [Oops, I mean the white hoop-skirt pic from Christmas Day.] I remember seeing Dean in this outfit and falling OUT. What memories you've brought back to me! Bless you!
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Last night was magic.
When I walked by with the dog a half hour before the party and saw the nightclub legends lining up outside I knew it was going to be over the top.
And it was!
Nightclub royalty came out of the woodwork for Dean.
I haven't seen anything like it since Andy Warhol's memorial.
Dean must be very pleased.
It looked like a block party outside in the street. (Inside got too crowded)
Dean sure was loved.
Now that last night is over - and I do mean
tens across the board -

I just wanted to reach out and thank everyone who has shared and continues to share memories of Dean here. We are getting email and private messages from old friends and FODs (Friends of Dean) from as far away as Japan and South Africa who have visited and read every word. Though some havent posted and may never do so, they are being helped by your stories, words and pictures, and your warmth as a community.

Because, no matter what, Dean was just that way.

Daniel Cartier, I really admire your courage in posting here about your difficulties in leaving The Life - so many of our friends have dealt with that turning point in various ways and others are going through it now, or will face it in future.

And Beth, we totally understand why you do not want to compromise the investigation, and no true friend of your dear brother's would want you to.

To all who continue to mourn and celebrate, carry on..
All of the posts here have been very comforting.
I remember when I was the chef at MK. David Ilku and that crazy Rachel were always there and I was always giving Rachel dinner for free. David would always tell me about Dean's thing at the World in great detail.

I met Dean in a recovery room. He was just the best. I would always try to stay sober but it never took with me either. Anyway Dean really could tell an excellent story. Always. This room was one of the funnest rooms around, on 4th Street and Ave B, I think. NA.
I really vented here when I first saw this. Thank you for having these boards. And all of his friends.
I wish I could have come to the city for the memorial. At least people from all over the world can look here and read about it, and grieve.

And who is this weirdo who keeps popping up like a cartoon character saying "How common."
Like a little fly that you want to smash. Nobody likes little flies and that's why fly swatters were invented.

It's nice to know that Dean has a loving sister. and Daniel Carter,
wow, it's pretty cool that you spoke out about your own escorting.

I don't know what else to say......sad
I have put several photographers (Alice included) in touch with the Times writer who is doing a lengthy piece on Dean to run late next week, so at least there is now a chance of some decent Dean pics making their way into print.
As I walked over to Rapture last night with Barb and saw the huge crowd outside I got a lump in my throat. Dean is so loved. Reading through here, so many memories are flooding back. Thank you Daniel for reminding me of Dean as Elanor Mondale and for the performance we did together for one of the Stevie nights way back when. Dean was alawys so supportive of me, as he was with so many performers on the scene.

I just keep staring at his myspace page and reading posts here. I hope he knew how many people truly adored him.

I remember meeting Dean in 1991 in the pyramid dressing room. I was with Antony and He was with Page. It was all so new to me then, being in an environment where I could be myself. I thought about that last night at the memorial as Barb said to me, "This is our Family"

It's true. We might not see each other all the time or even keep up that much, but the loss of someone so central to this community makes me just want to say how much I love you people.
I just arrived home from my long drive to NYC and Dean's amazing memorial. It was sad and joyfull to see so many of Dean's friends there. I will write more laterwhen I havemore energy but just one story before I go: As I was heading up 195 I couldn't get a radio station to come in clear..Just then a huge truck came barreling right by me and just as I saw the name on the back of the truck " DEAN trucking company" the radio cleared up instantly and Stevie Nicks came on. I got goose bumps and thanked Dean for the help with thr radio reception. Amazing!
And to think I almost didn't go last night. I've been traveling for nearly two weeks and returned earlier this week to my busy job and school work. Last night I was tired and on the verge of crashing. But I got online and read, like, 2 posts in this forum and instantly changed my mind. My wife said "hon, if you're tired you don't have to go." I didn't even know Dean that well, though he was a huge inspiration naturally. But no, reading these posts turned me, I have to go, I thought .... this is my family, and I have to be there. And sure enough, that's exactly what it was. Thanks Joe and Hattie for having all of us. Rest in Peace Dean!
I sent the NYTimes reporter 7 photo files from '00-'03 There's one SUPER glam shot of Dean in a black hood, and an alternate alien ('This Planet Sucks') pose by Alice, and the Frosty pic by Martin Myers, among others. Looking over the files, Dean's outrageous concepts for ads to promote the parties are so rad. I'll post some...
HomoCorps 10/03 Dean put these two naked cuties in the NOTORIOUS bathroom of CBGB's!- !- RIP Hilly Kristal, who was a good friend & supporter of Dean's, and went along with the then UNTHINKABLE notion of doing a gay night @ CBGB's.

PS a big 'f*ck you!' to Daniel Boulud, who wants to name his upscale burger joint on the Bowery "DBGB's" and totally hack the original logo. (DB: Unless your gourmet burgers have cigarette butts as a topping, DON'T demean CBGB's like that).


Images (1)
CBGB's 04/03- Shock & Awe indeed. The line-up includes Lisa Jackson (who sang 'Beautiful Freak' last night for Dean) with the Bankheads Hosting and Clark DJ'ing- Clark KILLED IT! last night with his spoken-word performance of 'Fuck You'- !


Images (1)
The House of Rapture's staff photographer Mark Bailey captured everyone who took the stage last night, along with images of the stage setting and wall.

Here is a link to Mark's Flickr page:


You will also find a section for the initial Reading for Filth season, Verbal Abuse at Rapture, Night of 1000 Stevies and other Rapture-related items.

I will post more words on the evening for all who were not able to attend in a physical sense. It is still all a bit surreal to write about.
To everyone posting photos and articles: Thanks - i lost all my Dean mementos, writings, and music in a house fire a while back. I especially love joe's snapshots of dean reading at the Filth series. Watching Dean perform always left me starstruck, but our heart-to-heart conversations were those of loving friends. Seeing pics of him sharing his literary and peculiar genius is moving, since I never saw Dean reach that level of expression in the flesh. And I so wish I had, being a wordperson myself... love to all of you.
I was contacted yesterday by the boyfriend of the other boy who died 4 days earlier. He is being called Jordan in the press but he went by the name of Jeremy.
I know this topic is about Dean but it was a double tragedy.
We didn't know Jeremy but our hearts go out to his boyfriend and his family & friends as well.
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Special Note to Dale aka Dominick!

I want to thank you for posting all those gorgeous and *scurrilous* insider details (on page 5 of this thread) all about Dean-the-Master-Red, Dean-the-Escort...
As I said before, I was only getting to know Dean-the-Writer, as a major, major talent... and "Angel Stern" was also looking forward to knowing "Master Dean."

To know he bloodie CARED about his johns like that... that he gave his all in session, that he considered at times 'not charging.' From my experience for 20+ years in Manhattan as a Domme and Madam, I can say this is a rare kind of soul. Too many people in the sex business deserve the bad reputation we mostly have!
But there ARE those pros who stick by their clients, through the years, as friends and intimates. Somewhere along the line Dean must have realized that a good way to weather the trials of 'the business' is to find compassion for your clients, messed up and hung up as they might be. When you give them your kindness, you get so much more back than money.

That one of his johns thought to call him, and ask for his care and company ... if that WAS his motivation, and let's say it was... and that Dean didn't say "Ick! What do I care about that trick!" shows how much heart the guy had.

I've read a few posts/comments on other sites about Dean, and some people just want to dismiss him as a no-talent escort. And these are GAY people. It's about time that sex workers are respected and given their rightful place in the gay world AND the straight... as psychologists and priests/priestesses and healers.

It's ironic, sad and tragic, that that impulse took him to the apartment of a sick puppy, a possible monster. I just hope whatever transprred WAS an accident... though
the case is starting to read like a Law & Order Special Victim Units puzzle.
1980's at the dirty sleezy sexy Metropolitan porn palace on 14th St. I saw Dean Johnson in the balcony. I was wearing my Guardian Angel drag of a red beret with a T-shirt, levis and hightop sneakers. Dean sat down in one of the movie seats with his long legs spread wide. I think he had on light colored pants. Any way I was nervous about approaching him as one never knows what kind of reaction you will get in these places. But I knelt down between those legs and together we took out his big dick and I proceeded to give him a very deep and through suck job, jerking my own cock until we both came.
And thats my memory of Dean Johnson may he rest in peace.
Hi S'tan (and all FOD's). Thanks for the love. Dean was really excited to contribute to Verbal Abuse. Sadly, his shoulder injury kept him from writing more of late.
I'm totally with you on the gay on gay ignorance. I dont want to drive traffic to Wonkette, so I won't post the link, but they did a snarky piece that took off on the page 6 item. Many of the comments are beautiful but a few suck. Below is my post:

Dean LOVED appearing on Page Six, and is getting a big kick out of the lurid headlines that outfit is generating. (Gotta love "Viagra Death Probe" too)
But Dean would be APPALLED that Wonkette calls him a 'six-foot-six bald-headed HIV-positive meth-using porn star' ! Dean was a HEROIN addict! Can I get a fact check? Meth is for the Nazi SS and Chelsea boys.
And BTW that business about the sex parties for a Saudi Millionaires was, like, ages ago.
Ask any decent NYC working boy and they will tell you that DC is a HUGE market for their services. Something about that power structure thingy you have there. There's nothing like being forced into panties and submitting to a dominant top after a long day of legislatin'...
Dean specialized in detailed fantasy scenarios of abuse, humiliation and domination, so naturally he had a lot of johns in high places in DC.
As for the dispective TROLLS on this thread (homopolitico- hey!), a little background on the Weenie's underground hit. Dean was at Area one night in '85 and this bore wouldn't stop yammering. Dean went home, flipped on the TV to the Mary Tyler Moore reruns, and wrote the song. Verse 2 & 3 are for toi:

Why are you talking to me?
Please leave immediately
Where is your dignity? Please get away from me
Why don't you choke on a fashion accessory?

I cannot remember your name and I couldn't care less
I could have more fun talking to the IRS
Why don't you take you take you problems to analysis?
Get your foot out of your mouth and suck on this-

...and you know how it ends. Mwaa

The man Dean went to visit is a gay man with a disabling disease. He was someone Dean cared about and talked to me about. He's on a ALOT of meds- morphine and other drugs. He has a neurotransmitter for pain management. My most charitable assessment of the situation is that he was SO impaired that he used REALLY POOR judgement in inviting Jordan Cronkin to stay with him, and WORSE judgement in giving Dean (and possibly Jordan) his meds. I suspect his meds had a bad interaction with Dean's meds.
My darkest assessment is his disability left him feeling powerless and he sought to control his visitors with his meds.
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Thank you Dominick for a little more insight on the situation. I figured if Dean was REALLY throwing wild sex parties in DC for rich saudis there would have AT LEAST been a FLYER involved! Big Grin
Thanks Dale aka Dominick. For everything you're doing and everything you've done since this fell on our heads. Ditto Mr. Joe. And a few more of you. It's so good to know he was hanging out with the right people.
Hi Fam - here is the "Daytime Dean" I knew getting a quick refresher in between jaunts to the Meat Rack. I love you Big Johnson!
I am so sad to see this. I am performing a Stevie Nicks set at OUToberfest next Sunday in a massive park downtown, under the trees, next to a gorgeous water fountain and will dedicate my last song, Beauty and the Beast, to this magical friend of us all.
Last night at PS 122 Hattie and Hapi hosted the first of two nights of Avant-Garde-a-Rama. Lucy Sexton ended the evening with a tribute to Dean...everyone in the show came out with bald caps, little black dresses and big sunglasses and sang Fuck You with Dean and the Weenies.

Dean is so alive this week.
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It was incredible, very moving and very deadpan at the same time - so very Dean..

And Gina Varla Vitro's primal FUCK YOU at the end will haunt me for many days.
DEAN! Wednesday was amazing. Harmony in extremes, sadness, loss, comedy, joy and communion. I really needed that night and all of you. I've registered on this site to post photos because I have so damn many.

It seems a common experience. I saw Mondo New York. i lived in Baltimore. A friend had the single with the awful cover. We got stoned and learned all the words. Dean became a hero to me...

FFWD: 97 or 98 when I found myself sitting across from him breaking bread.(omigodimsittingacrossfrom DEAN JOHSON!) I tabled the star struck thing and we kinda got each other right away.
Dale and Viva present. All four of us are Gemini's. spooky.

To the beach! Many summers, all of us working clubland and free to dominate a cheap and vacant cherry grove Mon Tues Wed. I had SO much fun with that big goofy sweet giant.

I wonder if I will ever know someone so OUT about themselves. He hid nothing. And made me feel safe to do the same. can't sum him up. beautiful friend.

I will miss burning sage and dancing naked under a full moon with him.
I will miss that the only thing black he had to wear to the black party was a pair of flood water old black sweat pants.

We both loved the song 'feeling stronger everyday' by Chicago. One HOT summer day on the LIE returning to the city in my tin can toyota with 180,000 miles on it, no ac, no radio, we sang the whole song in its entirety at the top of our lungs. he also sang rhiannon which i dont know the words to.

Today I drove to the beach alone and listened to the whole recent MAFIA cd and then listened to just the track coco chanel 3x in a row. The last time, as it ended, i switched over to the radio and on cue 'feeling stronger' began and I was visited by the angel from planet muff and I just cried my fucking face out.

Dean, my love for you is indelible. Knowing you was (is) the most amazing gift.

This photo was taken by Dean's friend John Grauwiler...


Images (1)
From c1950sboy on http://www.yehoodi.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=888044&si...ea2e9b3250591cb27e4c

Rapture Cafe was packed to the rafters last night for a spectacular
memorial to Dean Johnson as reports of his suspicious death are
finally beginning to appear in the Wash. D.C. and New York media.
Sure was great to see how many people loved and respected him. M C Hattie Hathaway had to break up the tributes into several shows, so many people wanted to speak, so I only stood through one round inside and then went out on the equally mobbed sidewalk to reminisce with friends. Michael ("The Hours") Cunningham was there, gay super-poet Bobby Miller came all the way from Cape Cod, and if you had the current issue (Oct.) of OUT Magazine in your hand, you could have checked off many of the faces in its "Creratures of the Night" photo splash. I thought I saw Linda Simpson squeeze by me, Raven-O across the room, Thomas Onoratio in tears on the sidewalk, super-promoters
Chi Chi Valenti and Johnny Dynell who hosted Dean's last performance at their HOWL Festival just two weeks ago- Chi Chi was so sad she could barely talk and if you know Chi Chi... Lady Bunny in black teddy, huge hair and (of course) black veil...
Promoter and Rapture owner Joe Birdsong read an hilarious short story published a while back re. how he and Dean had thrown a wild dance party and the go-go boys had failed to show up. Dean then pumped joe full of booze and Viagra and said, "Guess we'll have to do it ourselves!" Sorry, can't print the rest of the details here! But the best tribute I caught inside was Michael Musto reading an interview he had done with Dean 20 years ago. Between Dean's wit, Michael's writing and Michael's ad-libs, we were all howling and cheering. If you gotto go, leaving joy behind is definately the way to be remembered. We love you Dean, and so many of us miss you so very much!
Yes...Dean is cackling hysterically at all the buzz.

From queerty.com:

No. 2 Danny C says:

My Favorite Quote:
Sung , not spoken

"I would rather stay home all night
Than pay the cover at Slimelight!"
Dean Johnson
Posted: Oct 4, 2007 at 5:22 pm

Dean most likely would chastise me for not charging a cover for his own tribute the other night; when I worked the door for XXX some holiday weekend a million years ago, we taxi'd back to my place from the Hole (3 blocks, mind you) to stash the cash at least 5 times! At the beginning of the next morning, we made one last trip, pulled the plastic bin full of money out from under my bed (okay, it was around six grand) and threw it up in the air, giddy, shrieking, "We're rich! We're rich!" He started recording the Velvet Mafia album soon after.

In the words of Cultural Archivist Hattie Hathaway to the Times journalist, "Hon, the sex industry has always supported the arts!"
One more outrageous headline that Dean is living for:

Death By Boner?
Coppers Searching Below The Belt

Did a hard on kill Dean Johnson?

Authorities are investigating whether or not the New York nightlife staple died after mixing erection enhancers with anti-depressants and other drugs.

Cops want to know if a bad reaction to Viagra or Cialis could be behind the mysterious death of a New York gay-club legend who died in a Washington, D.C., apartment last month, a pal said.

Dean Johnson - the second man in several days to die in the apartment - may have had a bad reaction by mixing the erection-enhancing pill with other drugs or medication, according to pal Dale Corvino.

Corvino said Johnson traveled to D.C. to comfort an acquaintance, Steven Saleh, whose friend died in his apartment just days earlier...

If we were the coppers, we'd be looking less at erections and more at Saleh. Two bodies in a week? That's not a hard one...

Please know, I post these in honor of Dean's humourous medicine; he laughed so heartily at so many things attributed to him. I realize some of his long-lost friends and acquaintances are coming here to pay tribute in shock and sadness; as do I. His sense of humor, remember, would cut through ALL of this remembrance and shrouded mystery. He's still living for all of this.
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Okay...lastly for this sleepless night:

Kudos, Daddy, for ackowledging the other victim in this scene, Jeremy Conklin. His boyfriend, John, speaks so fondly of him...and I feel we should all take a moment to acknowledge another victim in this mess. John will post details of Jeremy's Provincetown memorial on his myspace page:

When you have a face to the name it becomes real.

John (left) and Jeremy (right).


Images (1)
To say that I am crushed by Dean's passing is an understatement. It's like losing Warhol. Sprouse. Now Johnson. I met Dean when I was 17 and doing fashion shows at Danceteria. He had just finished a perfomance, scoped me out and asked me on a date. We went for chinese then headed to my apartment where we vacuumed up copius ammounts of shitty blow, attempted a make out session and then found ourselves in the typical abyss of coke dick. Dean suddenly said, "you wanna be a one time trick or friends forever?" I chose the latter and Dean and I began a visual colloboration that lasted 2 decades. He modeled for me in countles downtown rags and was the main model for me my fashion line Dom Casual. He never stopped inspiring me, making me laugh, or reading my ass and putting me into places where i wouldn't hurt myself so much. I loved him dearly. When I moved to San FranDisco in 96, i pretty much cut myself off the NYC club scene and rarely if ever venture back into it, even now that i'm living back in NYC. The end result of this was losing touch with so many of the people that had inspired, influenced and taken me under their wings. This was especially true with dean, although I would occassionally come across him on horned up adventures at his XXX and Hustler parties. recently I had begun to run into him at the legendary salon of adam & Leslie and it was a chance to catch up and remember old times. He was so excited about his recent reading series at Rapture and even inspired me to polish off my old soul and get back into doing some spoken word again. As I write this I'm crying, but the tears are mixtures of sadness & joy. Sad because I won't see dean again, joy because he was such a major presence in my life that I will never forget him. No-one will. Everything he stood for only becomes more important and his image will only become more iconic, a true classic of queer punk rock super fagdom realized by a genius who sadly is now getting his due. I miss you Dean and I will always love you. Thanks for being in my life.
So very sad, may Dean RIP,, Dean is dancing with the Angels,, Angels in boxer shorts.

I didn't know Dean personally but did see him perform and many times I saw him on the street,, one could not but recognize Dean when he walked down the street.
I've just been reading these pages, staring at Dean's myspace and watching countless youtube video's of his performances for days. I found some old emails he sent me with pictures from homocorps and some myspace messages we'd sent each other a while ago. The last message he sent me was filled with so much love. I hadn't seen Dean in a few months and I regret that. Anytime I would see him, it would always make my day. It's just another reminder that people dissapear, important people you think will always be there. I don't know why, but it didn't really hit me until a couple days ago that this is for real. I was just watching the video for "Fuck You" and I burst into tears.

Looking at the pictures he sent, I remember that sweet, brave man. I miss you dean. I wish this was all a big hoax.
There are some great recently posted youtube clips- tributes and also Dean and the Weenies' performances of "Attitude", "Bourgeois Boys", and "Little Andy" from Nelson Sullivan. Big thanks Nelson! I'm working on deciphering lyrics to all songs. I ESP. LOVE "Attitude", but it's the hardest to hear. It begins:

A gitchy gitchy gitchy gitchy, yea yea yea!
One day back in thirty b.c.
A moment seized Mark Anthony
He led his legions down the Nile
To give Cleopatra a smile-

Cleo said: drop dead!
I would rather kiss that snake instead
She said: Go tell Mark I'm not in the mood
Cleopatra had an attitude.
...and it goes on to verses about various people with attitude: 'a fierce queen named Marie Antoinette', Hitler, and Ronald Reagan. The rest of the vids are pretty clear but this is a tough one- anyone?
Here are the transcribed lyrics to Chicken. Dean's lyrics are awesome and as far as I know, there is no written record...

Chicken by Dean and the Weenies
Written by Dean Johnson

Jailbait! Hell-bent!
You ain't gonna wait for no age of consent
You're a teenager with the devil's mind
So get those tail feathers ready for pluckin' time-

Seventeen might be a little bit young
But he ain't too young to have a little bit of fun
When seventeen is ready willing and hung-
He's chicken!

I want chicken!
I want a skinny wing tasty thing
Get him while he's tender spring

I said baby!
You know you're really just a baby!
But the way you work your baby booty
Drives your daddy crazy!

He said: Baby?
Well yea, I may be just a baby-
But don't let my infancy cause you alarm,
I'll keep you happy as a fox on a poultry farm!

Seventeen might be a little bit young
But he ain't too young to have a little bit of fun
When seventeen is ready willing and hung
He's chicken!

I want chicken!
I want a skinny wing tasty thing
Get him while he's tender spring-
I got the barnyard fever!

Seventeen just might be jumpin' the gun
But he ain't too young to jump the gun
When seventeen is ready willing and hung-
He's chicken!

I want chicken!
I want a skinny wing tasty thing
Get him while he's tender spring

Frank Purdue
Ain't got nothin' on you!
Chicken! I want chicken!
I want a skinny wing tasty thing
Get him while he's tender spring

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While I'm at it here's all of Fuck You- Dean knew how to read.

Fuck You by Dean and the Weenies
Written by Dean Johnson

Why are you staring at me?
When I look back at you I don't like what I see
Your lack of character shows, I hate your clothes-
And you've got something disgusting hanging out of your nose.

Why are you talking to me?
Please leave immediately
Where is your dignity? Please get away from me
Why don't you choke on a fashion accessory?

I cannot remember your name and I could not care less
I could have more fun talking to the IRS
Why don't you take you take your problems to analysis?
Get your foot out of your mouth and suck on this- Fuck you!

Everybody now-
Fuck the telephone company
Fuck national security
Fuck the prime interest rate
Fuck the Secretary of State
Fuck Union Carbide
Fuck Third World genocide
Fuck thermonuclear war
Fuck Mary Tyler Moore!
Fuck You!

So go tell it the judge, ˜cuz I don't care
You'd be cooler if you wore a Frigidaire
Get lost, eat shit, drop dead, go screw
We're in big trouble baby and the trouble is you!

Fuck You! Fuck!
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I can't stop singing "pardon me while I go steppin' out to fire island with David Geffen"

I also loved his rhyme of wisconsin and big johnson.

sigh - i still can't believe its real.
by Dean Johnson

A dishy, dishy, dishy dishy, yea yea yea!

One day back in thirty b.c.
A Roman named Mark Antony
led his legions down the Nile
To give Cleopatra a smile-

Cleo said: drop dead!
I would rather kiss a snake instead
She said: Go tell Mark I'm not in the mood
Cleopatra had an attitude

she had ceasar poppin,________ attitude

Back in the 18th centuy
The peasants of France were tres hungry
They went to Versailles to see what they could get
From a big queen, named Marie Antoinette

Louie's Lady, she didnt care
she was wearing a 7 course dinner in her hair
When the peasants cried, "We want food!"
Marie said, "Let them eat attitude!"

ooh waa,
She had ________,_________ attitude

Back in 1933
In the Weimar Republic of Germany
times were tough and people needed cash
along came an ex-con with a funny moustache

He was easy enough to ignore
but then he was elected chancellor
And a hundred million people died in WW2
Adolf Hitler had attitude

he had dirty nazi holacost-y attitude


Back in 1980, I couldn't see
much of a future for the moral majority
I giggled when the GOP went so far
as to nominate a movie star

So when Reagan ran for president, i didnt care
now the white house has matching silverware
and the peasants still cry out for food
'cause Ronald Reagan has attitude.

So don't be friendly, polite or fair
keep your nose up in the air
Be nasty, rotten, vicious and rude;
dish that attitude!

dish that attitude!

dishy, dishy, dishy, dishy, yea, yea, yea!

A video was made for this song at The World by the people who did Fuck You for Mondo NY (at least partially due to the efforts of Keith @ Radical Records who produced the Chicken/Fuck You single). Back in the days when there was no cable in Manhattan, there was a music video UHF channel in NJ that played the video late on the weekends. I saw it twice as I recall. Supposably, it was also played on an MTV show called "closet classics".

Those were the daze...
pines queen: "you stay in cherry grove? that's for lesbians and wannabe's"

Dean: "But... what do they wannabe?"

Another by John G.


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Dean could be such a queen!

Originally posted by T-bone wabbit:
pines queen: "you stay in cherry grove? that's for lesbians and wannabe's"

Dean: "But... what do they wannabe?"

Another by John G.
Rocko you truly rock. I think I got it all now.

A dishy, dishy, dishy, dishy, yea yea yea!

One day back in Thirty B.C.
A moment seized Mark Anthony
He led his legions down the Nile
To give Cleopatra a smile-

Cleo said: drop dead!
I would rather kiss that snake instead
She said: Go tell Mark I'm not in the mood
Cleopatra had an attitude.

A dishy, dishy, dishy, dishy, yea yea yea!
She had Ceasar poppin', Nile stoppin' attitude.

Back in the eighteenth century
The peasants of France were tres hungry
They went to Versailles to see what they could get
From a big queen named Marie Antoinette-

Louie's Lady, she didn't care
She was wearing a seven-course dinner in her hair
When the peasants cried, "We want food!"
Marie said, "Let them eat attitude!"

A dishy, dishy, dishy, dishy, oui oui oui!
She had charm, position and a bitchin' attitude

Back in nineteen-thirty-three
In the Weimar Republic of Germany
Times were tough and people needed cash
Along came an ex-con with a funny moustache

He was easy enough to ignore
But then he was elected chancellor-
Then a hundred million people died in World War Two!
Adolf Hitler had attitude.

A dishy, dishy, dishy dishy, Ja! Ja! Ja!
He had dirty Nazi holocaust-y attitude- Ouch!

Back nineteen-eighty I couldn't see
Much of a future for the Moral Majority
I giggled when the GOP went so far
As to nominate a movie star.

So when Reagan ran for president, I didn't care
Now the White House has matching silverware-
and the peasants still cry out for food
Because Ronald Reagan has attitude.

So don't be friendly, polite or fair
Keep your nose up in the air
Be nasty, rotten, vicious and rude-
Dish that attitude!

Dish that attitude!
A dishy, dishy, dishy, dishy, yea, yea, yea!
The first time I saw Dean was in a movie, MONDO NEW YORK that was played at an independent movie theater in Tokyo, 1988. Before Dean/Velvet Mafia, I have never seen anyone who said/sang "Fuck You" to such slow Jazzy music and that was just so cool. Since then, you have been quite an ispiration to me, Dean.


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ive avoided reading these until now because i dont want to cry but, its really nice to hear how much everyone loved him and im fuckin thrilled with the language and headlines. he would have loved it so much.
He would have REALLY loved all the people having sex on his pictures at the Oktoberfist Party the other night. The whole Dean Johnson tribute wall was destroyed by the drunken fag orgy.
It was a beautiful sight.
So that's what I slipped and fell on.

I think its evident at this point in the 'topic' there needs to be a Dean monument. Something in galvanized rubber that can be hosed down.

I was gonna do myself off on Linda's clip above but caught myself thinking its not so easy to towel off a monitor.
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Keep your eyes peeled for the Style Section of Sunday's Times, which will have a huge article on Dean.

The writer, Kara Buckley, is one of the paper's crime reporters (the story originally was originally fielded to the Crime Dept. and when they decided it shouldn't be run under "Crime" they moved it, and her, to the Style Section). She seems very bright, so it thankfully may not be the usual Style Section pap. We hope.
Cara was at the R4F Tribute/Celebration on 10/3 and I get the sense that she has really embraced Dean as a subject. She has submitted 2,000 words- including an account of the full moon Wiccan prayer circle ceremonies on the beach led by Miss Viva. I truly hope that this account gets through the final edit- this aspect of Dean's spirituality has not come out in the reporting to date.
Dean was wearing one thing when he was found- his pentagram. Fabulously accessorized to the last- work!


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We all knew this, but it became progressively a bigger part of his life , and this last year he was officially "wiccan". It started out years ago, we used to have these very punk rock, organic , unstructured improvised pagan rituals on the beach, all the time. I remember one time in p-town, he was getting oh so much playtime in those dunes, and i'd read, tan, and swim with the guys (tony dale martin ricky) while he took sex breaks- our intention that day for ritual was about money, prosperity. We all imagined the perfect money/career situation for each other over our seashell mandala circle. After we danced around the circle naked , singing Rhiannon (dean's idea) to seal the deal, Dean went out into the dunes, and about half an hour later came running back, so excited , telling all of us that we really did have magic powers. He had ended up meeting a music lawyer in the sex dunes , that agreed to rep him! Dean was hooked! We were giddy! It was proof. I believed it too, and kept watch for a chunk of money or good fortune to fall on me. I cant remember , it was years ago, but I'm sure it came. Thanks Dean!

The last time we had ritual was last summer on Fire Island. Dean had really gotten into the official Wicca , and bought a pretty wand with him, and I think a chalice? I cant remember exactly , but this time he led the ritual, and he was proud to show us the official witch stuff he had been studying. He told me that he had finally found a sprituality that worked for him, that made sense to him. I knew he was a witch all along, he didnt have to tell me that. Dean was transcendant throught the flesh. He celebrated everyone's sexuality, their life and creative force, I loved that about him. And when he wasnt fucking and sucking, he was surrounded by women so often, his band, his pals, his fam, even his spirituality was goddess based. Dean was a real feminist, and a uniter.

This last ritual we had was so startling emotional and important. We were naked, and looking up at the moon together, holding hands, imagining the moon as mirror bouncing the light from our hearts to the whole world. All of a sudden - a shooting star! A krazzzzy shooting star! Just for us! I think we all screamed, it was shocking , like someone out there talked back to us. We all made a wish.

When Alice told me that the only thing he had on him at the end was his pentagram, it made sense to me and made me happy. Oh Dean! If there was ever anyone that could communicate from beyond it would be you. So every weird thing that happens w music or whatever, I'm taking as a sign ,and I have felt comforted by these signs, I guess because I choose to be.

I still think yr behind alll those headlines. Har! I love you!
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Nope, I didn't know him personally. I was audience. Back in the day when Whispers at the Pyramid was something I thought would never disappear; it was a new home. Nope, no talent here, never got on stage or did a damn thing. But then Dean started Rock and Roll Fag bar, and us "audience" types - generic shy gay punk types - had a place to listen to the music we liked. Never knew when the next one would be held, or where. But Dean somehow managed to put together a night for those of us who tended to just show up one at a time, sort of looking around at each other with a scowl that might be cruising, or not. So thank you Dean. I made friends. Not those on stage, but with fellow audience. Yes, I worshipped at the altar of Dean, Ethyl, Bunny, and even got to know some of you a bit - Hapi Phace, Tabboo, Linda Simpson. And then the one who became family - Chrysis. Too many memories. The first night I ever saw Lily of the Valley - on stage at the Pyramid doing an Adams Family thing, as Wednesday ("and things fell out that should stay in...") Genius. Burned in my brain. Years later got the nerve up to even say hi to Lily and tell him how much I love "Hush". At RnR Fag Bar, seeing David Ilku ("Lovechild" back then) in his underwear, wearing a Sixteen Magazine tee shirt and combat boots, slam dancing to Petula Clark - I was in love. I know, this post is going nowhere, but just as a voice of "guy in the audience" - no, we probably never got a chance to tell you - but those of you still here - Hapi, Tabboo, Linda, Lily, Mistress Formika, Guy, JoJo, Connie, Daniel Cartier, and in memory - Chrysis, John Sex, Wendy Wild, Ethyl, Page - thank you. You were why we audience folk lived in NYC. And we had a blast. Dean, you pulled it all together. Schmidt, you carried the torch, and still do. Okay, to be honest - I wasn't cool enough to ever get into Mother. But that's fine; Crowbar and Cock worked for me - and they would never have been possible without the kind of inspiration Dean radiated. Just want to say thank you to those of you still here - your genius made the days bearable.
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What a great post!
Come and post more often.

I wasn't cool enough to ever get into Mother.

That I find hard to believe.
You went on a Saturday (Click & Drag) and were not dressed for the strict fetish dress code.
(They never let me in either and I OWNED the place!)
Or if you went on a Friday (The Clit Club) and didn't have a pussy. That was a girls night.

Other than that, you just had to have a brain (which you obviously have) and possibly $5 to pay for the shows.
Wow. I just found out about Dean. Shocked.

He hired me for erotic bodywork, and it was so intense, I made him cry. He told me no one had ever gotten so much pain out of him before.

We had sex afterward, then once more at his place, and that was the last I ever saw of him.

Singular is the best word I can use to describe him.
But Dean somehow managed to put together a night for those of us who tended to just show up one at a time, sort of looking around at each other with a scowl that might be cruising, or not. So thank you Dean. I made friends. Not those on stage, but with fellow audience. Yes, I worshipped at the altar of Dean, Ethyl, Bunny, and even got to know some of you a bit - Hapi Phace, Tabboo, Linda Simpson. And then the one who became family - Chrysis. Too many memories. .... [But] just as a voice of "guy in the audience" - no, we probably never got a chance to tell you - but those of you still here - Hapi, Tabboo, Linda, Lily, Mistress Formika, Guy, JoJo, Connie, Daniel Cartier, and in memory - Chrysis, John Sex, Wendy Wild, Ethyl, Page - thank you. You were why we audience folk lived in NYC. And we had a blast. Dean, you pulled it all together....

Thanks, Chris C for that nice post that brought back so many memories for me. Gosh, I loved Chrysis. Who could ever forget her? "Let There Be Peace, and Let It Begin with Me." I'll never forget being backstage at Pyramid during Whispers one night and meeting the DelRubio Triplets to get my album autographed. There was Chrysis in all her lame' glory, in full-blown costume change, telling the DelRubio's: "Hey, triplets, meet the twins!" Great lady, a legend. I'll never forget "Night of a 1000 Dianas." I forgot who won but it went on forever, and every performance was dead on, capturing something (not quite sure what at times!) of Miss Ross' shall we say demanding persona! I even got into the "act" occasionally as my low-rent homage to Dusty Springfield--Dusty Stringcheese--I'll always remember how excited I was to mount that fabled stage with my backup "girl" Bobbi Jo!

Thanks, everyone. Reading these posts have brought back many happy memories for me, some of which I had nearly forgotten.

Nice piece on Dean in the Style section of the Times today. Allow me the honor of linking it here:

Sorry, couldn't get it to post but I'm sure someone else is already on the case.
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Dean was layed to rest yesterday with our mother, in Maine. It was a day of tears,laughter and reliving Dean's many great adventures. I showed the Lisa Jackson interview which moved everyone, but also filled the house with Dean's laughter one more time.
Alright...I've been lurking and reading all the amazing and touching posts since I put up the montage of Dean photos (on the second page of this thread).

Thank you to all of you for your memories and photos, and especially to Lisa for her video of Dean laughing. It was always the laugh with Dean...the laugh and the lyrics. Thank you to Chi and Johnny for making this pace available to us. Johnny you were right in saying how incredible it is to see everyone from the old crew show up...and meet so many of the new crew who knew and grew to love Dean as well.

I've also been circulating the Youtube links to friends - we're so fortunate that we can remember a friend in this way - with visual aids!

Now here's the crazy part. I just had a birthday and got a reading with a medium as a gift. She was pretty amazing and I didn't tell her anything about myself. My boyfriend Pablo said I should ask her to contact Dean to inquire about his death, but I didn't say anything to her when about half way through the reading she said the following (as literal as I can remember):

"Was one of your friends from New York a really huge drag queen? I mean he's giant and very campy...very funny."

I told her yes - and that he had recently passed. She went on:

"He's very outrageous...he's posing for me like he was Marilyn Monroe or something but he's huge...was he very tall? (yes!) Well he said he's waited long enough to speak with you, but he didn't want to interrupt the other spirits who wanted to speak to you first...he's saying something like 'I'm not messing with that lady...let her go first!' Then he's telling me that there's some thought that he might have committed suicide or that there was some foul play? (yes!) Well he tells me it was totally an accident. He says he didn't realize how strong it was...is he talking about drugs? (indeed!) Yes...it was an accident.

He did say that life wasn't as easy as he would have liked it to be, but that he had no intention of ending it or letting someone else end it for him...now that he's on the other side he's kind of like 'whooops! that was a big mistake!' He knows that he is missed and wishes he could be here to soak up all the attention in person. He's kind of enjoying it from afar...is there some kind of publicity or something around his death? (well...she hasn't missed yet...YES!)

Well he's enjoying it tremendously and he says he's feeling all the love from his friends and that he isn't done yet...he wants everyone to keep on talking about him...he wants someone to make a major motion picture about his life - every gory detail.

He says he appreciates your concern for him and that he's watching you from the other side, he says your life is very...(directly to Dean) Oh no...I won't say that!...OK...OK - (back to me) he was about to say your life was 'interesting' but then he interrupted himself and kind of yelled out "BORRRRRING!" He says you don't go out to clubs anymore...how boring! But he's laughing about it. He's very amused by himself isn't he? (well...yes!)

Yes...he's a wonderful character...someone really should make his life story...he says he won't stop nudging people from the other side until it happens!"

Soooo....Dean speaks.

Don't know if any of you believe in this kind of thing...but I was completely taken aback by how on target she was in describing Dean, his manner, his humor, and his irreverence.

This happened on Tuesday.
Still reeling.
Still so hard to believe he's 'on the other side' now.
Still thinking of him every day.
Being nudged.
Biopic anyone?


David S.

Of course Dean is alive in the ethers. He will always be with us, we need only think on him to draw him near. That is a great reading you got. How fortunate that you came upon that medium. It is great to know that he is fine and happy and enjoying all the attention. And a biopic about Dean would be great. But who would they get to play him?
I am so loving all these posts... love the psychic reading!!
How wonderful a celebration of his life all of these posts!
Thanks to Johnny and Chi Chi for starting these here motherboards... don't know what this community would/could do without it!
Dear Beth, Thank you for keeping everyone informed. My heart goes out to you and your father. Dean was an original and the stars shine less bright with his passing.
Thank you so much david for that account of yr psychic reading- i had just today said to a friend that dean has really made me believe in spirits being around and communicating, and then i read that- thank you! and thank you beth, for letting us in. i heard about the dvd's, cmon dean! i hope you are staying well.
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Originally posted by Anna Nicole:
I am so loving all these posts... love the psychic reading!!
How wonderful a celebration of his life all of these posts!
Thanks to Johnny and Chi Chi for starting these here motherboards... don't know what this community would/could do without it!

I agree with Anna Nicole. I didn't know about Dean and others when I went to the clubs. I just knew them from their shows. But because of this forum, I got to know the people that I saw in the clubs but never talked to them. I am glad to read the posts on this forum, there is so much love and caring that pours from the hearts.
One of the many circle's of shell's we made and....
sing rhiannon while looking at it and I SWEAR you will be made rich, loved, and/or horny. and maybe, like me, you'll cry too....


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