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Once Upon a Time ... an aspiring artist wrote her nightlife & alternative art heroine, The Empress, Chi Chi Valenti, with an idea to sponsor and create an art forum on The Motherboards … I put forth the name ArtMaker and she agreed. In addition to that she, and Daddy, provided ongoing love and support for my fledgling idea …

For a few cherished years, we built this ArtMaker forum and had truly cool events, the biggest being the Arcadia! Show at CBGBs 313 Gallery in 2003.

Then the artist went to sleep, and she slept, and she slept, and she slept … she needed to be needed.

And like all things, her great slumber ended. Nearly 20 years later she is being called into action again … by many voices … her gifts and vision are finally needed again … so very needed … and she needs her artists …

Join me for the next evolution of ArtMaker … a bit more grown-up, a bit more mainstream, a new world of tech and materials to make all visions mind-blowing … I am back to serve … join ArtMaker again … all over … for a new opening act … for a new era that needs you and you need to be part of.
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