This from my Wise-Cracking-Smart-Alec-Good-For-Nothing DJ daughter Sammy Jo.

Daddy, was this what the B-5s's show was like?


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Here we go with the 'size matters' debate.

Don't worry Daddy, not only is yours bigger, you've got the horns.
Yeah, I have the horns but I also had a table to put my CD book on.
I had to demand it.
I don't know how they can set up a Superstar DJ on stage at Wembley Stadium or any other stadium and make the DJ put his CD book AND COCKTAIL on the floor.
Look at poor little Sammy Jo...
On stage in front of (I'm guessing) 50,000 people looking gorgeous but all hunched over getting his (I'm guessing) Roberto Cavalli white jump suit all dirty.
And God knows where he is keeping his (I'm guessing) Gin & tonic.

The Live Nation concert producers had a field day with me when I demanded a table for my cocktail. (I didn't mention the CD book part). When I got to the show the tech guys were hysterical.
"Here Mr. Dynell is the table for your cocktail. I hope it's satisfactory. Is there anything else we can get for you?
I said, "Yeah, I'm still waiting for the cocktail".
They lost it.

Sammy, you have to DEMAND a table for your cocktail.
Not in your rider? Along with the stipulation for a bottle of Chateau Briand 1972 -?

Do I have to send you back to This Business of Music by William Krasilovsky?

In the context of a concert I guess promoters still look at 'warm up' DJ's like they were some kind of plumbers.
Dynell on Demand.

Love it.

Especially what it does to the Windows Media Player screen visuals, one part sends little digimatic mushrooms dancing across the screen.
Even I had nearly forgotten this brilliant bit of Dynell mischief, Palladium era..


I remember Geraldo doing a segment of his show from the Palladium back in the day. He and his cohorts did interviews from various rooms in the club. At one point, DJ Johnny Dynell, later of Jackie 60 and Mother fame, was interviewed. When asked how he became a DJ at the fabulous Palladium, Johnny, on camera, told the silliest of all stories. He told Geraldo's sidekick that he had started out with the Menudo, and then got too old and joined the Ice Capades, and then went into DJing. This went out to America, with half of New York's club scene in hysterics. Michael Musto revealed the joke in his Village Voice column.

I got a call from a Geraldo assistant, which a Lewis assistant took. It was relayed to me that I was to fire Johnny Dynell, or the wrath of Rivera would come down on all our heads.
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Oh honey...
When I woke up this morning (on my way to Coney Island for some reason) who do I see lookin' down at me?
You guessed it.

I blew breakfast all over some nice lady sittin' next to me.


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Both Zazoo and I rode the "F" train into work with Daddy this morning. Smile

We hadn't seen the previous posts, and didn't expect it, so it was a really funny moment, half asleep thinking about work, and looking up to see Johnny with a magnifying glass pointing at us.

What a morning not to have a camera.

Congrats on the Glammy nomination Daddy!
But you deserve like 100 awards, at least.
Who'd you have to serve?
Get ready for loads more groupies, free coke offers, and the vicious glares of the competition.
Johnny's latest podcast (uploaded today) is my favorite so far. 100% Dynell #5 is called ELECTRO VOCAL ANTHEMS, and it is dripping with vocals...pretty, pretty and guaranteed to help your makeup application for that big upcoming night out!

And our faces literally put themselves on!

Wow! Coming from you two music heads is a great compliment indeed.
I have to admit it's a little wierd posting in your own "Hopelessly Devoted" topic but hey...

I found this up on youtube.
These guys from Australia did a version of my song "Jam Hot" and I think it's genius.
I love it!
Don't worry Daddy, you and I are the only one's old enough to remember the original, oops, sorry Hattie too.
No doubt! Congraturation!!!
BTW Daddy, I saw your picture that was taken by Andy Warhol at a modern museum when I went to Philly this summer!!! I almost screamed in the museum when I found it!!! Red Face rose
Red Face... My favorite quote from a review of the exhibit was "~Better are images capturing the rough-hewn dirt and grit of the club scene. New York DJ Johnny Dynell rushes the lens screaming with his middle finger~" asterick

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