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Drew was like, "Daddy this was your life".

Well, the truth is this was a generation or two before my time. I went to some of these clubs but I didn't start DJing until The Mudd club (in I think 1980).
These were the guys (no girl DJs yet) who I tried to emulate.
Danny Krivitt, David Mancuso and Nicky Siano were the first DJs I ever heard. Those early DJs were total pioneers and really amazing.
The whole scene was so exciting because it was being created every week.
I remember going to "Ones" and hearing Danny Krivitt play Reggae. I mean Reggae was in it's infancy. Hearing it on a dance floor was revolutionary. Back then it was very soulfull and it sounded great with the old soul records.
(Of course they weren't old then, they were just soul records)
Years later when Nicky Siano, Francois K. and Danny Krivitt would come to hear me spin at Jackie 60 I have to admit...
I was very honored.

This movie looks like it's going to be good.
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" the corner of my mind."

The Loft, The Sanctuary, The gallery..I remember it all. At The Loft there was always a table of sweets and spiked punch and you could buy almost any drug from the coat check person. When the police would arrive downstairs at the front door a red light would go on and everyone would shut up and the music would stop until the police were paid off at the door and then the music would go back on and we'd dance until noon the next day. I remember so many people from those early days, Georgio St. Angelo, Stephen Burrows,
Dominique from DD Dominique, Potassa, Giovanni De Moura..too many people to mention here. Those early days were the best and the music was truly amazing.
I'd be a bigger asshole than i already am if i didn't at least give one "disco moment" thought.

Crisco's disco ... vip room .... the 1st and last time a man kissed me on the lips. I've told no one but now ... i'm outta the closet hehehehehehehehe. of course ... it happened like this (for those of you who could care less , go eat a twinkie) as my friend in front of me left ... he kissed the door guy and the guy (some fat old queen) stuck out his face in mine and not knowing what to do ... when in Rome as they say. anyway ... disco brought that on as any of you can clearly see. I'm from R.I.(not the hippest state) but i knew this ... the gay clubs had the best disco and seemed to really enjoy the phat sound system. The ice palace on 57th & yes .... i did do blow at 54 so sign me up for the love train and count me in on the vip party.

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