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Re: ArtMaker 2023

Chi Chi ·
So glad to see the next iteration begin. As we shape the Motherboards for herstory, the ArtMaker story will continue. Bless you Tonya! - Chi Chi Motherboards Founder
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ArtMaker 2023

TonyaKnudsen2022 ·
Once Upon a Time ... an aspiring artist wrote her nightlife & alternative art heroine, The Empress, Chi Chi Valenti, with an idea to sponsor and create an art forum on The Motherboards … I put forth the name ArtMaker and she agreed. In addition to that she, and Daddy, provided ongoing love and support for my fledgling idea … For a few cherished years, we built this ArtMaker forum and had truly cool events, the biggest being the Arcadia! Show at CBGBs 313 Gallery in 2003. Then the artist...