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About ArtMaker: For decades, many talented artists of subculture have gone unrecognized and furthermore unrecorded, their contributions, ideologies and names lost to us forever. The ArtMaker forum exists to create a public record whereby such "genius of instance," can be documented and encouraged.

We look forward to seeing a wide-range of artists in the forum: visual artists, performers, musicians, designers, hair/make-up gurus, cartoonists, etc. The definition of "artmaker" in the ArtMaker forum is as diverse as the talents of those who post.

As an artist, the first thing to do in the ArtMaker forum is to set up a topic about yourself. Tell the Motherboards community about your art, present or link to descriptions/examples of your work, discuss your background, techniques, etc.

Once you create your topic, we invite you to fill-out the ArtMaker "mini-interview," and email your replies to From your replies we will write a short, positive bio that we will post to your topic to help introduce you to the community here. After that, we encourage you to have friends and supporters get involved; and to update your topic on the ArtMaker forum as often as you'd like, posting announcements of upcoming shows, requesting feedback, etc.

In addition, the MotherBoards community-at-large is invited to contribute via posting reviews, providing "inside looks" at the artists and creating topics of critical discussion, to establish a valuable research resource for "our artists" in the years to come.

If you have any questions about the forum, please contact the moderators at

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Katrina here, I am having some email problems this week as I am still visiting my parents wayyyy north of ny, and have their ancient AOL computer to reckon with. I have received copies of all the mail from you earlybirds and judging by your posts in other forums here I am very excited about what will be coming up.

This forum is really Tonya's brainchild and I am here from the Mboards side to provide all kinds of tech support to her and to you. So, if you are having problems logging in to forum, (after last night's problems were resolved this morning I trust,) attaching, uploading, or any software-related issues, feel free to write directly to me at
and I will troubleshoot. (There may be a slight lag this week but I will be back at my own computer on Tuesday of next week.)

For all other concerns please continue to write to the address.
Cheers! As far as unacceptable content, the regular forum rules apply to the ArtMaker Forum.
(I am reprinting them here for convenient access, but recommend all new users to the boards read "Welcome/How to use these Boards").

From Chi Chi ...

1) solicitations or planning of illegal activities, bandwidth theft (image links to sites that don't know they are serving pictures for us,) offering for sale pirated copyrighted materials, or other activities that could get the boards closed down are forbidden.

2)posts so hateful that they disturb the entire flow of conversation for an extended period of time or extremely nasty personal attacks, will be removed (this has happened twice to date.)

Though there are other kinds of speech that occasionally pop up here that I find personally repugnant (rascism, ageism, sizeism, etc.) I still defend their author's right to post it as long as it is not so extreme or prolonged as to threathen the community, or illegal. These posts are not removed.

You will find when this happens that the moderators will come in and defuse the situation, often with humor. The community will also step in and make it clear how distateful they find this. Usually, the person either retreats or tempers their words from then on. I prefer whenever possible to let the community do it.

3)Links to images that clearly could be classified as kiddie or animal porn will be immediately removed.
When I said we look forward to seeing a wide-range of "artists" in the forum, what is meant is that I want this forum to give everyone a chance to call their creations "art".

I am selfish in this. I would love to see hair/make-up artists, fashion designers, art students, trendMakers, chefs, event and art directors, androgeny/gender artists, illustrators, poets, musicians, sound engineers, DJs, filmMakers, actors/actresses, producers, dancers, etc. ... pretty much all levels, all makes and all models. Even B.S. artists and comics welcome as I know I can often take myself too seriously ...

The definition of "artmaker" in the ArtMaker forum is as diverse as the talents of those who post. Art snobbery is best left to the critics who get paid for the necessary evil they do in providing information on the art world in forms the public can accept and will pay for.

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Anything on them!!! I love them/her and find them/her some/one of the best ArtMakers in the New York scene currently.

As the band's first groupie (silly, swaying girl in the front row), who they didn't know from a hole in the wall ... I, by fate, somehow caught the first half-dozen, earliest performances of "Don't you know it hurts when the mean people love you ..."

Help me get her in here posting, I'm fascinated and want to know all that I can and then some !! ;-)

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Greetings all, Thanks TK for the backstage pass!

some questions:

Will there be a forum for traditional art and topics for each artist?

Do you want me to copy the Vulgaras topic from NY nightlife and events to the Vulgaras topic here? V. should however keep the up to date showdates in NYnightlife to keep the public informed.



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Ted and Di - There are several artists with topics on the boards like Velocity, Derrick in a Dress, etc. They did create their topics in these areas because there was no place for artists to be listed together before on the MBoards. I would like to get their permission and wait until we launch. If they choose to move, then I'd love to have them here and would do the best job I could to let them be all they can be. I would like for all such artists thinking of moving into ArtMaker to have pre-launch access so they can contribute and take a look for themselves. The ArtMaker BackOffice is on a little hyatis for the moment, so granting access is going to take a few days, but getting a list together of people who might like to be moved in here may not be a bad idea. But have no idea who to ask to help with this.

Thanks for the offer and putting your trust in me, but I know Velocity, not well, but well enough to know that she should be given the choice. No matter, I'll always come and dance at her shows, she plays damn good music.

Regarding artists in existance, topics on fine art should of course go in here. They could only be discussions unless we had the rights of the artists' images to post, but we could always reference sites of interest. Who knows maybe down the road fine artists would want to be showcased here? But you are right, such topics are very important and necessary. Ted and Di -- do you have a favorite artist you'd like to start a topic on in here to set an example others may follow?
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I know V. as well. Love the music! I really like the stagecraft. She never ceases to disturb me. That is a real accomplishment after being so jaded for so long.

Can we ask Chi Chi if folders within folders is possible? For example under fine art there could be a folder of discussion for each artist. That way there could be cogent discussion therin without the cross topic chatter more related to other artists. See Ny nightlife where each party has its own topic section. the Zenwarp and Cheeze wiz topics are prime examples of ongoing discussion.

I am creating a topic in the artmaker section titled John Gillian fine art photographer. I will give you his e-mail under seperate cover. Perhaps you could contact him directly for his more direct involvement in Artmaker. He has been published covering various subjects such as 100 year old ladies, Archetecture, and of course Fetish. Eric Kroll is a big fan. As am I.

under fine art there could be a topic called "what exactly is fine art"? Or, you could reclassify the J. Gillian topic to just Photograpy.

Perhaps the best way to classify is by medium. Photography, Performance, Sculpture, etc.

Then some artists. The moderator (TK) could then move topics where appropriate. For example, if it isn't quite fine art but is avant guarde (sp?) the moderator could move the topic to "Avant Guarde" topic or such.

Art has classifications of which I am mostly ignorant. It will be a great place to get some education. I am looking forward to the education.

By this point it is my $.25, but I am excited. If it is too much, sorry.

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very much for all the encouragement and suggestions. I am going to start organizing a bit over the next few days in here and bringing in more artists. FYI -- I plan to organize within the ArtMaker forum by moving replies out of the "rifting topics" into the appropriate "named" topics (and list the replies in a manner that will make sense to the reader). With regards to artists who reference their work from within a critical dialog (I will add a reference note to the artists own topic if the artist does not do so him or herself.)

I'm sure this will make more sense to you after you see me start doing it. But if I make a mistake, you better let me know!

Was thinking about the Nightlife forum with respects to the ArtMaker forum. In the concept discussions I had with Chi Chi, she mentioned perhaps there were some topics to possibly be moved in here. Later, I was contacted by Derrick in a Dress, etc. So I made an assumption that entertainers even DJs too! would want to be considered artists (so as not to be lost in the never ending list of party promotions). But these individuals may very well fare better in the entertainment listings. Truly!

So I am thinking of ArtMaker as a "gallery space" and a "coffee-house/artists' happy hour" place to discuss ourselves, the arts and bounce off each other for inspiration. Perhaps down the road, more substructures will be necessary. But the nature of the art movement right now is evolving from traditionalist genres into new ones yet to be named ... this really is exciting stuff to watch and be a part of !!

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Think in terms of triangles and stars, think in terms of new dimensions, new media, natural evolution, new worlds, new eras.

For now I think the classification structure that will work best is a singular list of topics that independently take one of three directions in discussion nature.

The first -- the artist, the individual, by name listed as a topic (posted by themselves or others), defined by themselves and others. In these cases the artist may ultimately choose to add a definition (Avant Garde, Outsider Art, Photographer, Inter-disciplinary, Bull Shit, whatever they want, within that topic and they can make a case for their entitlement to such titles if the choose or not.) People will believe it or not, just as they always have. They can simply showcase their work, they can stay there and entertain others, use it however they want, it is their topic!

The second nature of topic is the critical discussion, the academic debate, the definition of new and old terms, the redefining of terms that artists themselves may be interested in understanding as they choose to, or not, to define themselves).

The third nature of discussions I think shall be of riffing/rifting/harvesting nature. We all need a place to have some fun and let off steam.

These topics may overlap and reference one another, but I guess that's the moderator's job to be something of a libra-rian (to keep on top of things, move some things, reference others, make sure people see what they need, don't take some things too seriously, make sure no one party becomes the absolute authority). I think this construct will work for now. And it allows for the development of natures of discussion in the future don't you think, further expansion, further breaking the mold, further multi-level marketing so to speak.
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Ted n Di, you are always around to encourage the New - fascinating to read your $.25.

I wanted to help clarify the difference between NYC Events and ArtMaker for members who might maintain topics in each.

I would suggest that artists maintaining their topics here still post their events in NYC Events and/or NYc Metro if applicable, to reach the widest audience for their events. They should feel free to post the same info in their topic here without the usual "double posting" whammy - critique and postmortem on current shows, performances, etc. is necessary for a full discussion of their work here.

To me, the two forums serve totally different purposes and each only enhances the other.

Back to the server mines....
Thanks for that! I couldn't agree more. I didn't know if having "double posting" would be a problem, so I was trying to feel things out. I look to the good guidance of Ted and Di and the others to help me spot occasions to do this.

I think that $.25 is now valued at about $.32 and increasing.

These discussions help me to continually clarify my goals in here, find wisdom and get the "horse poo" out of my head.
Cheers all, I have been working out ways for artists to link to audio and video files of their work without causing bandwidth problems.

In the topic, I have a URL link to a realplayer metafile file (.ram) on my site. I am curious if only people with real player installed can hear it. If you try it, and it doesn't work, please let me know.

I am also curious if there are other free media players / producers / simple codes available that can be set up in this way. If you know of any, please post the details here.

Finally, does linking to URLs of this nature (.ram, .rm) cause bandwidth problems for the Motherboards? I am a little clueless on how it is "stolen" on the internet. Chi Chi has explained it to me; but, I'm still a little unclear, so please, in layman's terms.

As Chi Chi is busy with the server move, I was hoping if a few of you more savvy techs might be able to advise me before we launch?

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I am happy to elaborate Tonya - and thanks for your patience during the move.

A redirect (as above) or link to a site hosting the material (whether audio, video, jpgs., whatever) does not constitute bandwidth theft. If we are linked to a site that is serving an image FOR The Motherboards (as in the "image" UBB code below) and that site hasn't given permission, then we are "stealing the bandwidth" - in other words, they are paying the bill for the image we are seeing. Make sense?

There are basically two kinds of bandwidth theft - one is rather innocent and concerns real enthusiasm about an image or personality - such as when a fan site for one of our NYC Girls links to one of our pictures for a few days to discuss it. The other is when a porn site with enormous traffic lifts one of our NYC Girls pictures and has us suddenly serving an extra 10 gigabytes of transfer, which could cost easily an extra $50 a week. That kind is rude and is usually dealt with immediately - either by changing the name of the file or by replacing it with a graphic that reads "bandwidth theft."

Hope that's clear. That said, we are open to the continuing quest for online representation of ArtMaker artists, and glad that the discussion of how to best do so is underway.
You can post a link to any image that you are hosting on a website or otherwise have authorization to link to using the "image" tool in the "Instant UBB Code" section on every posting page. As long as you provide the full address and the server it lives on hasn't blocked usch access, the image will display with your post.

If you want to upload a picture from your computer directly to our server for display in your post, this feature is only available to Board Members and Moderators at this time, for reasons of bandwidth and security. So if you want to use this method, you must pay for a Board membership ($25 per year.)

For more info on this feature see Chi Chi's post at

For more on Board membership, click the "join/support" link at the top right of this or any page.
written by Katrina

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With regards to Media: I have found that linking to a self-running script-URL that launches or streams media in another window to work very well. It's a process I'm still playing with.

Just an FYI -- is looking for media submissions to run on the news page to promote the artists who use the forum. Once you get familiar with the environment and posting, perhaps set up a topic about your work in ArtMaker and send in a media submission. If we can get it to run (reasonable memory and length) would love to feature your work.

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Cheers to all the new folks posting in ArtMaker! Although the forum has only been live for 12 days, the energy in here is becoming magnetic ... I can't wait to see where we will all go from here!

--I have moved the topic on "Building your own Gallery" to this one "Welcome to ArtMaker!" (Making room, ahem, for more art, in the days to come ...)

--About links: if you run across a link that does not work or does not reference the proper material - please send me an email or post a one line notice in that topic (which I may delete after fixing the problem). If I add a link that for whatever reason needs removed, let me know and it is gone.

--I'd like to take a moment to thank the ArtMaker "pre-launch topic starters" whose support (when the only topics in this room included mine and the Welcome) for loving art and artists as much as I, maybe more. They include: Troy Morgan -, The Club Creatures - Zazoo & Satori, Jo-Jo baby, Ted (of Ted and Di) and Andro Genetic. If you've not had the chance to read these - the very, very first ArtMaker topics - I recommend them. Don't let those Page Views fool ya!

--Lastly, I would like to thank both Chi Chi and Johnny for the faith and support that they have given me thus far in this project. I didn't realize how much I missed writing and journalistic activity since I stopped interviewing other artists to create my own. Today, (well, yesterday) was a tough one. I really appreciated being able to come in here read, write, dream and ArtMake!
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I was so excited to come home tonight and see so many new posts in here! Zazoo, Satori and Jo-Jo -- so happy to read of your creative new exploits. This is indeed a place to annouce, discuss and try (with community support) new artistic ventures.

I do have a few questions to ask all of you about ArtMaker and the kind of things you'd like to see in the forum. I.e. where best can I use my time in here to best serve those of you who enjoy this forum? Also what should I be doing that I'm not?

Suggestions welcome. What do you like? what would you like to see more of? (Besides GenderArt - razz )

Also, if you've noticed, I've "forced this topic" to the top of the forum (it's also bold). This is a new facility now available called a "featured topic". What do you think of having featured topics ArtMaker? What do you think should be featured?

Lastly, about page impressions. The majority of the topics that were started here during prelaunch lost their initial page views with the move to the new servers. So if you see an topic in ArtMaker with a low page view count, please do not consider this representative of the content to be found there.

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You've all got me spinning to post replies. But I am trying to force myself to listen and encourage others to come in and post replies before I naturally swirl threads into entertaining myriads of intertwined yet "dis-attracting" fibers in this unique ArtMaker braid/knot we're forging.

I am doing much research and planning with regards to where possible to go from here. Great news however, it seems the Mothership and I have plotted out the makings of a difinitive and exciting course. Details on this when well thought out and forced into a comprehesive timeline.

But let me throw out an abstract to toss around in the back of the collective semi-conscious ... "theme-wise" what "sort" of "things" can a "calamity" of "artists" really "generate"?

i.e. what really entertains the entertainer to entertain?

Personal preferences, symbols and stories: a welcome start -- to get an impossible-to-control-flood, at least flowing ...

Also will be posting updates - events - time-sensitive items sitting in mass in my inbox and amassed in dozens of txt files compiled from my google exploits. But truthfully all I want to do is show Jo-Jo the doll I just bought covered in latex and hot pink mesh fittings, ask Zazoo and Satori if their new sewing machine has a good foot feed (this is key to sewing those kneedle-snapping materials) as well as maintaining good couture and control. And Dreambot -- you must be creating (and well lost in it) -- your mirror somehow partially empty and yet brimming with illumination and surreal lament. I could drown without regret.

ArtMaker -- perhaps a place where artists really can unload. and reload ... and soon upload ...

enough already from me, i'm getting really silly. Kindergarden teacher had it right -- Ms. Knudsen, your daughter has diarrhea of the mouth -- well shit, Mr. K, everyone needs some form of diary. Speaking of my mom ... she's sent us a question ...

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Don't blink!---------------------ArtMaking MBoarders get ready! Currently on the production pallet : JoJo's requested "Group show" : coming March 2003 in the form-function of a MBoards ArtMaker-event debut-extravaganza!

Why so many moons away? ... Magnitude, the short answer (and all I can give you now!) But your two cents is needed on deciding between the following two proposed ArtMaking en troupe themes!

Theme 1 : An Interactive Arcadia featuring 22 works-performers-DJs-Musicians-etc. -- representing the Tarot's Major Arcana. (Not only velvety true to our Mother roots; during the event "the cards" could be called/arranged to give live readings : think Cirque de Soliel meets Psychic Improv in a dark "anything could happen setting."

OR! Theme 2 : lyght/magik/code: each artist would be challenged to incorporate light, magic and code into "their" piece-performance-collaboration. Subjective influences / Difinitive SubTexts would be agreed upon collectively. (The power of these forces and how they "transmutate matter" in the dawn of this Post Modern Renaissance has been precursed by Click n' Drag and the MBoards to date, let's show the world what we've learned and what we're capable of ...)

My apologies all for a few quiet days, but, I have been busy "producing"! I'd like very much to welcome Betty Domination (the "Betty" topic, i.e. "We are merely players - Acting as Art), boyo25co (New Queer Art / Lit Webzine) and chezaray (Me and my art) to ArtMaker. All three posts are really excellent fodder for great discussions that "I have a feeling" will be getting underway in the coming ten days. New birdies flying into ArtMaker courtesy the forum's static URL: - coming soon.
---------------------Don't blink.
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But as Penny Crone lost the News Real on her way to Problem Solve at another station, I'll now have to pitch in and give you the story ...

Users today may have noticed a new mod link in ArtMaker ... or the new banner on the page or even stumbled upon some ArtMaker News on regarding the launch of - the ArtMaker New and News Page.

First, I am very pleased that Dreambot has accepted, for the time being, the offer to co-moderate ArtMaker with me. Balancing ˜my act' so to speak is no slight task, nor is the assumption of the moderator's role. But why two here where one is more than enough for larger, more dynamic forums?

Simply, because a community is not built by one person alone. In addition, ArtMakers, in my opinion, require extraordinary and distinctive handling and should have nothing but the best in support, opportunities, wisdom, enlightenment and choices available them. Dreambot especially has played an important role in the building of this forum to date. Had he not galloped in here just when he did, I'm not sure we'd be at all where we are now: his contributions very much made the "work" and "process" involved in launching ArtMaker the great bit of "art" and "entertainment" for me it needed to be. The ability to give ˜creative rise' to others is rare and indeed special. In addition, he handles me at my most bizarre and excitable levels with such impressive stride, one can only be amazed.

In addition, of course, it should come as no surprise that he joins us in this new role on his birthday, which has now 4 hours past. And Already Dirty Martini's Birthday! So to both I wish the best, nothing but. (And funny thing about my wishes, more likely than not, more often than they should, you'd be scared, I think if you knew, just how often .... they absolutely come true.)

Troy, new site – hyper fuckin cool! Wonder if you'd be into creating a poll for December in conjunction with promoting

Jade, Welcome back! (I am no longer hijacking topics!)

And, Brian from Solanas, thanks for the update.

On the topic of Solanas: ArtMaking F(ag) seeks polemic D(yke) for Multi-media MotherFucking submission to Solanasonline. Serious Replies Only should be posted in Solanas topic in ArtMaker. Pink. Stomp and Rule. (See Mac eye shadow list.)
big grin big grin big grin
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This one has my vote hands down. Every archetype is already represented in this forum! - So it would be phenomenal just to expound on that even more. I'm there.
Goodness! This forum has grown like kudzu! I rarely get time to get in here and check out all the goings on. What a lovely labrynth all of the contributors have weaved in such a short period!
I am re-working a topic for myself that will be more active - so look for that sometime...
Is there a gallery in the works?? to feature artwork or stills from shows ? Ha Ha! Artmaker TAKES OVER! just kidding, but I would love to see a formal gallery up in here - with changing shows every three months or so, seeing how (through experience) difficult it is to drag people out of their spacious, quiet, uncluttered, inexpensive, New York Apartments.
I go on vacation down to Pleasure Island, North Carolina for turkey day next week and will give myself the GRAND tour of everything that's happening in here from my mama's little double-wide trailer...It takes time to read and digest all these brilliant posts!

WOW! Troy - new work ... VC interview on ... ChezA back ... Andro also sighted ... new to artmaker Joel (Welcome!) ... Selena - a tuned psychic if I've ever vibed one ... Jade - helping, keeping an eye on things ... B-Bad - writing from where it hits home ... I MISS ARTMAKER!!!!

ALAS ... I have about 20 mins. to break down my PC and will not be online again until Monday and then shall be restricted to a couple of hours a day until my DSL gets turned on in the new apartment. Have not gotten through the last few days email, so if you need to reach me ring ... 718-FurFlum or the cell ...

ChezA --there is a free way to post images. There is info in Welcome to the Motherboards in New Kids, and a note in this topic as well. Basically you must have the image available (saved) on a web server and you can then link to it (the picture does appear on the boards this way). And there is the upload feature as mentioned by Jade which costs $25 a month. I know, seems a bit expensive, but this pays for the extra bandwidth as well as general tech maintenance of the boards, and the cool thing is, Chi Chi does try to get board members perks. Like last year at club nation, all memebers got in free to the ball -- which admission for was a great deal more. When I get moved and back in place, I will try to see if I can help you at least get one or two images up, I'm curious to see them myself.
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Group Show 2004 – Deadline December 31 2003: One of my founding constructs of ArtMakerNYC is to produce a yearly special/social event to build this community and its resources: i.e., a new group show each year. Arcadia! was a great success and it's future by no means a closed book, or program, as the case may be. Arcadia! Updates will be posted once everyone is recharged and ready. Don't worry, the door to continuing Arcadia! remains wide-open: ideas and opportunities often times present themselves, and the best direction, perhaps, is yet to come.

While in Chicago next week for Wear Structure, I hope to solidify the budding relationship I have at current with the show's curator, Melanie Adcock, as well as, meet and contribute alongside the artists there. She and I are quite like-minded and we are both interested in joining forces to build national sponsorship interest for a joint-city 2004 project.

I would love it, if ArtMakers would contribute concept ideas here for review in January 2004. I do have a working concept, which I sort of need to have at this point, but this is a group show and it's concept best if mutually arrived upon.

Working Theme /Title: Demigods (perhaps signaled as DeMigods)
- BaSE greek mythology of God/Man hybrids (i..e, not of this earth, alien)
- current iconoclash realism [fashion, religion, technology, Z-factor]: individual interests and internalizations and expressions at odds and in league: defining a new inner-space world online and onstage
- superhero league-ism and villains (you know you're out there, scare tactics anyone?)
- DM (as signaled) for all you sci-fi role-players as well as bluelight (and lipped) dungeon masters, mistresses and mattresses out there Razz
More Art Media – would live for a Museum collaboration – a panel discussion? and documentation structured to garner future not for profit funding/investment for future productions.
Location/Date: TBA/June 2004
No more than 10 artists (perhaps 12 if I handle 6 and co-curator handles 6): each with a fully realized, multi-disciplinary demi-god character / construct to create and become.

I have developed this initial direction to include the identifiable interests of some of the most active ArtMakers at present (yes I know, the forum has slowed during Arcadia! but non-Arcadia! ArtMakers probably don't realize we built an entire Arcadia! forum during this ArtMaker downtime, pretty cool!) 2004
As we approach the first anniversary in September, there are a few suggestions I'd like to present for feedback (before I schedule any meetings – we all need a break from that!).

Addition/Nominations of/for a co-mod?

A new sponsor (for both the ad banner on the URL and the event)? I have just started a new development project with a new partner (sorry can't specify yet, who might be perfect for such a direction/production), but before I even think to look outside the boards ... I just did the calculations and I did benefit financially from the investment I made last year buying the ad space on ... I made three direct sales of prints and garnered two high-paying design clients who saw the ad and requested my book. I would like to allow others on the boards the opportunity to sponsor the forum before looking for outside support. Additionally, I will gladly renew the ad if no other sponsor surfaces, however both my sponsoring and moderating might be more of a detriment to the forum's continued evolution. And my own ad dollars may be better-spent drawing interest from local publications (by placing ads there) for the 2004 group show.

Things for ArtMaker founders and users to mull over during the next few months. Tonya-Out (peronally i'm thinking I'd make a good Shatneresque DeMigod ... Wink )
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Monthy Club Exhibit/Curation -- ArtMakerNYC-ForumFoundingDiscussions Year 2

Maybe we [...] need to generate more traffic into ARTMAKER - I recently have been telling more and more people about my own forum (now that i have one!)and trying to get them in there - (my website will definately feature a link - duh!)... and I think one way of generating traffic may be to have a once a month gallery show in the room. - CURATED by someone

I volunteer, as a true labor of love, to lead such a notion into reality and put it into motion, [[alone or with a co-curator, or assisting/accommodating an occasion other guest curators from, who might be curious to learn about the process as a great many artists due/dew/do via the virtual-to-live and back again process.]]

Time -- I have 2-4 hours one day a week to focus/curate; meet with artists; review portfolios-in-process/work; as well as provide onsite/sight consult the opening and closing days/nights of the installations.

--- [[Personal Time aside: I can not volunteer the time I spent on Arcadia! (which was ridiculous, TMT!!) I am in process and changing with some success the bad habit of mine: to 1. work too hard to impress, 2. try to get it perfect the first time, 3. wind up slowing the whole process to stand still 4. by making unnecessary and draining work for others. I'm setting my pace anew... however... that irritating/inyourface/inertia of mine does, repeatedly get the creative residuals/remnants up and going and back into circulation; hack(er) that I am.

Economy of the Artist – I have learned to trim the fat in my personal life; and have been thinking a great deal about economy, (on levels untold), I recommend artists restyle/revamp/re-assemble as the New Fashion movement is suggesting per this mos. Harper Bazarre, existing pieces of work that have not been shown in extensia.

Artmaker to Artmaker Economy – inter-artist exchanges and [frequent] flyer credits.

Sponsor/Ad Funding – I am nearly done generating a full length promo DVD of my own art and club installations which has been requested to be shown on monitor rotation as ambiance by a few clubs, bars, and shops (village and burg). On/in addition, I have been making so many new and amazing connections of late, ... I'm still planting seeds and figuring out how best to harvest all these very cool and gung ho, as shit's happening, new leads and connections.

.... [[Aside... on Troy's portfolio post: yes, Troy that portfolio thing is such a super bitch, so I just edited mine into a self playing movie, which was fun to make and is fun to watch ... which leads to ... ]]

Community/funding building ... while working on the DVD at bars/coffee houses out here in the Burg I am approached by artists interested in what I am doing. I often give them my card and talk at length about our online community, so folks know if the boards and/or Artmaker is someplace they would benefit investing time and energy into and vice-versa.

.... [[Aside for ArtMakers looking to build an audience/market/interest/buzz about their work (though my success rate matches the dark horse I love and miss named Dreambot) ... Often those approaching to ask about the art, request the date of my next show ... for now, I take their cards and/or email. I have budgeted building the audience and a good chunk of on-hands promotion into the creation process of the art itself (i.e., GraphicArt by on tour in Williamsburg, generally at bars, late nights where she can make eyes at all the hot girls and boys: Orion, of the band by the same name, who rocked the Acme Underground stage last Sat. night, agrees the moniker of "The perv on North 1st" completely apt and I do get at least one quality lead/query/contact each night).

Traditional Fundraising / Location!!!! – to do this money is needed for flyers, installation supplies, ad sales would think the club would want to buy ad space on, which would benefit mutually the forum and the club; but most benefit would be to the artist whose work is being shown as the sponsored??? hot topic discussion would be of that artists work ..


Derrick, Frank Marshall hangs at *****'s regularly and loves shoe fetish, I know as he talked me into a drink after a block long obsession with my platform shoes. He is sooo into what he does and will tell tale upon tail/ heart on National Geographic and other Photo Journalism assignments he's had (which is what I see in your work, but as a new metropolsexual form of) who knows he could give you some leads on $$ job leads, agents, who knows ... he loves to talk about himself and his art to no end (which is like me, so I am making the assumption.)

Dreambot - the dangers of making art in a dress – you warned me early on about, and pace and burn out DANGER! DANGER! OH MY HEART ACHES. I fell victim to all harder than I should have following Arcadia! and what has saved me? Listening, like a fan, to my own damn music [as I compose it based on white noise and static.] The noisy, psychotically sexy, lyrically-disturbed shit actually blocks scans, interference, and, although is noise, gets really trippy and into your head if you listen to the same song, say 8 times over and over ... try it.

Maki – I found a place for your housewarming gift after all this time, it's perfect. I am moved finally, but my address stays the same.

Katrina / All – thank you for your help.

New ArtMakers – I hope to be interacting and welcoming you soon as now.

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She is back...with a post that touches on any and every topic in this room! Congrats to you on just sweeping through with one single post and touching US ALL! I look forward to seeing how and what the group show of 2004 becomes as well as how the online gallery evolves...just FYI - I posted a website that I really liked (, from a photographer in Barcelona!) and VOILA! - not even a week later he shows up in my little forum - with a post ... so I agree with Chi Chi that there be alot of movement through here - and it is very exciting.
My summer last year was very much like what your past several months have been - I know parts of your story and can simply relate to it as lots of big life changes - and they all do demand time and energy and sadly oftentimes take one's focus away from the very things we need to feed our anything outside of our own drama... in a perfect world it would all just work like a well oiled watch...

Anyhow - thanks for your energetic and enthusiastic update - I believe everyone in ARTMAKER will follow suit to your lead.

X - d
hi ladies- was it a year ago today? wow how time flys- (esp. when it's not a big-ass blur)I hope all is well, i'm working on some new paintings and a few soft sculpt dolls- nothing complete enough to post as of yet, but soon- ..i check in and spy on you all from time to time and i must confess, i am living vicariously through your posts - tonya the betty page party sounded sooooooooooooo fun but where are the pics sugar? And Miss ChiChi- as fabulous and busy as ever. Thank you again for having me for you first Artmaker show are you guys doing another?P.S. Jade you looked SOOO HOT on that last pic for the stevie promo.... Lots of love your way- Gigi
oooooh thanks Gigi - Im getting a little tingly about producing a big event again... hmmm. Using a bit of those ARCADIA muscles, Ive co-produced a big gig at the Cutting Room on July 6th - Yes - the work goes on! I know Ive been absent from the boards for a while - but Artmaker has been rich for me on so many levels - it was really how I got out of my shell there a while back. I am getting the itch for producing some kind of big show again involving so many of those colorful people I rarely get to see anymore....
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Hey, Tonya...
I'm trying to post the following release about the launch of issue 3 of solanas online, a queer webzine that my huzzzband and i run out of our living room... can you help?


Sex, Death and Disco.
Issue #3: Stormtroopers in Drag.

Issue includes:

Juliana Francis talks electroshock acting technique!
Matmos duo drop mad queer reference points!
Michelle Tea has a cold!
Arnold J. Kemp dons a dashiki hood!
Emile Turner's aunt disrobes in the MET!

Come take a looksee at the newest issue of Solanas Online.

(A year in the making...It's good to be back)

Brian Bauman and Christopher Allegra
Editor and Designer, respectively (though not respectably)

PS. Drop us a line to let us know what you think...If you've got a new
link, please send it along so we can add it to our *new* links page.
Cheers Guys! This is great news ... congrats ... I am going to copy your above post to your topic (which will bring that topic to the "top" of the forum which will give readers - not just the new update but new mboard members a little history about your fab virtual creation ... give me a day or two however to sort out some mod issues which are preventing me from doing this at the moment and then we shall get your solanas update the attention it fully deserves.

PS. Really glad to hear from you ArtMakers way out west, who like myself, never give up the creative battle to get what is close to your heart out to others who may be insprired themselves, to appreciate it and /or bloom themselves ...

Quote for the day "You can't always get what you WANT, but if you TRY, sometimes, you just might get what you NEED." Just call me Troy for posting a rock quote, but today I am beaming and living and rock seems to writhe within ... I hope you too are having such a day following your latest creation.
Cheers Miwa, I am glad to see you are getting your fingers wet and have jumped right into posting. Most people "lurk" for awhile - but it is nice to see someone just jumping right in and posting also I am so glad you got to meet many of the Mboards luminaries at the B-Burg social last month!!!

OK - on posting - a good place to practice posting when new to the community is the New Kids forum -- as well as in ArtMaker -- where I like to think anything/one in the name of art is welcome.

To post about Dolla, just start a new topic /discussion about the show and say what you want to say - if you want, I will then upload the image you sent me to the topic. You have to be a paying board member to upload images - but for now - I'll help you get the word and visual of Dolla out - she is after all something quite extraordinary and always makes me pause with wonder when I see her.

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