Join us for New York's first annual Dance Parade! Showcasing over 40 genres to strengthen dance as a culture and an art form. Everything from Ballet to Breakdance will be represented on Saturday May 19th down Broadway and 5th Avenue. Opening ceremony begins at 1pm, Parade starts at 2pm, on Broadway and 32nd Street. Join DJ Danny Tenaglia (Be Yourself), DJ Kool Herc, Disorient, Subswara, Freek Factory, the Original B-boys, and a host of others in this historic event. A Dance Festival follows the parade from 4-8 pm in Washington Square Park with several stages of performances featuring a history of dance motif along with DJs and live music that will make you dance too! Join, volunteer or donate to our non-profit effort at
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Congrats to all involved with this - the dance parade was great energy and fun, the type of thing it is so hard to launch in NY these days. The dancers and floats came down a rainy Fifth Avenue into Wash. Square Park in the most amazing procession, in groups wearing uniforms or identical costumes..

A samba school

A young cheerleader contingent

House of Ninja voguers in black ninja suits

Zydeco peeps from New Orleans in their kelly green cowboy hats

Caribbean dance troupe bringing up the rear

ballroom dancers in tails and white tie


psychedelic hoopers with Dresden Doll face

a wheelchair-bound dancer

Mexican folkloric ballet in traditional costumes

I know there were so many more.. got there late so I didnt see everyone, and got to meet the MetroMo peeps who have pretty much taken over cabaret law fight.

Bravo! Brava!
And this may be a pet peeve of mine, but there is NOTHING that looks worse than being on a float full of pulsating dancers while talking on a cell phone. If you cant "Be Here Now" when you are rolling in a parade, you really should give up your space to someone who can.
I enjoyed this a lot. It is driven totally by local, mostly grass-roots organizations, some definitely with an ethnic or national flavor, some with purely artistic intentions. Despite the slowly increasing rain they held a good crowd in the park with a continuous stage show fronting wildly diverse performances. Good energy. I wonder what they could do on a day with great weather. The only bad part was the occasional rude umbrella wielder.

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