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We're so excited about this.

More details are coming in August, but a Blitz inspired night organized by Shien Lee and Wren of Purevile can't miss.
Disko Nouveaux stems from a passion and nostalgia for the extravagant avant garde glamour of the New Romantic movement. Disko Nouveaux debuts on September 13th at The Vault of Element NYC - full event details will be released in August, and updates can be followed at the official Disko Nouveaux Myspace Page
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Tonight! Disko Nouveaux Welcomes:

Peacock Punks, Femme Fatales, Beat Boys, Dandy Highwaymen, Diamond Dogs, Vivienne Westwood Realness, le Goth Classique, Liquid Sky Androgyny, Ladies in Waiting, Sex Gang Children, White Boys & Heroes, Slinky Vagabonds, Starlight Criminals, Urban Pirates, Blade Runners, Mohair Locker-Room Pinup Boys, Lipstick Queens, Poseurs, Wilde Boys, Chameleons, Trash Can Darlings, Young Sophisticates, Extraordinary Gentlemen, Rain Dogs, Glitterati, Glam Goddesses, Flaming Creatures, Neon Geishas, Living Legends, Slaves to Beauty, Strange Angels, Rubber Lovers, Ruffled Ruffians, Rent-Boy Charmers, Silent Movie Starlets, Planet Queens, Teddy-Boys, Anachronistic Anarchists, Trash-Bin Divas, Tesla Girls...

See you there.

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