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Thursday, 6/1/2006:
Intervention: The Anti-Party

Take that first step toward regaining your dignity with recovery counselor Jill Herman. Group leader Adam Goldstone and special guest DJ Lemar Henderson spin enabling anthems and cracked-out beats"”electro, glam-house, cha-cha disco, and more. Fall off the wagon the first Thursday of every month.

Thursday, June 1, 2006
Sapphire Lounge.
249 Eldridge Street at East Houston Street
Subway: F, V to 1st Avenue
10pm-4am, $5

Replace frustration and despair with hope and action.

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My name is Daddy and I have a problem.
There, I've said it.
I feel much better.

I'm in recovery now.
Well, the first step anyway.
I've admitted that I have a problem and now they tell me that I have to DJ the demons out of my system.
So Thursday May 4 I'll be spinnning at INTERVENTION.
Spinning all my demons into oblivion!
(Or at least into Adam Goldstone).
Naw. We are just such good facilitators of eachothers' foibles that it makes great nonsense to hang at the same parties. When she gets too messy I can still steer the ol gal towards the right trade for the night. And when horny clubflies start to try to grope me Bonnie is the perfect pit bull. Plus, instigator that I am, I always like showing up at a party where they won't let her in and I get to just step right past her while she's loitering on the curb with that desperate misfit look on her face -I mean even a social reject like me needs someone to look down on- that's why Bonnie is one of the most important people in NYC for me.

We have worked out a short list of fun club games we play though. 'Bonnie in the Dark', for instance, which is a simple trick where I ask a total gym queen in the club to meet me in the men's room in two minutes but when they shut the door behind them in the toilet where we've unscrewed the light they find themselves in the clutches of the messy one. Another fun one is where we pick out someone and ask them to hold our cash for a minute while we 'search' Bonnie's purse for some cigs. Then we turn back to the mark, ask for our cash, count it, and tell them its short $25 and they better cough it up or we'll get security on them.

But I think you and me should double date Bonnie sometime. Just not at one of Sweetie's parties, I don't wanna get banned from those because of the company I keep.
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