Check out Steve Stranges' Autobiography - Blitzed.... can be bought on Amazon... sad but interesting tale of the founder of Blitz club and Visage... he was a real visionary who is often overlooked... story of his drug hell and getting locked up for stealing a Tellytubbie! Bless 'im!
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We've heard mixed reviews. One said that if you've read Boy George's "Take It Like a Man" that there is really no need to read Strange's book...

They said that Steve gives a lot of the same accounts but has less of a sense of humor about it than George did.

What is your take on this for anyone who's read it?

Steve Strange was a genius. I only met him once (back in the day) but he's quite unforgettable! In fact they ALL were totally nuts! George, Fat Tony, Leigh Bowery, Steve Strange... ALL OF THEM! I would love to read his book. I'm sure it's great. I loved George's book. And as someone who is in it, I can tell you it's ALL true! What is it about The English? In fact now that I think about it...
YOU are totally nuts too Anna Nicole! (you see I know Anna Nicole) You are just as out there as the rest of them! God Bless The English (and Irish)
Welcome to The Motherboards Anna Nicole!

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