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What a nut!
Ya' gotta love him.

I remember he wanted (Dead or Alive) to play at Jackie 60 (for free). I thought that would be fun. Then he demanded that I paint the ENTIRE club white for the night (or maybe it was just the stage, I forget). Anyway, that was way too much work and I had to decline.
They were there every night anyway putting on shows.
Anna Nicole, most of the people I've spoken to are young girls who think Pete is a bully for picking on the other girls in the house and they are all around appalled by George(is that the older comedien?). Apparently Pete said he was bored and it relieved his boredom to attack Traci, etc.Not to sound catty, but if I was stuck in a house with those people...I'd be getting insane. I think I'd pull a Bez and try to escape for me weed to cope. The girls watching the show have started calling Chantelle "Chavtelle" now and want to see her go.

In other news...from

Gay icons SCISSOR SISTERS are planning to record a song with former DEAD OR ALIVE frontman PETE BURNS.

Singer JAKE SHEARS is good friends with YOU SPIN ME ROUND star Burns, and the hitmakers can't wait to get in the studio with the cross-dressing English rocker.

Burns' manager STEVE COY says, "Jake and him get on really well, I'm sure the song will be very interesting."

21/01/2006 13:57
Our friend Daniel (aka Unempty) somehow got a hold of week 1 and got it to us as avi files...

We watched the first episode last night... OMG. The images they flashed of Pete's lips after bad injections gave me nightmares.

They showed his lips oooozeing this yellow stuff from three holes and then some pictures from the side that looked like a duck exposed to radiation and a zombie virus...Next came a series of images showing how they had to go in to cut his upper lip and then sew it back together.

All of this was cut in with an interview set to Ms. Manson's "Tainted Love."
Anna, Michael's intro was HYSTERICAL. I've got to get you a copy just so you can see that. What was REALLY annoying about Michael was that he spent no less than 20 minutes walking through the screaming crowd waving and crying before he got into the house Smile

More as we watch!

Oh i soooooooo wanna watch this....
I digress STEVE COY is his Manager!!! Steve was his boyfriend for years!!! and now manages him I would love to be a fly on the wall for those bitchy moments.
Pete even without the boredom on living there would be a bitchy cunt, thats just who he is... never a happy camper unless he's breaking someone else down, its just who he is.
U ever wonder what those lips will look like when he's 70yrs old. This is my thought on plastic surgery ... its all funny now but just imagine an ole peoples home with all this augmentation its gonna look just mental!! LOL

Looks like he got the last laugh:

By Nicola Methven

PETE Burns has been offered his own chat shows in the
UK and America on the back of his acid-tongued
performance on Celebrity Big Brother.

The Dead or Alive star is keen to work in television
and will be carefully considering the offers.

His spokesman said: "People either love Pete or loathe
him. But they are all forced to admit that there's
never a dull moment when he's around.

"This show was ideal for him because he's been able to
show off his intellect, which is towering above
everyone else's.

"He's very good at starting rows by planting a few
seeds and then standing back and watching it all go
off around him."

The spokesman added: "He'd be a brilliant chatshow
host - as long as his guests were able to get a word
in edgeways."

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