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Unisex Salon last night.

No Daddy anywhere in sight.

Probably he was on Long Island stoking his nasal canals out at Kimora's and having to act like she's such great company to keep. You work way too hard Daddy.

-Anyway, Unisex Salon taken over by some kind of Cotillion/Deb soiree. Haven't seen so many underfed blondes in one room. Real jarring image: all those blondes in their cocktail frocks hanging out on the sidewalk in front -Delancey at the bridge- the bouncer looked stranded.

Inside: Acid Betty in royal drag and James looking like they are waiting for a bad dream to end.

Overheard upstairs: A trust fund boy saying to his pals, "Yeah, its us cool people verses the clowns."
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"Yeah, its us cool people verses the clowns."

As a "clown" I have to admit though, we are not much kinder to them.

I got on the mic last week and had these four young "dudes" or as I called them "F.I.B.A.s" ("Future Investment Bankers Of America") that had jumped up on the stage practically in tears. I explained how much I loved their outfits. I explained that my 80 year old father wears the same thing to golf in and how turned on the chicks must be when they see a guy in Dockers and a buttoned down Polo shirt. How the bland washed-out color of the Khaki and the bland washed out pale blue of their striped button down shirts really accentuated their pale washed-out personalities. I told them that chicks must go absolutely insane when they throw back their ties over their shoulders at the end of the day signaling that it's "Party Time". I asked them if it turned them on to see the chicks at the office change into their running shoes at the end of the day and how hot that look is.

they got down from the stage.

I don't know...
Does anyone think that a 22 year old in Dockers and a striped Polo shirt is hot?


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This is why dating in the St8 community is tough for me. Cos I'm not excited by the HedgefundHarrys yet so many of my chums want to hook me up with a geezer like that. I am working in total muggle world these days at work HOWEVER, it KILLS me each day just listening to these people and the worlds most boring conversations.... Each morning I'm in the lift going up to the 53rd floor my ipod playing U-roy or Fela while these idiots only talk about shite like their weekend BBQ with their families, their vacation (to florida or Jersey shore)... coming into 'the city' at the weekend... it's painfully pedestrian. I have a small shrine on my desk of people to inspire me - Oscar Wilde, Paul Robeson and Subcommandante Marcos.... I can't tell you how many people have asked me to explain who all of these people are (they have NO idea who Wilde is!). If anything the close proximity makes me feel subversive even if my outfits are far from'clownish'.
I think back when my son was about 4 or 5 and i was looking at some photos that Madge Madison had taken of us out one night and Luka all lil babe says "Mummy did u go the circus!?" totally innocent.
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This is precisely what Miss Webb was reporting on today after a horrid experience last night at The Box. She went to see Rose Wood perform, yet came away from the whole experience depressed and enraged. Squeezed in with wall-to-wall portfoliophiles and the women who love them; all screeching at the "freaks" on stage ("Oooooh, look! It's really a man!"), vapid and self-centered steamrollers who literally knocked her out of the way to get what they wanted, lacking respect or consideration for anyone save themselves.
It's true, Seven, that factors surrounding war, a dubiously inflated perception of economy, and an even more hideous political machine working overtime to pummel fear into our daily consciousness all contribute to the lengths people will go to in order to find distraction. With "pleated pants" soldiers shelling out $700 for a table at The Box, I imagine they feel they are paying for entitlement to act out on others in a way they're unable to act out on each other at the office every day.

On the other hand, performers whose livelihoods depend upon finding good paying gigs are likely to flock to a place like The Box where the management is known to compensate them well. Places like Unisex Salon and Rapture, too, are limited with what they can pay performers in this environment. Interestingly, this evening's selection of acts culled together for TellTale Art at Rapture each turned out phenomenal pieces for the humble crowd of 40 - 50 people. It felt quite subversive in that the very ideas cited above (war, homeland security, etc.) were the fuel that fed these amazing acts. It was a pretty punk rock show in its ideals. The challenge is getting to balance that out in this day and in this city: getting the people in the door you want to financially support the work you're doing, when most of them can't even afford to live within walking distance anymore.

I believe P. T. Barnum faced the same challenges early on in his career.
"The Box" is a very interesting situation.
When they were building it they called The Empress and I to come and have a look at what they were doing and maybe we could be involved.
("They" being some friends. I think "The Box" is ultimately owned by a consortium of like a thousand lawyers and investment bankers etc. That's what I've heard anyway... who knows, I certainly don't.)

Anyway, we were blown away by the beauty.
The place is absolutely GORGEOUS!
We were very excited to see what would happen with it.
It didn't really turn out the way we had hoped.
(But if it keeps Raven O off the streets...
I say great.)

It's just that the feeling you get from the place is very "Come look at the Downtown freaks. Aren't they bizarre? They have tattoos and everything! And by the way, that will be $1,500.00. Let me just swipe your credit card. There we go, thank you, come again. Next week we have this girl who is really a dude."

There is a very subtle difference when a club is full of freaks (like Mr. Black or The Cock) but it is OWNED by a freak or a psycho like Stuart of Mr. Black or Alan of The Cock.
They are real.
The freaks are real.
The club is real.
The scene is real.

I guess I'm into reality.
Hi there everybody its the abovementioned misswebb (now known as BABY K HA!)
the Italians have a saying "the fish stinks from the head" I don't know Mr. Simon Hammerstein but I am curious to what he is about?
I have to say the entertainment at The Box was composed of some of the sweetest most talented show biz folks out there. I understand they treat their performers very well and compensate them nicely. I am really really happy that my friends are getting paid decently! I also have to mention that the management was very kind to us.

This was my experience:
I was in the "VIP" area surrounded by drunken coked up louts with their dates. I actually overheard "ewwwwww that's so gross - it's a man!" several times
A guest tried to start a fire at a table near us.
I was pushed and grabbed with complete disregard.
It was to me a cross between a minstrel show and the Roman Coliseum. I felt absolutely no love in that room which was shocking to my system as I have been hanging out at Rapture and various house music parties. I think they were going for a Weimar Republic feel but there is not the authenticity of that era because these people (the spectators) have pots of money to fall back on should something happen unlike what was happening in Germany at that time. This crowd felt really greedy, self indulgent and mean. I know plenty of nice people with $$$ who do really fantastic things with it so what is the fucking problem? I have done drugs for many many years (yawn) and I can tell you from experience there is nothing radical about it. There is nothing radical about fucking (even the most Biedermeier people do it) and you don't change the world by getting your drink on. What is radical and punk rock to me is loving each other, expressing creativity (which to me is life energy itself) and helping human creatures. My lovely bishop Zachary Jones sez "Many are born an origanal but too many die a copy" The Box was full of those copies - too scared to be themselves so making fun of others for doing so. Blech.
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This was never a problem in SF. The Dockers would go to North Beach and "the cool people" would stay SoMa.

I come from one those "backgrounds", and I learned early on that money can't buy class for everyone. There are people like that who are nice and they support culture like this, and then there are the spoiled kids who become FIBAs and act like roadrage frat boys. Take comfort in the fact that the ones who act like total jackasses at clubs are usually the ones who end up having total loser lives.

Almost as bad is the fact that no one dresses up to go out anymore. When did wearing a t-shirt become considered proper club attire??


The inhumane treatment of the artists and employees at the Box is appalling. The barrage of mental and emotional abuses that the employees have to endure on a nightly basis is dangerously unhealthy. On the week of July 15-16, the entire tech staff, which runs the theater, had finally had enough, they all banded together, and put in their two week notice all at once, because they couldn't take the inhumane treatment and conditions of Simon Hammerstein and Richard Kimmel any longer. There are also the issues of long abusive rehearsal hours and inhumane conditions of the green room next door where the performers and staff are forced to co-exist in on a nightly basis.

The green room is almost comparable to that of a garbage dump, where rats, roaches, and even maggots inside of dark lockers thrive, despite the numerous request to have a cleaner green room with no smoking, it has only worsened. There was an incident when Simon Hammerstein left his black lab dog named, Shadow/Shady, in the green room for days, and the dog defecated all over the green room because it was not properly cared for. It was disgusting, how neglected the dog was, and how it had no other choice but to go to the bathroom in the green room. Simon tried to blame the feces in the green room on the performers, saying that one of the performers defecated in the green room. We personally witnessed the dog feces with our own eyes, and the numerous piles of feces throughout the green room that permeated the room with it's foul odor which made it obvious that this was dog feces not human feces, and none of the performers would ever do this. We were all very insulted. We wrote a detailed email to Robyn, the office manager at the time, about how ridiculous the accusations were that the feces were that of a performer. She agreed and commented that she knew it was from the dog, and not to worry. The situation with the dog was so extreme, that a pair of performers who were seriously concerned for the dogs well being, stole the dog, because they were so upset over it's inhumane treatment. However, they were forced to bring the dog back or Simon was going to call the police and press charges. We had also heard a rumor that week, that Simon was going to have the dog put to sleep. One of the staff offered to take it to a farm that his family had, so the dog would not be killed. We do not know what really happened to the dog.

The green room is littered with garbage everywhere, props are piled sky high, the floor is so filthy floor that we won't dare touch it with our bare feet when changing into our beautiful costumes. Just the other night one of the performers was telling us that she had to sweep up glass on the floor so that she could change. The air quality is toxic due to poor ventilation and allowed cigarette smoke, that can make it impossible to breathe. The things that go on in the club are just as appalling. Hired staff prostitutes, in house drug dealing, open drug use throughout the club, open pot smoking and cocaine use, cigarette smoking, etc.

There are a number of abuses that take place on a nightly bases to the performers and tech staff at The Box. Physical abuse, mental abuse, emotional distress, sexual harassment, and drug pushing on performers to name a few. Examples of Simon Hammerstein's behavior are the following: Simon Hammerstein regularly slaps the girls so hard on the buttocks, that it leaves handprint welts for at least two days before leaving a bruise. This has happened to one of us as well as several of the classically trained dancers known as the "Hammerstein Beauties." Simon sexually harasses the employees constantly. We have had many personal experiences of this behavior from Simon Hammerstein.

There are about 800 more paragraphs, but you get the idea...
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