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Though David Rabin is an odd one to quote on this subject, the fact that the horrendous state of clubbing here is now the stuff of cover stories is in itself interesting.

There is a sense that money has won out over creativity; rules about dancing, smoking and security cameras have trumped personal freedom; that the night belongs to a starched collar crowd that prefers dropping $400 on a bottle of vodka rather than supporting anything weird or edgy.

Worth a read:,0,2870088.story
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"...Robert Bookman, chief counsel for the nightlife association, who explained that with 65 million admissions annually, more people come to the city for its clubs than they do for every Broadway show and professional sporting event combined."

Club money along with the over 11.1 billion dollars generated yearly from arts and culture in the city totally outweigh everything accept the bucks from Wallstreet business yet the city establishment and government from Puff Puff Bloomberg on down are ignorant about it.
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