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Little wonder we didn't meet up, Stacey-- quite a crowd. I walked around the periphery a bit and was pleasantly surprised to note that onlookers, office workers and tourists alike seemed to have a positive take on not only the protesters right to protest, but the reason for the protest as well. Very successful all in all IMHO.
One weird thing was that as I crossed the street after taking this pic, an NYPD officer with video cam definitely turned and shot me. I wasn't sure at first, but I am positive he trained the cam on me and followed my progress blatently as I crossed the street. Very creepy.
It is my understanding that there have been many judicial rulings and certain legal guidelines regarding this kind of behavior by law enforcement. But I guess if the president feels he can make up his own rules as he goes along, then why shouldn't the NYPD feel the same way.
And no Daddy, it wasn't one of the officers I have been "friendly" with. He wasn't my type at all. Wink
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I am happy to hear that wherever they are going this week, the Republicans are being heckled, harried and treated with scorn.
Last night, a busload of Louisiana delegates was held up for quite some time in Herald Square by protesters who lay down in front of it.

On Sunday, the new owners of the building across the street from my house put up this sign. It is visible along the entire length of Canal Street from the west, and is backlit at night as well. Everyone waiting in line for the Holland Tunnel can see it. I have to point out it is located within the official zone of devastation set up by FEMA after 9/11. The people within my neighborhood are definitely not happy that the Republicans have been trying to cash in on the WTC tragedy to further their agenda.


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No, Christopher, voter disenfranchisement in this country only applies to convicted felons, and it differs from state to state. Some states even allow prisoners doing time for felonies to vote from jail. Like Maine.

"In New York State, you may not vote while you are incarcerated and your right to vote is immediately restored upon the expiration of the maximum sentance or when your parole ends, whichever occurs first."

None of the non-violent protesters will be charged with a felony, many may get just a DAT (Desk Appearance Ticket,) depending on the NYPD's mood, and the rest, even though they've gone to the holding pen at "Little Gitmo," will get some misdemeanor charge or other like "disturbing the peace," or "obstruction." Many of these charges will eventually be dismissed. And they are not felonies.

Last night, for instance, in Herald Square, and in the Union Square area, bystanders were arrested along with the protesters-- such charges are bound to be dropped as the defendants' lawyers will start serving the NYPD with subpoenas regarding the video surveillance they are using.

So Christopher, you can sit-in, die-in, and yell in the streets, get arrested AND convicted for it and still vote. At least for now. Who knows what will happen when they pass Patriot Act III.

My advice, though, is to think carefully about it, and avoid getting arrested right now (if you can help it,) unless you are making a great big media splash. You will be held in a hot, uncomfortable, crowded, former bus depot with oil-soaked floors and be given very little food or water (do you like dry bologna sandwiches?) for up to 3 days.
I may change my opinion, however, upon the arrival of Mr. Bush, in town, depending upon how things go.
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Here I reprint part of an email from Linda describing the drag action at the media protest on Wednesday:


From: Linda Simpson
Subject: DQs vs RNC
Date: September 2, 2004 10:15:24 AM EDT

Hi Hattie:

...We joined a protest in front of CNN and Fox News and then proceeded through
Times Square and as close to Madison Square Garden as we could get, carrying
signs that said "Sex Change for Regime Change"; "The Republican Potty Stinks";
and "Bush is a Drag."
I must say we caused a sensation. The cameramen and tourists went nuts for
us and we must have posed for a zillion photos. I felt like Paris Hilton!
Even Fox News shot us (with a camera, that is).
As we were walking through Times Square, we came upon a group of Black
Israelites"”those screaming nuts in robes that preach on streetcorners. They started
yelling at us that we were the devil so we all started ridiculously dancing
in front of them. I made devil horns with my fingers behind my head as Bunny
pointed at the Israelites and yelled, "Finally, someone who looks more
ridiculous in a dress than we do." The crowd was in hysterics, which only made the
Israelites more furious... It was absolutely one of the funniest things I had
ever been part of...
All along the way, people cheered and applauded us and I felt like the Pied
Piper as dozens of people followed us on our merry way as we announced that we
were girly-men come to protest the Republicans. Ah, the power of drag!!!!!
And the wrap up...

By now, everyone I am sure has seen Bloomberg's idiotic coments regarding last week's protests.
I wonder now how he will try to justify the enormous expense of holding the RNC here-- the Federal money alloted for security did not even begin to cover the costs. And how could it, with all those new "toys" purchased by the NYPD, which include that infernal sonic weapon they thankfully did not use.
Who made money? A few hotels and national chain restaurants like Applebee's? Who lost money? Probably every small business in Manhattan, most especially those within various frozen zones surrounding the Garden. I would be interested in seeing those figures, Mr, Mayor.
And, due to the tactics of the NYPD and The Corporation Counsel regarding the arrests on August 31st, the city not only has been fined roughly $1/2 Million, but has been cited for contempt. This contempt ruling will leave the city open to a myriad of lawsuits which will grind on in the courts and cost the taxpayers even more money. Great party, Mr. Bloomberg!

IMHO, there were some beautiful moments:

The Critical Mass bike ride that turned political on the Friday before the convention.
The endless banner drops and signs that occurred everywhere.
The creative and effective actions by many, many groups including ACT-UP, Code Pink, the people who stole the flag from the Brooklyn Bridge and held it for "ransom," our three tranny sisters, Linda, Bunny & Miss Understood, and those that dyed all the City's fountains the color of blood.
Those brave, brave protesters who made it onto the convention floor-- more than I ever expected, even during Bush's speech!
Those that actually made it out to Elmhurst, Queens to greet the President on Wednesday night even though the MTA had suspended subway service there.
The people from indymedia who provided live newswire, definitely outshining the "corporate" media. And those from A-Noise who provided non-stop live audio coverage from within the protests.
And finally, the nearly 500,000 who marched on Sunday with UFPJ, and the scores that appeared in Union Square, Herald Square, and various other locations last night!
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