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Night of a Thousand Feathers : The Second Annual Feather Ball - Sunday October 13th Columbus Day Weekend

twig the wonderkid ·
 Night of a Thousand Feathers - Second Annual Feather Ball An evening of music, dance, and dark fashion Master of Ceremony Michael T Showcasing designs by The Baroness, Augury, Velvet Rose Designs, Lethal Ware, and Emma Designs Live sets by...

Re: Willi Ninja: Long Live The Queen

daddy ·
Willi's funeral was like a state occasion... no, not like a state occasion, it WAS a state occasion. ALL the houses were there. The funeral home was packed to the rafters. There were a thousnd people there to say good-bye. Inaya Day and Joi Cardwell sang. (Barbara Tucker and India were out of the country) Willi was laid out in a white casket with fierce gold robes and gold boots. His beat (make-up) was flawless. He looked great. He had that gorgeous signature Willie Nija smile. He really...