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Adam Goldstone ended up playing last night (because I couldn't stop dancing).
He was playing "doctored" drug speeches by Ron & Nancy Reagan over funky house beats.
Adam is a fantastic DJ.

This party is koo koo!

Jill invited people to take a "crack" at the Nancy Reagan Pinata with a giant PVC pipe/coke straw.

The Nancy Reagan Pinata


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Originally posted by daddy:
And this is what it was filled with.

Oh, Daddy, I just wish you'd have let me take a break so I could dance to your music for a bit as well.

Jill is a genius, though; her sensibility is really twisted and very Jackie. I believe she moved to NYC post-Jackie, but that might be a good thing: no telling what kind of trouble she might have gotten into (or started) there.
I really enjoy this party - Adam played great stuff - just think its a good small space for folks to talk, dance hang etc.... more people SHOULD make an effort to support cos this really could be a great lil space... I think the reason that its not packed to the door is cos its not a reg. each wk or smth... i can never rememeber when its on... even though i read the bloody boards too......
Lookin forward to the next one....

We are doing a special "Disco Intervention" at Mr. Black on Friday December 1.

As many of you know I sometimes fill in at Mr. Black for my DJ daughter Sammy Jo (who tours with The Scissor Sisters). I do this party called "IS IT ALL OVER MY FACE DISCO JAG".

On Friday December 1, Jill, Adam (from beyond) and I will be combining forces to bring you "Disco Intervention". It's a look back at the boozey-pill-poppin'-coked-up world of Studio 54.

Here Halston feeds Liz a little somethinng to help her get through the dizzy night at Studio.


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