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The new Blondie CD "The Curse of Blondie" and single "Good Boys" has been released in the UK. I photographed and designed the packaging. There is a small interview with me and some stills of the new and old work I have done for Blondie on

The two that run the site are really great guys. Check it out and drop them an e-mail if you like it.

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I was at thier show at the Theater at Madison Square in June '99 close to the stage (The Toilet Boys openned for them). I also was very impressed with her singing. She can cover a very broad range of notes with seemingly little effort, smooth, like a breeze. Such vocal grace and clever dynamics. I've always loved her sense of humor that comes out in her performances, either through her phrasing or by some physical gesture. She often had me laughing and crying at the same time, jumping up and down in my stilleto pumps. My reaction was joyously hysterical. I totally love Deborah Harry and especially when she is with Blondie.
Blondie just performed "Good Boys" on Carson Daly and they were fabulous. Debbie looked sooo beautiful and they sounded great.I love Blondie!! I've never seen Blondie perform but I did get to see Debbie and Chris Stein perform on her Def, Dumb, and Blonde tour Big Grin
At the end of the Carson Daly show they zoomed in on the album cover.

Shhh...I'm trying to listen to reason...
AAAAARRRGGHHH! I may have to go to Wichita this weekend for a press check! It may Sunday... It may be Monday... but right now it is scheduled for Saturday...

If I have to go, I'm going to play The White Stripes "7 Nation Army" on loop at work for the next month.

This is where at least Zaz will be:

The Start
Melissa auf der Maur (or G.Love depends...)
On the rooftop with Darude til 4am??? maybe

And if it rains tonight, we all may be partying with
5 BILLION Brood X Cicadas

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Anna the story was a laugh because if Justine had a manager with half a brain he or she would have just dunked her mop in henna and that would be the end of it.

Hey, does Jessica Simpson have a contract clause that says her opening act can not ALSO have a low-talent dunce in it? Or that Homer and Marge can't show up at a gig to claim comps to get in to see their eldest daughter?

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