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I hope this is the right forum to ask this, so here goes...
Does anyone have any stories about Anya Phillips? The reason I ask is I've read so many crazy things about her in various books and I want to know more.

Shhh...I'm trying to listen to reason...
Shhh...I'm trying to listen to reason...
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Anya died of cancer very early on, so I never really got to know her well. However, when I moved into Needles Jones' loft on the Bowery in 1983, I discovered several boxes of her clothing and accessories tucked in a corner. Since Anya was about a size 2, I had absolutely no use for them. (If I knew then...) The loft had previously been the residence of a great many rock legends including Tuxedo Moon and contained many similar forgotten or "stored" items. And since neither Needles nor I felt it was a priority to pay the tiny rent on the space, all of those historic items were left behind upon eviction.
Hey Needles, what was the address of that loft? I remember that it was next door to the Salvation Army Shelter, and that we would run downstairs to get the free box lunches they gave out.
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I remember going to see Anya in the hospital when she was dying. She was lying in bed planning her new fashion collection. "Sadistic Nurses". She had books of her fashion sketches. S&M nurses, rubber hoses and tubes, impliments of medical torture etc. She was living it, even when she died. I'm always so glad when people remember her because she died before she became famous. The mark she helped inflict on the world remains (PUNK) but she will never get the credit she deserves. Oh well, that's life.
I'm sooo glad this is getting responses. Please tell me more. I bought a book for $40 just because there was a pic or two of her that I'd never seen before. In the photo archives at BBGUN magazine they have a picture of her that I really love.I was not around then but I've always been so fascinated with her. Someone should write a book about her so the world can know how ahead of her time she was.Please, keep the stories flowing!!!

Shhh...I'm trying to listen to reason...
I first met Anya in 1976 or 77 through Diego Cortez (of Guernica fame)..there were some wild moments, or nights with Jimmy Santos...I returned to NYC in 1980 and reconnected with Anya during many afternoons (it was our morning) at her apartment...I think...going there with Vickie Schrott..Trixie and Sheila from the Screamers would be there...I remeber some middle aged man performing at Anya's command..I had the impression he was a senator...maybe I am just romanticizing the moment...she was humiliating him and making him clean the bathroom..we were drinking strong coffee..another time she told me she made James shave his whole body.(Inspiring)..At some point all her stuff ended up at my loft...The Eskimo Lounge.
James came by to get some of the things...unlike Hattie I did my best to squeeze into I size two...I thought the strecthed and shreding seams were an new accesory...I went to the hospital once...but was unable to handle it and quickly ran out to get another bag..
Hattie I think the address was 317..I heard the amazingly well funded Jane Holzer moved in.
Anna Nicole you can see a pic at the gallery at There are also pics of her in the book Please Kill Me and I think there are some in Making Tracks the Blondie book. I also have a huge book called Punk, it's green with Sid on the cover and they show a pic from The Mudd Club era.Diva indeed!
I really do appreciate all the stories-keep em flowing. Wink

Shhh...I'm trying to listen to reason...
Anya was exceedingly glamourous, but it was partly concocted from infamous "heroin glamour" and so has a whiff of horror. The reason no-one who really knew her is posting anything is:
1) there was a tragedy attached to her, inappropriate for bandying around a public board --
2) because her life was so entrenched in the parallel history of heroin in the NYC Punk underground that quite a few too many famous folk would get tarred with the brush they long ago put back into the paintbox.

The story of NYC in the 70s and 80s, the heroin demon, and Anya is a novel that has yet to be written; possibly to be taken on fully by someone who hasn't been born yet. She lives in one of my unpublished tomes as one of downtown's premier dealers of Chinese white. How's that for starters. Happy now.

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