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This would be the start of a thread about "Whispers", the weekly party that ran at the Pyramid in NYC from 1984-1988 or 9. Modelled after a gay bar in upstate New York, it was billed as an event for the "Complete Suburban Homosexual" and welcomed "Gay and Lesbian Hairdressers, Waiters, Florists, Showfolk...and sensitive straight people" Hapi Phace was the hostess. Does anyone else remember this?
Hello, I'm gender illusionist and Emcee Hapi Phace, you all remember me from the hit Whisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssspers
but you may also remember me from some other lesser known Hatie & Hapi tortured nightclub sagas such as

Hapi & Hattie Rock! Thursdays!
and my brief stint at FUCK

and many many more!

Hattie when are you going to start a thread on THE BANK!

I have a Pyramid Club memory... and it isn't a very happy one!!! The ONLY time I've ever been fired from a job was by that skinny, chain smokin' excecutioner in chaps and a jock strap... HATTIE HATHAWAY! Yes, it's true, I was fired from my ruling Sat. nite DJ job so this upstart in silver hot pants and antlers named Sister Dimension could DJ. YES I'M BITTER!!!!!
To set the record straight, I didn't even own a pair of chaps until the late '90's!
But Dee Finley is indeed a happy Pyramid memory. She must've walked through those golden doors when she was 12. She was the first of all of us to have major tooth troubles. Now, thanks to Elizabeth Taylor, her smile is more perfect than it was that first day we laid eyes on her in 1982!
And to think I owe my very presence at Jackie 60 to Dee (but that's another topic...)
Joey Horatio, the Pyramid's amazing director of decor, used to call 101 Avenue A the "Freak Magnet", meaning that if you were anywhere in its general vicinity and even the least bit twisted, a mysterious, other-worldly force would pull you deep inside. And make you part of the family.
Who could forget the ill-fated Cuchofritos?

I remember going to The Pyramid one Sunday night in the early 90's - just as "Fuck!" was about to end. Being an NYU suck-in-your-cheeks gender-performance snob then (then?), I was anticipating a memorable show. Having read about the legendary likes of Ethyl and the Pyramid ilk, I wanted to be astounded. We were treated to a rather shoddy amatuer strip contest instead. But there was one redeeming factor...Hattie Hathaway and Richard Move MCing the "event". Richard earned a place in my heart when he quipped that the contestant painted blue (genitals et all) with a mohawk hair-do "got extra points for hair and make-up".

Later on when "Cuchofritos" started, Johanna Constantine and myself did a brief stint as Djs in the basement - we named it "The Poontang Lounge" ("Enter The Enigma"). Besides playing mostly unlistenable music, guests (there were a few, I think) were treated to the showboating antics and song stylings of James F. Murphy from time-to-time.

But I'll also never forget seeing Hattie and Hapi together on stage at Cuchi. And Hapi explaining the difference between "habichuelas" and "frijoles", "Puta" and "conyo". It was a valuable Spanish lesson - one which has come in handy as of late. And their Burns and Allensesque on-stage antics were worth the price of admission. I miss the Pyramid dressing room and the years of graffiti scrawled on the walls - especially the "Big Drag Foot" doodle.

Many happy times were had at 101 Avenue A. I won't even go into Blacklips, although I will mention one of my more favorite memories of that era...Blacklips had just disposed of its "Swiss Family Donner Party" set onto the curb outside. It consisted of a pile of dried-up, 2nd week of January-old Xmas trees -someone walked by and threw a lit cigarette into the pile which started a huge bonfire. Hattie, at his wits end (as usual), turned on the lights and said "That's it, everybody out...". Another shining example of Hattie's crisis management skills!

May they someday really excavate The Pyramid and find the treasures of the Queens!

Poison Eve


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Yes Evie, the blue-painted mohawked stripper still emails me from Florida at odd intervals (thanks to Hapi Phace.) But did you know who his boyfriend was around that time? None other than Angel, who was to later end up dismembered in the Hudson River thanks to Michael Alig & Co. Just a little bit of lunchpail trivia for you!
Just another Saturday night really.... Our theme for the month of Saturdays was Pyramid flight 101. Basically we're talking about six men in drag as stewardesses hosting an evening of dancing and stewardess type entertainment in the grand tradition. let's see, there were nuts being served on the dancefloor...I remember Sister packaging pairs of almonds in dime bag sized mini-ziplocs.
There was some sort of boarding pass balderdash at the door and annoying the guests with five or ten minutes of classic flim-flam was fun.
I guess the riot broke out sometime during the second set. Just before the police pulled the gates down i was sitting inside the window watching them beat demonstraters with bloody clubs and rifle butts. All their badges were covered with black electrical tape. At this point Hattie was trying to keep everyone calm by saying no one could leave the club because we hadn't been cleared for landing yet. Somehow that actually worked and most people didn't even realize they were locked in a club way over capacity with a full blown riot happening outside. After the dust settled we lined up and dashed out onto the street for a photo op with the cops on horses. I wonder who took the picture? WE MUST FIND THESE PICS.

Later, nothing else interesting happened.
Tabboo on the go go bar, Baby Gregory on the street outside selling handmade"dolls" or painted tiles or little drawings or whatever else he could think of that week to get some more crack money but God how I miss his Janis. My parties there called 101 Varieties, short lived but debuted with Miss Harry reciting her poetry on my birthday night, that big skinny junkie looking man in chaps with a sourpuss face rushing to and from, Greer Lankton and Costa Pappas, DJ's Dany Johnson, Sister Dimension, Sgt.Craig Spencer and that PR looking guy who used to be with Menudo who dj'ed until he was replaced by Sister ( He seemed bitter at the time) So many memories..Linda Simpsons shows, the birth of Sweetie and Faux Pas, Sherry Vine, Mistress Formica, Varla Jean Merman. They all began on that stage. Oh the nights spent smoking pot in the dressing room.
Oh, Billy, I had NO idea there were pictures! I recall a tiny tea cart that we bought for $10 and used for "beverage service" and the barf bags...
I also remember endless interruptions of the disco music with safety instructions ("Two in the front, two over the wings, and two in the back" and "In the unlikely event of a water landing...")

Also, wasn't the next month's theme "News 101" with you as the Asian anchorwoman with your eyes taped?
There were DEFINATELY pictures, I remember seeing the police horses. I wasn''t at the party but I remember hearing about it and seeing the pics.

We did "Come Fly With Us" at Jackie 60 in the mid '90's. It was a House of Domination night with the girls as Stewardesses. I remember asking all the Queens on several Susanne Bartsch trips to collect as many vomit bags as they could. They ended up mopping everything for us- vomit bags, emergency instruction cards, life jackets, anything that was not nailed down. The night was great, although not as dramatic as the Pyramid's. I had forgotten about the Pyramid Stewardess night, I thought we were the first. I stand humbled.
Like many of us, I have suppressed this haunting memory for way too long:
well, does anyone want to remember Linda's first and last Lip-singing act? It was at Pyramid back in 1992, when she made a stunning Debutt, singing "strangers In the Night", yes the Sinatra version!!
The audience fell silent, and the number was dead on arrival!
linda has shunned any mention of this topic, however subtle... should this forum force her to finally confront her demons??
I had always wondered why Linda refused to synch. Thank you, Vulgar, for setting the record straight. Perhaps she should have chosen another version of the song to do. Or something by Nancy. (Sinatra, not Isla, Rose.)
Though I have to admit, my version of "A Time For Us", segue-ing from Barbra to Tom Waits went over a little better. Instead of stunned silence, they screamed "Get Off The Stage!"
Does anyone remember Michael T.'s "New York Nights" at the Pyramid around 1992? It was on Monday nights (Blacklips later replaced it) and cost $1 to get in and featured the "Cabaret of Madness" featuring early me, Michael T., Hattie and the ever-talented Countess Jessica (Hattie could delve further into this untapped resource, perhaps). I remember being locked in there one night when there was a mini squatter riot on Avenue A. What ever happened good old-fashioned riots anyway?
I first discovered Pyramid in late '87. My very first night happened to be a big benefit show, I think for Dee's teeth. Yeah, I know she didn't quite get them for a while, but that's another story. It was one of those super shows with a zillion acts! I was dazzled!

In '87 the pyramid was all painted in crazy black and white trippy swirls, the shows were wild, and I was sold! It broke my heart when they painted it black.

I became a regular at Hapi's party. It's what inspired me to do drag. I think Hattie was the first person to ever PAY me to do drag. I danced a few times at Pyramid. It was there that I met Chuckie, a quite insane, but certainly genius queen that was probably one of the most cosmetically adventurous people that I've ever met! I remember her eyebrows, four over each eye in different dayglo colors!

We had a little mini scene going on in the basement for a while, around '90. I was DJ and all of my friends would come and put on a retarded show. Seen there were early incarnations of Hedda Lettuce, Winona Juggs, Sissy Fit, and a bunch of people I forgot.

Later, the always personable Mitch Amtrak booked me to DJ for a while. My big Pyramid break came in '93. I wanted my foot in the door, so I
threw a HUGE "Freaks For Freedom" benefit to send a bus to the '93 March on Washington. It turned into a 4 hour show!! Everyone who was
anyone performed! I have a tape to prove it. Linda Simpson, Perfidia, Lulu, Kembra, The Murmurs, and many many more.

A few months later, Dany and Ande called me to replace Formika as their hostess for their Sat. nite party "The Ball." I was so excited to have a weekly gig! I think it lasted around 2 years. My# 1 fan was a very hot femme dyke in the crowd, who, years later, shaved her head and became the drag king we now know as Dred!

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About seven or eight years ago or at least sometime before the new moollennium I ran into Bernard, the 101 Ave.A doorman, somewhere near midtown and asked how//where he had been as I hadn't seen him in ages and he said he had moved to Canada to start of all things, a men's ware design shop. Bravo which just got me thinking the 'clubs we loved' should have a gatekeeper topic with all the sagas relevant to it? There's gotta be a trove of dada data there. Maybe dedicated to Haui Montog? cool

But I remember Olympia, her name was Bernard.
The most fun I had was at Pyramid, I met my closest compatriates there, Billy and Sister and Faye, and Madamme etc... I danced on the Bar with Connie Girl, Codie, Shannon,Mr Fashion, Wendy, and Ethel sweet Ethel.Hattie always yelled at me"Zoraya youre late" but I arrived painted and draped thank you.
On monday nights Madamme, Dana (Dead-a) and Olympia would have their sewing circle in the basement, they would bead their costumes for Copa, make drinks in a blender(Olympia) and yak yak yak...I was so happy to be a fly on that wall.
Madamme to Princess:
"Stop wearing that BLACK! black is for old ladies, your'e young you should wear COLOR!"
Dear Dana's apartment went up in flames,I went there after to see it, it was verry scary.Then at her memorial service there were many rumors flying about her john and other trannys,scandal.
Were you there? do you remember the sensibly dressed crossdressed epileptic fit in the front of the church? with size 13 flats a flyin? literally. It was one of the most memorable mourning moments ever! after 5 minutes or so, Madamme stood up and said"someone call an ambulance" and sat back down.
Hattie, do you have a copy of the "Christina the Party" video? Am I even getting the name right? It's Christina, right? The one who threw a mic stand at an audience member and got arrested?

I am dying to see the video again. The only part I can remember clearly is the air piano number. If anyone remembers her, please post descriptions here of her performances.
No, Pops, I unfortunately do not have any documentation of Christina's magical performances. Perhaps Bunny?
Though I do have, somewhere, the transcript for the Christina attempted murder trial, which took place when she was no longer with us. I was the one who had to drop that bombshell in court, and the judge called the DA stupid. He was.

And you're right Daddy, I knew you had to be stopped somehow, and I was the queen to do it. Fortunately it didn't work!
Hatches, I always ask you about her and forget that you don't have the video. But maybe someone with a copy will read this.

Some of my other favorite shows at Pyramid (pre 1990's):

Needy Poodle
Sister Dimension's Harpsichord Follies
Drag Queen Olympics
Harmonic Convergence Acid Party
Baby Gregor as a witch hanging over the front door on Halloween
And - not my *favorite* show but worth mentioning -
That time when Philly was supposed to be performing but she passed out on a chair, someone (maybe you, Hattie?) tied her to the chair and brought her onto the stage. Then she woke up and vomited.
... it was I who tied her to a chair, Pops, but I also gagged her to shut her up. She managed to wrestle out the gag, however, before she projectile vomited all over the audience.

And Daddy, I have so many of Baby's paintings. Perhaps I should try selling one on Ebay to see if it's worth anything. I also got all of her records and her cat (a black one of course) that I gave away to Pikki from Montreal.
The acid punch was mixed by Wendy Wild (naturally) and Michael Kitty Ullmann. In order to get a cupful, you had to go to Wendy in the coat check and say a code word. But Wendy and Kitty forgot it was four-way acid and gave everyone a major dose. It was the first time I hallucinated on LSD. I mean REALLY seeing things. But I remember little else.
I do remember, however, that we went up to the gathering in Central Park. Wendy, Kitty, Sister, Marjan, Marcia Resnick, Hali Fields, and a few others. We brought 6 bottles of the fine Volga vodka with us, and were asked to leave because we were so noisy. Bah!
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I stopped going to clubs around 1979. In fact I stopped going most anywhere outside,( for the next six years I hardly had any contact with other humans at all ) except maybe twice a month to buy food, -that and to shoot photos under the elevated at 2AM or in the burnt out apartment buildings that lined the block behind my apartment- soooo the last things I saw at clubs were punk bands, The Damned, The Slits, The Specials, P.I.L. etc. -Oh yes, I started going to clubs again around '92/'93- a certain place way west on 14th in the meatpacking district. But what I want to know is what was the Egypt theme on Avenue A since across from the Pyramid on A at 7th was King Tut's Wah Wah Hut? Was there any connection?
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I don't remember who actually came up with the name. It might even have been Jesse Hultberg, but...
Dug and Maggie had drawn up a list of about 5 or 6 possible names for the new bar, which included King Tut's and Dug read them to me. The bar was still under construction and they hadn't yet decided on a name. Later in the day, Haoui Montaug called me up and was writing an article about clubs and bars in the East Village for some major press like the Times. "What's the name of that new bar across the street?" he asked me. I instantly answered, "King Tut's Wah Wah Hut!" When it came out in print, they kind of had to call it that, after all...
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For all of you who worship at the shrine of Pyramid elder statesmen Hapi Phace and Tabboo, please join them at HIGH LIFE this Saturday Oct 4 for what could be the most rotten show since the bygone days of The Pyramid. GROANER jokes at their worst!!! THE CHER BEARS is the title with Hapi, Tabboo!, and myself as hearty eating homos paying homage to a gay icon. Oh the misery. I have had so much fun brainstorming with these two knuckleheads. I laughed til I was almost sick at our rehearsal. Showtime is around 1am-ish. Hope to see you. Big Grin Eek Big Grin Eek

HIGH LIFE @The Marquee
356 Bowery betwn Great Jones and E 4th
saturday night
hey daddy i'm doin great....glad you are still on the planet...where is that god-forsaken slurpy-face? i miss her even though she stole my pink floyd idea...
anyway some of my best(and worst)memories of the pyramid were in the infernal "tech room", a sony trinitron,a couch,and mad debauchery...
when i started as a busboy it was me,hattie, big ole coke dealer robin,bobby,burt,kitty...i didn't have a place to live and it didn't matter because we would all just pile into bed together at the end of the nite in a drug stupor...
here's a chuckle for you all,
i was a total white trash country boy 2 months off the bus from Pennsylvania when i picked up this pretty blonde artist at dean savards civillian warfare gallery (1983ish)...i was so taken with her i invited her to this dinner party on central park west...the guest list was stellar....lydia lunch,henry rollins,sonic youth,swans etc...the hostess commented on my dates "lovely deep voice" later at her place i said something suave like "what a pretty little girl you must have been" "actually i was a really confused,fucked up little boy" came the reply...after the initial shock wore off i remembered lou reed had a post-op trannie wife so i kept dating her ...
she was of course greer lankton...
Awwwww David... I certainly don't ever want to lose touch with you again either. I am very eager to hear more stories.

That post was perfect because I used to always joke at the time-- with Greer and Hapi in particular-- that we should put up a card table at Port Authority bus terminal, right next to where those blue robed nuns used to stand, to welcome America's children into our wicked web.
Little did I know that Ms. Langkton actually was doing that.
I have one of Greer's few two-dimensional pieces hanging on my wall and truly think of her every day. What a genius!
And Dean Savard... because he died so early, he is often unfortunately overlooked by art historians documenting that time. In that tiny postage stamp storefront he called Civillian Warfare Gallery, he truly changed the course of history. IMHO, Dean, Gracie, Pat (Hearn) and Patti Astor and Bill Stelling (Fun Gallery,) really created that Eighties arts explosion.
Jog my memory a bit David, did Rat At Rat R ever perform at Civillian Warfare?
nope,i did some carpentry work there and that's how i met greer,the next day someone took a photo of greer,dean and myself eating at life took up 1/2 page in this east village eye article by carlos mc cormick...(still have it)i was so out of it though....i still hadn't figured out greer was TG even after we got it on..i just knew something was "different"...(go ahead laugh)
so i had been in town 2 months and i had accidently slept with a former guy and there was a huge photo of us in a magazine...
so....i got a job at the pyramid....
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Hi! I'm looking for reminiscences about my late sister, Ann Craig, a Pyramid Club emcee/performer from that great '80s era. I think she also performed at Danceteria and other venues. Would anyone have any stories/images/video of her? (I have access to broadband and can download large files.) I'd love to know more about her performances from those years -- I only got to attend a couple of wonderful, wild Pyramid events. (I particularly remember one Father's Day night when our Dad was the 'guest of honor' -- more like 'centerpiece.') We're coming up on 20 years since her death, and it would be great to celebrate her life with memories (ALL memories welcome: the happy and the painful, too).
If you can help, or know anyone who can, I'd be very grateful.
Many thanks,
Bill Craig
(Please excuse newbie posting to general board: I wanted to get to this topic but missed!)
Hello Ann's Brother, Bill!
Just the other day I was sitting in a parking lot in Fort Lauderdale and thinking of Ann and of writing a bit about her...
Ann's involvement with the Pyramid predated my own, believe it or not. She was the regular host of Bobby Bradley's brainchild-- a Sunday night performance art event called "Cafe Iguana." Gracious, chatty, and personable, Ann's introductions often began in a rambling and disconnected manner, but somehow she managed, during the course of her monologue, to brilliantly tie all these odd elements together into a wonderful and magical grand finale. She was definitely an inspiration to me and taught me quite a bit about working an audience and connecting with them-- valuable lessons indeed.

Ann was truly a personality and a definite EV fixture, and her kohl eye makeup, put on like it was thick magic marker, was often imitated by young drag queens and genetic females alike.
I know I, for one, definitely worshiped her!

Ann was also able to take many of the traditions we had inherited from the Sixties and Early Seventies-- such as Astrology and Eastern Mysticism-- and translate them very adroitly into the new punk idiom of the early 1980s.
Her weekly "Astro-flash" where she discussed astrology while the sound guy played with the reverb and echo was a perfect example.

She was a very private person, and like a will-o-the-whisp, would disappear for most of us when the Pyramid closed its doors on Sunday night, only to reappear, like an apparition, the following week.

And I most definitely remember the Father's Day moment with your father. That, in itself, was groundbreaking!
I will look atound for pics of Ann, though her time on the Pyramid stage occurred before we even thought about documenting this clubland phenomenon.
God, what a gift your memory of Annie is! Putting out my request after stumbling across the Pyramid and Danceteria discussions, I don't think I realized what it would be like to actually read a post such as yours. It's wonderfully moving, to think of you thinking of her -- and your specific memories are like clues to recreating that fabulous and fractured time. Thank you! I DO remember her descriptions of Cafe Iguana, though I never caught a regular show. I know she thought of her job description as "urban shaman," and truly felt that her mission was to offer a sense of community and healing along with the humor and theater. She brought my Dad in, that Father's Day night, as a stand-in for all the fathers who might not be so accepting of everyone's choices and adventures. (OK, and he was a pretty funny centerpiece, too!) I'd love to know more about everyone involved -- yourself, Bobby Bradley, and performers I remember (Little Stevie Taschen[sic?]; the girls in the faux-country band who sang "I'll be Damned If I'll Go Home With a Wild Turkey Like You"). I've read a couple of references to a memoir/history of the club that might get written... I'd sure love to see it, as I've been writing about Annie, too. Of course, like you, I worshipped her. Many thanks, keep any thoughts or pics coming, Bill
Hi Ann's brother..I don't think I knew Ann but I was a photogrpher in the 70's and 80's and I've just come across the pyramid files..Bobby bradley is there along with so many others. If you do post a picture of Ann I'll look through my archives and see what I can find. She sounds like she was a "fierce ruler". That's Jackie 60 speak for fabulous!
Bobby, look for a thin woman with huge expressive eyes done in black kohl-- kind of a cross between Alice Cooper and Nefertiti. Her hair was always done up in a large and loose Gibson Girl meets Geisha coiffure. She always wore black but would find some costume fragment, usually on the floor of the dressing room-- some discarded feathers, a beaded or glittering thing-- that she would work into a stunning and unique shawl. That's Ann.
As I remember her now, she was somewhat older than the rest of us then-- somewhere in her thirties, whereas we were in our early twenties.
And yet there was never the sense that she was anything but our peer. It's as if in all of that glamorous madness and with all of these children she had found a home. But surely that is how so many of us felt.
Don't get me wrong. There were many who were older-- Ethyl and Madame, for instance-- and we always treated them with that certain respect as ruling elders. But Ann... well she was just one of us kids. Quite an exceptional attitude for her to project, now that I, having become one of those elders, look back on it.
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Dear friends,
I am so delighted and moved to be hearing from you about my sister, Ann Craig! I'm scanning some photos from our mother's archives to share with you --- and perhaps shake loose more memories! I'll put them up before the week's out.
Meantime, I just heard from Eleanor -- our mom, the author of "The Moon is Broken," her memoir about Annie (it's on Amazon) -- that someone took movies/video of some of Ann's peroformances at La Mama. She was doing skits that had originated at the Pyramid, including the famous 'Family Feud' episode that featured, on one side, the Onassises, with Ann (?) playing Jackie in a pink suit/pillbox hat with a bit of meatloaf on the shoulder. I'm told that the filmmaker showed these works around in various venues, years later, and that my mother asked to be given copies -- actually, paid for copies -- but through some mischance never received them. Anybody know who the auteur might be? It would be -- well, it would be worth a long, grateful cry to see those images.
Another bit of Annie / Pyramid trivia to share: Some of you may be familiar with the great poet Mark Doty. He's always written gorgeously on drag theatricals and cabaret in general, and one of his nest-known poems, 'Bill's Story,' which appeared in the collection "My Alexandria," is abuot Ann. It's a retelling of a story I told him, which Mark made his own -- but which jibes beautifully with memories of Annie I've read here.
Many thanks, still searching,
Unless I am totally wrong, I believe the Family Feud show was shot by Tom Rubnitz, who unfortunately has long since passed. Perhaps that is why your mother never received her copy. Also unfortunately, I have heard that, due to problems with his family, these films will never be seen. Whether or not this is true, it underscores the necessity for all of us to make wills now and not leave it up to our inheritors to decide what becomes of our legacy.
Originally posted by NEOborg:
and what about Craig Curiosity... Vanessa Miasma... Gerard... and.. Blue Fucking L'Amour!

those were the days...

Just found this forum...and a showbox full of old photos of Michael T, Craig, Vanessa etc...from the pyramid. I still remember doing a photoshoot of Michael lypsynching "sweet transvestite from transexual transylvania..." Good time...
Hi Brain ! Hey david ! is daddy (larry t.) ? sorry...i just got here a few days ago... i don't have a clue who's who. anybody HELPING out the "new bbb's here ?

Will be opening a club in beijing very soon. It would HELP alot if some of you former staff members would SAY HI !

David Ratt... i'm gonna kick your ass... for losing my phone # & address. You fuck !

Hattie that you ???? Hatches ????? give me a break knuckleheads. I've been in Beijing for 8 yrs. i'm waiting ! well ???

Dana tech.
Which top, seven, the wig?

Lisa I guess that just proves you can't take a lot of what I say seriously. I did love Grace though-- she opened quite a few vistas for me regarding music and stagecraft; I was fortunate to first witness her antics onstage at The Fillmore West when I was 13. But that song? Nah. Hated it. And it wasn't even Grace.

Of course, I would be the first to admit that I do have very peculiar taste in music... but I don't even think I owned any kind of radio (let alone one which received AM) from the 1970's on-- until I recently bought a clock radio, that is.
Dana, did the club in Beihjing open? It's Joshua, former staffer, and always a fan of yours, thought you were cool, even though we only overlapped for a spell.

Hatches IS Hattie as far as I know. But Daddy I believe Johnny D whom I'm not sure you knew back then.

(People: did I just break the rules by saying the above?)

What brought you to China?

Originally posted by Dana:
Hi Brain ! Hey david ! is daddy (larry t.) ? sorry...i just got here a few days ago... i don't have a clue who's who. anybody HELPING out the "new bbb's here ?

Will be opening a club in beijing very soon. It would HELP alot if some of you former staff members would SAY HI !

David Ratt... i'm gonna kick your ass... for losing my phone # & address. You fuck !

Hattie that you ???? Hatches ????? give me a break knuckleheads. I've been in Beijing for 8 yrs. i'm waiting ! well ???

Dana tech.

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