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For years there it seemed that there was very little fun going on in Cincinnati nightlife. That has all changed:

Jacob's has a kick ass 80s night every Friday with more hopping nights popping up as monthly and every-other-week events.

Plush has come into its own, our favorite night there is a monthly called "Boys & Girls" usually the last Saturday of the month. The DJ duo Boy Radio spin Brit-Beat, Indie, Glam, Mod, 60's & local music. After bringing you a hot local or regional (sometimes far traveling) band.

The Southgate House has really filled the void needed for AMAZING shows from up-and-coming and under rated bands. A good example is tonight: The Raveonettes are playing.

So, no more complaining about 'ol conservative Cincinnati Smile

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Friday, March 19, 6 to 9 p.m.

CAC members or purchase of a Fringe Festival Pass admission free; all others $8.

The Contemporary Arts Center kicks off the Cincinnati Fringe Festival two months early with a live dj, the Late Circuit
Spinning hours of suspense-filled grooves, Downtempo/Trip-Hop/Hip-Hop/BrokenBeat, providing the music and improvisational movers providing the visuals. Be the first on your block to purchase a pass to the Festival, the exciting, non-stop festival of theater and performance which runs from May 12 through May 23. Everyone who comes Friday gets a free Fringe Fest button that is good for free admission to select galleries and bars during the festival.

For all the info on the Fringe, visit
Contemporary Fridays is sponsored by CityBeat, WNKU, James A. & Mary Miller and Bartlett & Co.

Cincinnati Fringe Festival is brought to you by the Cincinnati Shakespeare Festival. Funding provided by Cinergy and Dr. Robert J. Thierauf. Sponsored in part by CityBeat, Engine 29 Advertising, Cincinnati Tomorrow, Downtown Cincinnati Incorporated, and the Contemporary Arts Center

Lisa Buck, Curator of Education

Lois & Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art

44 East 6th Street

Cincinnati, Ohio 45202


f 513.721.7418
January 8th, 2005
(and every Second Saturday of the month)

The Club Creatures present:


Zazoo and Satori spin the very best in Electro and current Alternative with clusters of: New Beat/Acid House, Industrial, (early to mid) House, Hip-House, Glam Rock, New Wave, Disco, Techno, 80's Electrofunk, Progressive, Breakbeat, 60's Psychadelic, Bubblegum and whatever else will get your ass on the floor.

The infamous Empira State's one "woman" show at 10pm. The dancefloor opens directly following.

At Jacob's

Be there and bring FLAIR!
(we can't wait!)


PS. Don't miss the midnight snack!
LOL Big Grin

Once we get it going really solid here, we may take it on the road... We've had someone in Chicago say they were interested.

We do take requests, so if you let us know your favorite Celtic-Dark-Wave-Jungle-Trance-Punjabi-House artist we'll mix it into some Japanese-Vis-Swing-Breakbeat.

We're just trying to get someone to come visit us for a change Wink

Zazoo and Satori-
I left you a loving and warm post on your livejournal regarding Clusterf*ck. I want to thank you for all of the hard work and thought you put into your nights. You both have made me drag my old carcass out of the house once a month and I will miss it. I know you will still do special events (hopefully no more "All Jackson" and "All Madonna" parties Wink, I know you cannot take the blame for those) and I cannot wait to see what you come up with for furture events.
I know I'm being all mushy on a public forum, but you're worth it. weed
Thanks! There were about 5 people who came to EVERY ONE, and stayed pretty much ALL NIGHT and you were one of them, and we really appreciate it!

Oh, we're not going dark. As a sneak peek, we're going to have a "Music of Prince" night at the end of August. Prince, all his Protegees (yes,Sheila E counts)the songs he wrote for others etc.

And we're going to have an Electo VS New Wave night coming up not long after that.

AND, on Friday night when we went down early to hang posters etc., a guy just HAPPENED to call Jacob's looking for us. His name is Sergio and he's with the company promoting the Klaus Nomi DVD. Apparently it also has extra NEW remixes of his songs.

It releases June 14th and they wanted us to do a party around then. Brian is also a HUGE Klaus Nomi fan, so we're thinking of doing it on a Friday. That way we'll have a captive & receptive audience Smile

The release kit is on the way. We should get together for a pre-view party when it comes in Smile

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We're very excited to announce Cincinnati's OFFICIAL DVD Release Party for "The Nomi Song" - The Klaus Nomi Odyssey

When: Friday, June 10th -- 10pm

Where: Jacob's

"Chicks with Dicks Show" @ 10pm with Satori performing a Klaus Nomi inspired skit.

DVD will premier @ 11pm on the plasma screen during Gerald and Brian's infamous 80s night!

For more infomation on the documentary of this legendary artist being released June 14th please visit the official site

Saturday, August 27th

Jacob's -- Cincinnati
4029 Hamilton Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45223
(513) 591 - 2100

Music @9pm Dancefloor @10pm

Come Join Us for a Celebration of the Music of Prince.
Everything he's touched is fair game!

Expect to hear: Apollonia, The Bangles,The Time, Chaka Khan, Vanity 6, Sheila E, Sheena, Easton, Jill Jones, Cindi Lauper...
Come early to hear those collaborations you forgot about: Kate Bush, Sinead O'Connor, Madonna, No Doubt...

How Many "Kiss" Covers would you dance to?

Who's Got The Look... Prince or Gary Numan?

Purple Jell-O Shots - Benefit Pride Night at KI.

Be There, Wear Purple, Win Prizes.

We can't wait to see you in the Purple Rain!

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New Year's Eve 2005-2006
Zazoo and Satori Present:

"Something Old, Something New"
Duran Duran vs. Franz Ferdinand
Blondie vs. Gwen Stefani
Soft Cell vs. Fischerspooner
Tom Tom Club vs. Gorillaz
Kraftwerk vs. Ladytron
PIL vs. Bloc Party
Siouxsie vs. Goldfrapp
Sonic Youth vs. The Raveonettes
Madonna vs. Madonna

4029 Hamilton Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45223
(513) 591 - 2100
DANCEFLOOR @ 9pm - It's New Year's Eve come early!

Leave the Resolutions at home.
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Cincy - One World Party This Saturday - w/Venus Hum!

We're 100 percent sure we're going, wanna come along? Not only is Venus Hum performing at the party...

They are turning 5 rooms in the Art Museum to resemble the look & feel of 5 different clubs! Plus the place is haunted, and they're giving night tours.
The Art Museum only gets this hot every 125 years!

Cool vibes. Hot night
Five clubs. One party
A thousand people. One world

One World Weekend "Ibiza, Spain"
In honor of the Art Museums 125th anniversary
Saturday, August 5
9 p.m. to 1 a.m.

--> Dont Miss An all-night after party at the Art Museum with a coffee bar, films, ghost tours, star gazing, board game competitions and more from 1 to 6 a.m.

Sample Ibizas hottest clubs exclusively at the Art Museum
-DANCE like youre at Privilege: DJ SplottyKaeco mixing electro, house, rock
-CHILL like youre at Café del Mar: Cocktails by Infusology and eclectic sounds
-ROCK like youre at Guarana: Live performances by (in)camera and Venus Hum

-New View Fashion Show featuring exclusive lines from SAKS Fifth Avenue- 10:30 p.m.
-Gallery strolls every hour
-Paella making by Paella At Your Place - 11 p.m. -
-Tapas sampling all night
-Sangria tasting - all night
-Terrific door prizes, including shopping sprees from SAKS Fifth Avenue

$8 per person, FREE for Art Museum members (Enter to win two Delta tickets by joining or renewing at the party)

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