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I posted the casting call notice in Club Classifieds, but wanted to let all our SF peeps know that Johnny and I will be in SF twice in the next two months - yay!

We'll first be there for a casting trip 8/6-8/9, and then back to do our big event on 9/18, and staying a few days before and after.

LOVE to see all the Jackie/Mother expats, and of course would love tips on fun club nights etc. while we are there.

And I repeat the casting call here, just in case:

The Jackie Factory is doing a big fun party for the opening of Barney's San Francisco on 9/18.

Johnny Dynell and myself will be casting in SF for two days for lots and various performers, dancers, showfolk, Sprouse-y boys, to wear costumes and do fab tableau vivant at the party.

We'll be casting afternoons and evenings 8/7 and 8/8. This is a paying gig. If you know some
wonderful SF peeps, or are part of our extended performance family, come on down!

Email us for details at events or PM me here.
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Last night was amazing.
The party was a HUGE success.
There are lots of stories and pics and I'll start posting when I can.

Thanks to our fabulous family for all their help.
Miss Understood for some of her show stopping costumes.
Kitty Boots for her styling genius.
Amber Ray for building the feather headdresses and fans and coming out here with us to help.
Lulu (aka Todd Tomarrow) who was our head of wardrobe and hooked us up with the best faggotry that San Francisco has to offer. Dressers, hair stylists, make-up people you name it.
To Miss Juanita Moore who got us our go go boys/escorts when the male models didn't "deliver". (that's another story)
To abby Ehmann for her fantastic stage managing.
And to Hattie Hathaway for babysitting our little Casanova while mommy & daddy bring home the bacon.
Lots more later...
There was such a good feeling backstage.
Notice how this beautiful dancer is not at all threatened by all of the "men" around her -doing her hair, make up and costume. She is totally comfortable letting Todd adjust her costume.
She even seems to be OK when Todd tries to sew her boobs together for dramatic effect.
There was no sexual tension at all between the dancers and stylists.


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