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Unexpected bad news. Another NYC club legend gone but never forgotten. Fred Rothbell-Mista AKA Rocco Primavera died yesterday in his sleep at he age of 63. Fred was a true original and often worked several doors around Gotham. He was most memorable with his treatment of Cher and Robert Plant as though they were bridge and tunnel. His great humour will be missed.
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Fred's memorial service on Sunday, if any of his friends are reading here..

Sunday 3/1 12:30 PM
Gramercy Park Memorial Chapel
353 2nd Avenue
(between 20th & 21st)
West side of block
(212) 477-6334
Carradine was kind of the Steve McQueen of the hippies in the 60's and 70's. The Kung Foo teevee show made martial arts mainstream.
And now it seems that he either killed himself by hanging or was into auto asphyxiation as he was found nude hanging in a closet.
I IMMEDIATELY thought of that when I heard the circumstances, and the strange manner reminded me of Michael Hutchence, who died in a very similar way.
Merce Cunningham. Chelsea's own ultra radical dancer/choreographer, the second half of the John Cage/Merce Cunningham performnance magic act that whacked the art world from the early Judson Church to becoming a world wide franchise. Some of his work will become classic American modern dance.

One of my guilty pleasures was to TIVO the PBS fund raisers just to watch her.
She was always so riveting to watch.
As she got older she just got better and better.
RIP Boybar-era Drag Personage BABE DUKE, who died yesterday, and condolences to her extended nightworld family. A wonderful spirit and wit, she will be missed..

rose rose rose rose rose rose
With Christo she did the 'Gates' environmental sculpture in Central Park. And had a long life creating other projects with Christo.
A revolutionary wildheart who thought on a scale no one else, cept Christo, ever did.
Trans Goddess Nora Molina, of Mudd Club, Belle de Jour, and for many years the Gender Identity project at The Center. Beloved by every dog in the East Village (and so many of their owners too).

RIP, Legend.

We are searching for family members or anyone who could assist with getting her body released for burial. Please email or PM me here if you have any information.
Just a short update for those stopping by here for news of Nora - though no family members have been located, I am happy to report that Nora's beloved dog Ula was adopted by a close neighborhood friend who had already cared for Ula in the past. So at least that part of the story had a very happy ending, Ula is well..

As far as Nora, she certainly had many friends and well-wishers in the neighborhood. It may be a long time before her body leaves the morgue, but her spirit is certainly being remembered lovingly in many quarters.

Deep thanks to Pops, Lex and Doug and all the others who have participated in this sad, strange but quintessentially NY saga. As I talk to people I realize how often this actually occurs, that someone dies with no immediate family or designated executor to make those last decisions and final plans.

But from the dog runs to the streets to my message box, the outpouring of concern reminds me once again what a big-hearted city we live in.
Earlier today, all posts about the death of Gilbert Stafford have been moved to their own topic.

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