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Hi All,

I would just like to say Thank You to Chi Chi and Daddy and everyone who put tonight together. I just got home and have to go to bed after a wonderful night of twirling (I have to host a Eurovision Song Contest party at 2:30pm at home later on today Saturday!).

I really loved the new venue. I feel this is a transition year for NOTS and you will tweak things based on the feedback from tonight.

My friends kept wondering if there were less people at Hiro than Knitting Factory and I pointed out that Knitting Factory really is not as big as we think it is (or am I wrong). The crowd was great but it didn't seem have as many young people as I remember (is that the city's crackdown on IDs or the increased admission cost?).

Anyway... it was a wonderful night... and thank you once again!

Anthony xxx
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Thank you Anthony.

There were MORE people this year than ever.
It's just that it's a bigger more open space.
Knitting Factory, Don Hill's and Mother all had more rooms but are smaller. We wanted to try something new and people seemed to like the space. More room to twirl.
Of course the energy level is not the same as when you have 600 people packed into a space that holds 200.

But you are right.
This was DEFINATELY a transition year.
I think we found a great space, now we just have to find ways to make NOTS work in the new space.
We have never been afraid of change (we actually thrive on it).
If you don't take chances you just get old.
We NEVER want this party to get tired.
(suggestions please!)

On the plus side...
I have never seen a more gorgeous NOTS crowd!
Every year more and more people really put a Stevie look together. I saw some amazing outfits! I hope there are lots pictures.


Billy O! -Damn! He was on fire last night.
Nicole Nicks -What a way to go!
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Smile Smile Smile
I'm so happy to have seen this party once again. Chi Chi was looking so pretty, and the crowd seemed like it was riding on air. I saw lots of old friends, made some new ones, took some pictures, twirled a lot and had a wonderful time, once again. This has to be the best party in New York. Thank you Chi Chi and Johnny for making this happen. That space was awesome, by the way.
Thanks to everyone who came out - and turned it out - so splendidly last night for NOTS 17.

Transitions are always difficult and the night was not without its glitches, but overall it seemed like a step up. The tech staff - indeed the entire staff - of Hiro was really on point, and that helped so much.

Performance high points pour moi?

Justin Bond tore the roof off, and Nicole Nicks' farewell performance to "Edge of Seventeen" could not have been more superb. The tryptch of heavy hitters that closed Act Three - Codie, Sherry Vine and Sweetie - reminded us of the magical late set at Jackie, with a stage three times the size and MUCH better tech..

Most fun moment?

Dancing and twirling onstage with our fab Method Go-Gos - Heaven Leigh, Amber Ray, Vangeline, Coco et al - between acts. And, the dressing room, late-night.

To all the gypsies, white winged doves, nightbirds, starlings and of course the performers and super hard-working crew and door staff, deepest thanks.
I have to agree with my Empress...
You just can't deny that Boy Bar, Pyramid and Jackie 60 "basic training".
Sweetie, Codie, Sherry, Justin...
Each and every one of those girls had the audience in an absolute tizzy.
They are in a league of their own.

I also have to give praise to the Stevie DJs.
Poison Eve has really blossomed into a full blown DJ (watch your back Pickles!)
And Craig Spencer was amazing.
I know most people didn't realise what he was doing, they thought there were all these new Stevie songs that they didn't have. Craig was taking Stevie to a whole new place. Mixing her as only a club DJ can do. It was hot.
You two knew you were ready for this big room. It felt like all the performers stepped up to it.

Its kind of a twirling recipe itself, you feed that many people to those performers and vice versa =!

It was endearing to see the crowd built on the Ave A and Jackie remnants.

But that was one weird element, riding up to get to the show across the meatpacking district now that it has been bourgetronned in to a kind of desert, feeling a little loss and lost. So close but yet so very far away now.

I'll have to say Cody was TIGHT. And every single second was a still shot.

Just wish Daddy had 30 more seconds back in the crowd to listen to some of my jokes. Managing a big show in process is sometimes too much of a blur.

The room is very easy on the eyes and the acoustics aren't too bad. I'm not sure about all the Asian motifs though but I may be getting picky. I like low house light so that was good. One thing I'm not picky about is that at times early on it was very hard to get a drink in under 15 minutes.

What a piece of production work it all is though. And how many times in one year do I get to see all my favs on one program and one in which they are so inspired. Someone needs to prompt the crowd to yell for all of you.

Thank you Jasckie Factory. To say the least.
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it didn't seem have as many young people as I remember (is that the city's crackdown on IDs or the increased admission cost?).

Yes, we all missed the 18-20 year olds that were able to come in at the Knit. Hiro, like all of the venues we considered this year, is 21 and over. I personally had to write to several despondent teenagers who couldn't come, and that was hard!

But, there are so few venues left in NY that can accomodate a show of this size and complexity ON A WEEKEND NIGHT that our hands were kind of tied.

Oh for the days at MOTHER when Kitty could sneak in the occasional 16 year old just by drawing a giant X across their hand so they wouldn't be served! Seems like another century..oh wait a minute, it was!

Anthony I appreciate your feedback very much, and am glad you had a good time!
What an awesome night the place was beautiful very well organized thanK u CHI CHI You looked amazing there are just no words!! Me & my twin sista had a great time as always & everyone who attends are the best people Stevie has showed me what real people are like & so loving, Kevin u look amazing as usual & a pleasure to see u, Bella Donna what can I SAY THE twins love u I HAVE AWESOME PICS can I post them somewhere on the Board?? Please let me know & Oh Billy O u Kicked but on Standback just amazing ~All Our Love the Twins Laura & Robin~
Daisy Mae,
I appriaciate that I was one of your fav performers this year because I thought I did terrible Frown !! I screwed up my intro- my voice was shot from shouting all night (my own stupid fault- I can't shut up to save my life -well voice- when I start drinking...) and my back-up singer came in on the wrong part in the end....she felt so bad that she was crying after the performace!! But -lots of people either didn't seem to care or notice and to those people such as your self....thank you. Stevie certainly had -not so up to par-performances too. When I got back to the hotel I was convinced that I should no longer do this event but your comments (along w/a few other people not on the mother board) that change my mind. PLUS- I love our producers. Thank you Chi Chi, Hattie and Johnny. I enjoyed our conversation this year @ sound check Chi Chi and thank you Johnny for your compliment on my voice after the show. You turned it out this year! I was overwhelmed!!!
My personal fav performers: Billy O, Gypsy Wild, Nichole Nicks -her last year....really????, The Ho Ho's, and Bella Donna.
Write more later when I get back to Vegas. ~Amber Garbo (or Amber GarbOO as Sweetie would say....)
Back home safe in Hot as Hell Las Vegas.
Sorry Daddy- I guess that could be taken as fishing for compliments....I really truely was disappointed w/my own performance BUT I Had a blast this year regardless. Met so many great people. Can't wait to do it again in two years (getting married next year- so 2008 is out). The venue has it's ups and downs like every year but the energy the crowd brought was over the top. So many people dressed up- I actually felt under dressed! ~Amber
Thank You - Thank-You - Thank You !!!

More details later, but I just needed to give a shout out for BILLY O !!!

Does anyone know how we can contact him? We are thinking about booking him here in PA for a show....does he have a Website?

Thanks again so much for another amazing year....the BEST SO FAR !!!

Peace, Love and Stevie Nicks !

Joel in PA
Hi everyone,

The Hohos have just recovered from Friday nite - what a wonderful time in our wonderful new venue - loved it! The Hohos had some backstage drama pre-show, when our dear friend/Mick Fleetwood aka Wilder Selzer got in a subway accident on his way to the show and ended up in the hospital - which we found out 15 min before showtime! We ended up recruiting a cute, tall audience member to fill in as Mick (we can't make this stuff up...) and here is the video of our performance of DREAMS:

The stage lighting was dark so I edited on our intro video for better viewing - featuring our new youtube friends who kindly sent us their videos for Dreams.

And Wilder is recovering with a broken leg, so send out some Gypsy love to him please...we miss him!

Hope to twirl with you all again soon...

Thank you Chi Chi, Johnny and Hattie for doing the work that makes this magical night possible.

cathy & jill
Hi Chi Chi and Daddy,

Thanks to both of you for your replies about my observations. I'm thrilled to hear attendance was up this year even though it didn't feel as busy. It was great to have some space to dance.

I forgot about the whole 18-21 issue, so thanks for the clarification on where all the cute teen boys went. Well... they'll just end up being hottie 21 year olds when they can get back in again! (Hmmm... make mental note to self to hold 18-21 cutie-NOTS banned-boys party in my bedroom once a year!).

Some of my friends were bitching about the price of vodka sodas but I thought $7 for a Tiger beer was reasonable for the venue.

Can't wait for next year. I trust you have already booked Hiro?!!!!!!!

wow! loved it! this is year number 8 for me and my top hat....i come up w/ joelp and have a great time every year. i must say i also love the billyO!! hbg. chapter billyO
i liked the new venue alot bar was a little slow...needed some more bartenders i think...and the drink prices....ugh. but just the same got tipsy and had a blast. i had a great perch upstairs right by the stairs and in front of stage...what a view. loved the sites.
anyhow, thanks chi chi and all. anticipating next year! woohoo!
To my dearest Chi-Chi, Johnny, and Hattie,
I just wanted to give a huge shout of thanks to you for pulling off another incredible NOTS. It's always fun to come back and see the same people, but you always bring something new and exciting to the night. And this year you guys went above and beyond.
The Hiro ballroom is wonderful. As a performer, the show ran so smooth. I think the location of the dressing room helped a lot.
A huge congrats to all the performers!!! Each of us brings something unique to the stage every year that makes us different, yet we all manage to capture the essence of Stevie and connects us to the crowd (which was extra hunky this year).
I look forward to this night every year and I can't wait for next year.
You guys rock!!!
Well, I've been talking to LOTS of NOTS people and everyone seems to like The HIRO Ballroom for Stevie.
Yes, the drink prices are a little higher and the bartenders were not my favorite bartenders in the world...
but in general the staff, tech, dressing rooms and the shear size of the space makes it a winner.
No place will be perfect but people seemed to think this was a step up for NOTS.
Personally, I like it when you cram 800 people in a room that holds 200 people but that's just me. Everyone else liked the room to twirl even though that manic panic that over-crowding brings was missing.
There has always been a learning curve whenever we move NOTS.
We eventually iron out the kinks.
We appreciate your CONSTRUCTIVE thoughts (like Anthony's. Very helpful)
I hate it when people say "I miss Jackie 60".
I mean I love it when people say that because it's a compliment but it doesn't really help us to move forward.

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