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hi all

im new to this chat about david,

IM sitten here at the museum at 7pm at night surrounded by pictures of marty/barney and spanish paintings...

im woundering after reading all the messages is.

have we learned anything from david?

have we grown as a fag cultoure or steped back?

he wasnt afraid to stand up and speak his mind, hes wasnt afraid to rant and look a little negative or ugly...towards fags, but

if you do that today around fags you black listed, shunned, deemed a AIDS reject?

we havnt learnd, and the younger generation
can care lesss ass they are diying of AIDS.more intrested in ipods and muscle's and whats the next hot east village song..

so lets chat about davids teaching which im sure he would want to talk about ohter than how beautiful is work of art is.



pablo maine
The young people today obviously don't care about AIDS. They think it's cured thanks to the new medicines, but there STILL ISN'T A CURE. And they need to to stop fucking on crystal meth, which is partially responsible for the resurgence of new HIV cases in gay people in America. Give these kids a copy of Close To The Knives, and hopefully they will be more careful. I also think that it's pretty ironic that at the height of the AIDS epidemic in David's time the catholic Church and the government didn't want to do shit for people living with HIV and AIDS, but now all of a sudden they want to end AIDS in Africa where it is legion (everyone from Bono to Oprah to Bush I and Billy Bob Clinton and all these fake celebrities)but they still have done shit for the fags and the blacks and the poor people in this country who are living with it and dying from it. I wish David were alive today so he could help straighten us all out! Celebrate his life and art but discuss the issues that it raises as well.

In other DW related news--I found they Tongues of flame book at a library in CNY, and then I saw the U2 video for ONE were they made a video surrounding the picture of the "buffalo falling off a cliff" -- they use it at the end. Wonder if he ever got a credit for it. I think Mark Pellington directed it. I also read somewher in a book on U2 (a book of journalistic accounts of the Zoo TV tour) Where DW and his estranged family were at a concert before DW died and it was the fact that DW and U2 had collabrated that brought them back together. I thought that it suck that the family treated David like shit and it takes a collabration with the biggest band in the world (at that time) to bring them closer together. They finally loved him because he was famous. That really sucks. I'd be like "Fuck off! You didn't do shit for me! Get outta here!"

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