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HA HA HA - famous last words above!!
I got home at 3.30am
In the workplace now... drunk and faux-incharge!
What a great night..... really fun party... I think we should all support this one.... everyone wanted to have fun,especially my brassy broads! We ended up going on to my fave tittie haunt... LORDY LORD.... all I can say is - what happened there stays there! Jeez! Jeez Jeez talk of an intervention....
Put it this way Dirty Martini was SHOCKED!
What a cute party!!!!
Congratulations to Jill and Adam.
Thanks for my intervention.
As Adam told me last night, "Daddy, after a certain age that kind of behavior is not so cute".
I guess he's right.
Anyway, last night was a hoot.
You people are freaks.

And I heard all about what happened after you all left INTERVENTION with Naughty Anna Nicole...
I wish we could write about THAT but we can't.
Famous sports stars! Hookers! girls doing shots off girls tits! A Star of a well-known HBO Mafia series who...
Oh forget it, too many people read these boards now.
I wish I could have gone with you because Messy-You-Know-Who showed up after you left and puked all over the DJ booth.
Thursday, 6/1/2006:
Intervention: The Anti-Party

Take that first step toward regaining your dignity with recovery counselor Jill Herman. Group leader Adam Goldstone and special guest DJ Lemar Henderson spin enabling anthems and cracked-out beats"”electro, glam-house, cha-cha disco, and more. Fall off the wagon the first Thursday of every month.

Thursday, June 1, 2006
Sapphire Lounge.
249 Eldridge Street at East Houston Street
Subway: F, V to 1st Avenue
10pm-4am, $5

Replace frustration and despair with hope and action.

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