What a hoot.

It's very 20th century, like Mummenshanz circa 1972 -the invisible puppetmasters all in black manipulating freaky gestures.

Basil has far more wit and his kookiness is endearing, not kitschy.

But what a great show for someone on E.
Also keep in mind the camera is totally stationary during the whole thing. Only the people and furniture move. Kind of fucks with the brain.
It's sort of like bunraku, Nancy. A traditional Japanese puppet theater where the puppeteers are in full view of the audience but dressed mostly in black, while they manipulate large puppets. But I think Mummenchanz is a better example, they did really absurd, sometimes kind of kinky dance shows with really wierd contortions. Really mind blowing sometimes.

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in my mind,
there's no need
to qualify the
wit or kookiness.
basil's a genius
and scissor sisters
are turning it...
both are witty and kooky
and endearing and kitschy.
neither ever fails to entertain.

that vid looks
like it was done
in one take... werk!!!

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