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Thanks for asking Amber Ray. This is always a really fun midsummer party - the House really was founded by Kitty in the middle of the absolute heat of late July, so we always celebrate it then. Or try to - sometimes fate intervenes, like in 2000 when the city marshalls seized KING and padlocked it a few days before the party, forcing us to relocate it to Don's in September!

As the "Daddy" project caused us to not celebrate the occasion at all last summer, except from the stage at Coney Island, we'll be back with a vengeance this year!

We'll be putting up lots more info right after Pride and our invites should hit the streets soon after.

Since its birthday number 13, naturally the theme is "She-Devils".

Without knowing you or your work very well Amber Ray, I would think you'd be very in synch with the artistic go-go legacy of the House of D, whose numbers past and present number fifty or so. If you'd like more info on the house of d or previous editions try the site and
especially the page at

big grin smile
and the genius film that inspires the night SATAN IN HIGH HEELS (1961) are now on the top page of the mothersite..

The plot:

"Stacey Kane is a second-rate stripper
in a third-rate carnival who wants more out of life. So when she finds her junkie ex-husband lurking in her dressing room with a wad of bills, Stacey promptly steals every cent, hops on a plane for New York, and auditions for a singing job at a nightclub run by a terse, wide-eyed lesbian named Pepe..."

The worst catfight may be who plays Pepe - I guess I'm going to have to defer to the tersemeister HATTIE HATHAWAY... smile
313 Bowery (between 1 and 2nd Street)
Doors open 10:30 PM till 4 AM
$15 Admission/ $10 with invite or web printout
Info and Publicity: 212 929-6060

The HOUSE OF DOMINATION, the all-girl gang who have graced a thousand go-go platforms, are a New York City fetish institution. Their annual birthday bashes are always a midsummer delight, with performances centered around a different "school" of female-dominant imagery. This year, for the thirteenth birthday of the house founding by designer/costumer KITTY BOOTS, house legends will join the JACKIE FACTORY to salute the SHE-DEVIL archetype, inspired by the 1961 exploitation film SATAN IN HIGH HEELS.

SATAN IN HIGH HEELS is an exploitation classic in the XX tradition, featuring a dominant go-go nightclub sequence involving a leatherette corset, riding crop and stiletto heels, thirty years before the House of Domination introduced such pleasures at Jackie 60. Three sets of House of D. go-go (at 11:30, 12:45 and 1:45) will be devoted to the MEG MYLES vehicle, with house luminaries like MARTI DOMINATION and JESSICA RABBIT playing the leading roles. Other Factory Folk will assist, including MC's EMPRESS DOMINATION and HATTIE HATHAWAY, and a scandalous cameo from JOEY ARIAS.

The plot is delicious camp tinged with lesbian Pulp Fiction: "Stacey Kane is a second-rate stripper in a third-rate carnival who wants more out of life. So when she finds her junkie ex-husband lurking in her dressing room with a wad of bills, Stacey promptly steals every cent, hops on a plane for New York, and auditions for a singing job at a nightclub run by a terse, wide-eyed lesbian named Pepe..."

Besides showcasing the fetish go-go mastery of the House, the night also introduces an exciting new troupe SLANTY EYED MAMA with their own unique brand of female-dominant performance (1:30.) They are an Asianatrix spoken word trip hop group which debuted at this year's BLACK AND BLUE BALL. Fronted by KATE RIGG of Chink-o-rama and LYRIS HUNG (Juilliard strings virtuoso turned electric violin diva) the music is accompanied by fetish style Slanty Eyed Mama dancers. Also appearing is devilish lesbian drag icon DEE FINLEY in a psychotronic striptease (12:30.) Jackie 60 DJ JOHNNY DYNELL rocks the underworld before and after all this deliciousness.

Suggested Dress: She-Devil In Heels, Psychotronic Vixen, Black Leather Or Vinyl Corsets, Red Latex, Riding Crops, Early Sixties Nightclub Looks, Devil Horns, Painful Stilettos, Vintage Stripper Costumes, Bad Girl (All Eras And Genders,) Stocking Fetish, 666 References, Pulp Fiction Lesbian Looks, House Of Domination Couture Or Head-To-Toe Red

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I was just reminding the audience at the Legalize Dancing Benefit last night about the House of D. being banned in Stamford, Ct. The Jackie Movie director Jack Gulick called tonight to let us know that footage of the House of D. from the Jackie Movie had just been banned today at Macworld, and that a scandal was brewing about it..

Happy Bday're still raising hell! razz
We hope you can join us tonight at CBGB DOWNSTAIRS LOUNGE AT THE GALLERY for SHE-DEVILS IN HIGH HEELS. We're delighted to present
FIVE of your favorite Domination legends - MARTI, JESSICA RABBIT, DOLLY, ELIZA and LILY, along with DEE FINLEY and the Jackie debut of SLANTY EYED MAMA, Kate Riggs' amazing Asianatrix spoken word

We urge you to take advantage of the reduced web printout at for $10
admission all night.

Also, as always, all past and present House of D. members not performing are of course our guests!
Always love to see Annabel, Mad Dawg, Betty, Gloryhole, Brown Bettie et al on these nights.
In answer to question above, Kym Domination lives in Minnesota (or is it Wisconsin) now and is still GORGEOUS! She is raising the first Domination spawn, a boy I believe.

This will be our last summer event at the beloved CB's space, so we really hope you can make it. After tonight, JACKIE 60 FURTHER returns there Saturday, September 21 and again for HALLOWEEN.
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Sitting in the back room ... wedged between my make-up mirror and the ever-glowing monitor ... putting swipes, dashes and dots of shadow on my eyes in anticipation of high glamour and sweating it all off in a few short hours with the rest of the over-heated She-Devils ... a newsflash comes running down the hall in the form of my naked and hairy boyfriend telling me the electricity has gone off in parts of lower manhattan ...

I smile -- sometimes I just can't help myself -- when I see a grown, unclothed man (just starting to put on a bit of eye liner as well!) in a panic that he won't be able to go dancing, I just get distracted.

Oh, what is he saying? Oh, the lights? Out? Where? Oh my!! Will it be a night of She-Devils in High Heels -- In the dark? -- Wonder who I'd trip and meet that way? ...

I just had Mr. Nature call CBs Gallery ... thankfully the outage has not effected the venue.
See you all tonight.
Well despite the Village in blackout, news warnings to stay out of the area and everything else - last night was a blast and perhaps the most Jackie of all the Jackie 60 Further events to date!

It is such a great feeling to see the new vibe emerging down there, and the mix of JC and legend, Top Girl and Art John that has been marking the crowd in the Jackie/CB's parties since we began at Halloween. Was especially thrilled to see Slanty Eyed Mama tear down the house, as I knew they would when I first spotted them at this year's Black and Blue Ball.

Was lovely to see so many of the affiliated houses come out to pay respects to House of D as well, including the many representatives of Arena, the Dungeon of Mistress Angel Stern, the house of Demask, and of course Jackie's own Madame Cole de Sade of Gomorrah/ZeroTolerance.

And so many tails, horns, devil masks and the like! These parties have been proving what we've known all along - that our crowd, or those who are about to join it - LOVE to be able to dress up as long as they will be safe and appreciated, as they certainly are.

From a piece of mail on the subject, today:

Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2002 10:36:48 EDT
Subject: Re: KEEP HOPE ALIVE !

. . . It is a great comfort to know that I am not the only person in the world who has a love for clothing/shoes ect. If this is vain or strange, oh well at least I am not alone. . .

xo Donna

We really look forward to September 21, our next Jackie 60 FURTHER, and promise something very special to begin our 13th season. And Donna - we expect the same from you! wink
I only made it to Jackie 60 a few times in the early/mid/late ninties, with my club-working comrades of that era (Onyx, Ethemious Konstantine, Jackie Riviera, Girlina, Gerald Loud, Andre Michel -- the whole Make-up Room/Sound Factory lot of us).

To me (an impressionable young girl with a luminous imagination), Jackie 60 was, at the time, this dark and mysterious place we would occasionally wind up at in the meat-packing district (usually very late in the morning) because it "had scandals, my dahling, fierce scandals, ki-ki-ing and carrying-on ..." It was, in that sense, very much a rich treat only to be had occasionally, like Christmas fudge, and savored for the days to come.

It has only been the last few years, in frequenting Click and Drag regularly, that I have begun to get to know many of you. But, what magnificence and camaraderie the Jackie 60 crowd still maintains, exudes and instigates!!

--Rose Royale, I especially enjoyed seeing you! You look amazing!!! I so miss visiting with you (whilst cocktailing at Mother) such a pillar of style and grace ... not easily forgotten and always an inspiration.

--Great pics thus far!!
It takes one to know one--thanks Tonya--it's intended to give pleasure and you make it worthwhile--just the sight of you, darling, from the first time I saw you in the Versailles Room!
First and foremost beauty within and then, and only then beauty outside-you've got it all!

"SLANTY Eyed Mama" Yeah! Sorry girls! Empress said you deserve all the props in the world, and I couldn't agree more. Once again gratitude to Mommy for booking this genius group!

You're originals! So forward in style and attitude--it was like seeing my unconcious thoughts reveal themselves in real time! I can't say enough!
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