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I have recently discovered for a print-on-demand publisher that also fufills orders, lists you with, etc. and can give you an ISBN.

Their prices and terms seem great, and though I wasn't planning on bringing Verbal Abuse back as a print zine, this may be an affordable way to do it.

Was interested if anyone has used them?

And all Mboards writers whose books are out of print, you may want to check this out.

(Love the name too, so abfab!)
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Well, my ordered items from came while we were in NOLA. The quality is beautiful, I ordered a photography magazine (JPG) and a book with photos and essays. Very, very impressive - though we won't be using color for Verbal #5, the color is awesome!

Also, customer service excellent, shipping as promised (items ship 3 days after order, ground service took a few more days as normal.)

So the last hurdle to beginning to move Verbal Abuse back into print is now gone. And I hope some of you will be bringing out or back your own books too...S'tan...Bobby...

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