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Wanted to start a topic for all the new press pieces coming out for NOTS 17. Here is one of the first, by NOTS devotee Winnie McCroy, in The Edge NY. Thanks to all the NOTS Legends who gave quotes The Ho-Ho's, Dean, Belladonna etc. - its great stuff!
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Thanks for posting that. I especially liked the story of Joey singing Standback w/a coke straw w/you laughing backstage. I can totally picture it. NOTS has certainally come along way> I am happy to be apart of it. Just wished I found it sooner! Going off track a bit- how does one get interveiwed for these press pieces? I always seem to miss out. I remember when they were doing the Gypsy83 filming and asked me to be in it- but I was on a month long cross country trip and couldn't go Mad Well -SEE YOU NEXT WEEK! Can't wait to see your "bright eyes" miss Chi Chi. ~Amber Garbo
Hi Amber!

There is so much press coming this year that we have had to take on a wrangler to handle them on The Night - the adorable Kevin Giss.

We are going to set up a side area for press to interview performers at the event, and we will have Kevin coordinate performers to go there either before or after their set to be interviewd/photographed/filmed.

They seem especially interested in our beloved Gypsies (performers and fans who travel in) so I'm sure they will be eager to hit you up!
Funny you should mention being nervous. This is one place where Im definitely not as nervous as I am when I perform my own gigs, or at school, etc. Everyone at NOTS is so accepting and supportive. Its like performing for a thousand of your closest friends who will think youre awesome no matter what. I think this is the reason its one of my favorite gigs to play.

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