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I know is trully our beast of burden..our lives full of drug drama and lost friends. It isn't ever easy but it stands as a reminder to the rest of us and to the upcoming children to learn from the mistakes of our fore fathers and mothers. Anya would have loved being alive at this time. She was born into the wrong generation. But let's keep her very best memories alives with the tales of her true beauty and wonder. Forget the rest of it, it serves us not. And besides I'm still here with you honey in the Crazy n' Glamourous Old Dame Club. Of which you are most surely the president.
The evil old facts of the evil old days DO serve us. In fact, remembering the rot behind the glamour is of intensest moral value. That's part of holding membership in the CGODC : we look at the wrinkles and are okay with every one of them. Glossing over is what serves us not. Writing a puff piece is different from inscribing history.

PS: I am not the President. Mother Flawless is. You & Merly are Archbishops. Miss Martha is Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Elbow-Length Gloves. I'm CIA: Cranky Intelligence Agency.
Last night Maripol had a show of her and Edo's poloroids. Celebrating 30 years in New York.

(Edo was a very hot photographer in the 70's & 80's -had a bad heroin problem but has since recovered. Maripol was/is a stylist -Grace Jones, Blondie, the early Madonna stuff -rubber bracelets, crucifixes etc. Edo & Maripol shot the Blondie "Parallel Lines" lp. They shot my first record "Jam Hot" -the one with Chi Chi on the trapeez from G.G. Barnum's. Maripol styled my "New York 88" show (in 1983). Maripol and Edo did the movie "Downtown '81".)

The pictures amazing. So beautiful. Everyone looked like children. (I guess we were). Anyway, there were alot of shots of Anya. I kind of forgot what she looked like. So beautiful.

Maripol wants us to do a party in the fall with these photos. I'll keep you informed.
As I get closer to the completion of editing my 30 year old archives on NYC nightlife, I am finding amazing things. Coming soon..early Anya Phillips, Bobby Grossman, Teri Toye, Terrence Sellers, Duncan Hannah, Lance Loud, Andy, too many to mention. I have about five new books ready to go. And to think they didn't even ask me for pictures for that East Village show. Why I oughta...
Daddy, that wasn't my doing it was the link from hamsterpants.

I was feeling very nostalgic after looking at all that... esp. the East Village scene so I went down to walk around and daydream, and ran right into Maripol. Egads! There we were, staring at that new glass blob on Astor Place wondering who in hell could/would live there. The big old iron cube scultpure has not been replaced and we stared at the empty ragged spot there. She goes, "Zeez mozzefockers are just tearing New York apart!"

The opening for a Jean Michel Basquiat retrospective was last night at the Brooklyn Museum. Neither of us went! I wonder how it looks... The BM is going to screen Downtown 81 in May, she said...

(yeah I got all this info without havin' to blow the bitch again!)

Bobby we are so looking forward to new books!

xxxooo LOVE!
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Yeah, CBGB is closing. A sad day for New York.

I didn't go to the Jean Michel opening either. You can only do so much.

Wow, you got off easy Stan. Maripol must have had alot on her mind to let you off the hook like that. As far as that building, I like it. I must really be out of touch with the Motherboards Zeitgeist. First The Gates, now the Astor Place glass building. What's wrong with me? I think it looks cool.
I guess it's very "Anya" of me. I remember when everybody was trying to "Out Punk" each other (as in who could be more Punk) and she won by embracing Disco! The result was The Mudd Club. A Punk Club with velvet ropes outside and a mirror ball, DJ and dancefloor inside. The DJs played punk records as opposed to live bands like CBGBs and Max's (except me, I actually played and truly loved Disco). The punks were so confused, "Isn't this what we are supposed to hate? I don't get it". Then The Contortions turned into James White And The Blacks -a Disco Band! I loved it. One night I was threatened with a bottle for playing "Nigger Music"! It's funny now because "The Nigger" on the turntable was Michael Jackson. Hardly N.W.A. (Niggers With Attitude)
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This is from Emily xyz.
I'm just moving it into the Anya topic.

hey everyone -- I just came across this thread from 2004 re: Anya Phillips. You guys all look so young, I can't believe you knew her!

Anyway: I've been interviewing the former girlfriend of Johnny Ramone, Cynthia Whitney, known as Roxy, who was a friend/roommate/girlfriend of Anya's in the mid-1970s. Like Anya, she was also an exotic dancer. Just wondering if anyone remembers this girl Roxy. I would also really appreciate any details of Anya's life that any of you can provide, such as where she was born/raised, anything about her family or her life in New York, any anecdotes about her, etc. Thanks and it's great to be here!

BTW, has anyone been in that John Varvatos store that used to be CBGB? Wow. It's really black! love, emily xyz

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