NO NO NO ... doesn't he look just like Geroge clooney on that "medical" program from sometime back ? a spitting image.

also .... big hairy men !!! is that what's catching on these days in NYC ? didn't we do a hairy guy night ?
I suppose I could take 3 minutes and check but have we ever taked about the famous Saturday night raid by the NY Fire Dept?

Do you mind telling it again?

Please Please Please Please Please Please


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i remember that too. the look on many of their faces. the SMILES & GASPS ! the fire dept. never bothered me much only the cops. seeing the firemen sticking there noses into the clouds wafting outta the techroom. maybe that why they came in the 1st place. bob marley would of been proud.

come on hattie .... what really happened ... i don't remember there being a REAL fire. i think it was one of those SPOT CHECKS they were so keen on doing to all the bars in the village.
what is happening with the pyramid THESE DAYS ? i saw last summer that it was STILL open although i walk by in the day light when it seemed to be closed. who's running that thing now ?
The Pyramis is the Rasputin of night clubs, but goodness knows who is runing it, let alone what is happening there these days. IT has glass doors now dana, so one can see straight in. When I walk by and it is open, it looks awfully empty - probably because I have only walked by on the early side, but it always reminds me of the pre '82 days when it was a Polish man bar and basically empty - except back then it was open for breakfast!

I saw them gutting 2nd Ave deli today, finally after sittign vacant for so long. One of my old school NYC neighbors told me that it was going to be a Hooters! But one can't type in thelevel of sarcasm that was delivered in the tone of voice that that news was delivered with. Still, it would not surprise me.

I can't beleive my intern let this post go out without proofreading it first. Sheesh. Interns these days!
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Originally posted by daddy:
I LOVE it!
I wish I saw this production.
Look how handsome Dr. Hapi is.

Egads, Daddy. I told you already that I am not going to play Doctor with you any more, not since Messy Rosie O'Donnell interrupted us last time and made us give her a "man boob examination." Now that was messy.
Thank you Hapi ! yea, i saw from a flyer on the window that they had an 80'S night or weekend. oh dear .... i thought .... has it come to THAT ? and then i thought ... most of those 80's people are long gone in many way then one. still .... it's amazing to still see the words over the door. PYRAMID !

Hapi .... can we meet this summer wnen i get back to nyc.

also ... if anyone is in Beijing this coming fri.dec.22nd. i have a big dj show @ angel club (one of beijing's biggest i should add) welcome'll get in on the guest list and here .... they put the whole BOTTLE on the table ... none of these "drink tickets" shit ( as much fun as it was to hold the whole ROLL @ pyramid. love you 4 evea
Hapi reminded me of this little show which was a take-off on the Jackie Gleason classic sitcom. Called Das Honeymooners (with an umlaut ot two thrown in there,) performed in fake German and in G.W. Pabst makeup, it starred Hapi and I as Rolf and Eliza Kramden and Wendy Wild as Trixie von Nortonberg... I cannot remember who played her husband Edvard, but I recall there was an axe-wielding murder scene at the end.

Oh wait, wasn't Edvard played by a wife-beater-wearing Jeffrey Epstein (now writer/editor of the Advocate?)


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the picture tells a thousand stories.

the funny thing though is ,,,, this sort of thing went on almost everynight for so many yrs.

you say the honeymooner's and i see "macbeth" ! i wonder what people thought while it was actually going on ?
Hatches was scanningn some old photos & came across this one? Remember the time we flew to Italy for the weekend to do a Hot Peaches show (Christopher Street Columbus)? Here we are in Venice (St Marks Sq) Either Tiny or Brenda (what was her nickname? - it was a good one that had something to do with her constant complaining - thoug hthat could be anyone on a Peach tour, doll) took this photo.


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Originally posted by daddy:
Do you remember the new fragrance called "Whore"?

Whore: For She Who Is I believe it was, with the sub-caption?!?
There was also Amanda LaPore's "All My Men Call Me Darling"
Really dumb of me not to post this before today (but it would have been dumber had I waited any longer):

The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation Presents:
101 Avenue A: Melting Pot to Hot Spot
A Panel Discussion Moderated by GVSHP Executive Director Andrew Berman
Tuesday, January 13, 2009
6:45-8:30 P.M.
Theater for the New City
155 First Avenue
Free; reservations required.
RSVP to or (212) 475-9585 ext. 35
With film, etc. and among the panelists, Iris Rose!

Few buildings embody the full zeitgeist of everything East Village as does101 Avenue A. 
Yes, there are so many from those days, and earlier. They say Nico resided there at one point too. I knew her only as a performer there one magical night (which I have on tape). She hung around the dressing room with her equally-beautiful son.
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Oh yes...
I remember them well.

And so does Hattie!!!!!!!!
Let's get Hathaway in here.
And Pops Steiner.
So, did anyone here go to the panel discussion? Just what are they trying to do, landmark the building or put up a plaque? I wonder if there are any photos of the place when it was "Mayor of Avenue A."
Yes, I was there. They want full landmark status.

It was a great night, but Hattie at least should have been there!

They went all the way back to the building's construction in 1876, talked about the father and son mayors of Ave. A, and much more, including the architect, stonework, etc.

The presentations ended with a dazzling 5-minute edit of Nelson Sullivan's great video work. Presented by Joe Jeffreys. With: Ilku, Hathoway, Dimension, Ransom, Tabboo!, Phace, Vandenberg, Sex, Bunny, RuPaul, de Lago, Eichelberger (why am i doing last names?), Tee, DJ Dmitri, more, more more.

Iris did a sparkling 10 min. talk with images from Lynn Grabowski of (let's see last names again?) Kelly, Craig, Hathoway, Phace, Epperson/Lipsynka, Nakas & co, Jesurun, her, me, more also. Her talk went all the way up to a quote from Hapi about the evolution since the late '80s.

An initial application was rejected but this is not the end. We all signed petition letters on the spot.

101 Ave A on Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation

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