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FEED the Fundraiser!

Help us fund the LGBT Feature Film
from Lux Killmore Ent. & Keptone Filmz!

Tuesday August 25th @ The Slipper Room
167 Orchard at Stanton, NYC 10002, $10

8-10pm Bikini Martini OPEN BAR
provided by Sagatiba, Party All Nite!

Musical Guests:
Bazooka Falcon - 8pm
and DJ Ness - ALL Nite

9pm: Bunny Love & Glenn Marla Host:
(in order of Appearance):
Bambi the Mermaid
Kit Cat
Velocity Chyaldd
The World Famous *BOB*
Bunny Love
Glenn Marla
Legs Malone
St. Rev. Jen Miller
Gal Friday
Lady Satan
Reina Terror

Madame Courtney reads you Tarot!

Midnite Screening of
Lux-Killmore cult
cinema shorts!
Plus more!

Raffles prizes donated by:
School of Burlesque
Coney Island USA
Rev. Jen Miller
Linus Gelber
Danger Dame
Fred Harper

Lux Killmore Entertainment (Terror of Titty Town, Buxotic Beauty Murders, Lost
Weekenders) team up with Keptone Filmz (Interstate, The Other End Of The Line)
to develop their short film, Cannibal Love Lust into a feature film, now called
FEED. All monies raised at this event will feed FEED. Production begins this
fall, so we need to get cooking on raising some much needed dough!

FEED is a savory, sensual, slasher, love story about Chef Ronnie, a charming
celebrity chef who thrives and shines in her everyday life as owner and
proprietor of , La Pica Diabla, a trendy Spanish tapas restaurant and bar in San
Francisco. Chef Ronnie cooks internationally award-winning meals by day and her
nights are spent in ways too gruesome to fathom. In her secret life, Ronnie, is
a cannibal serial killer who murders a variety of people, from her disposable
array of amorous and clueless lovers, former employees and the occasional
diners. As Chef Ronnie and La Pica Diabla's reputation get hot in all of San
Francisco's social and top food circles; so does San Francisco's murder count.
Being haunted by her past, in the form a vengeful lover, and being caught in the
seductive cross fire of a increasingly serious relationship; Chef Ronnie has bit
off more than she can chew.

"FEED" is a fully LGBT film. All the characters are homo or trans and our
killer...A LESBIAN. Name one "Slasher" movie (besides vampire flicks) where the
killer is a lesbian. Still can't think of one? That's because it's an entirely
untapped market. Lux Killmore wants to bring you the first and the best. Let's
pave the way together!

RSVP for Facebook is here -
"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." - Dr. Seuss
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Originally posted by seven:
Charlize Theron ( won an Oscar ) as a Lesbian serial killer in 'Monster'.

But hey, that was not a campy or kitschy film. And it didn't give a whole cast of LGBT folks work !

I think the film maker Val Killmore is referring to fiction not a reality based biopic Wink Basic Instinct doesn't count either cuz she dallied with men-folk. And after all we are talking about a balls out slasher film here.... Thanxxx 4 Showin the love tho!

In regards to Zazoo....I believe they are referring to a full blown lifestyler here in the real romantic sense of the idea. Val Killmore is a huge Russ Meyer fan btw Wink
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