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That's where i heard ! on a side note .... bobby B. was the one who brought me over to the pyramid from 8bc. he came 2 or 3 times and offered me a job ... and having grown a bit TIRED of "the ART clique" ...i went for a look. 2 me... it (the pyramid) looked like a fuckin holloween party that was never gonna stop. .. it all the TYPES ..(ie queens,punks,skins,wanna be's,leeches ect. i fell in love from the moment i walked in the door. In fact... seeing Ethyl there made me feel better because i hadn't met some of you yet. anyway.... that 1st dose is still having it's effect to this day.
I have many poignant Bobby Bradley stories. I don't think he's the one from the pic you posted, bobby (getting dizzy here with bobby and this bb and that bb). I have an old pic I can scan. I was honestly wondering if he was unmentionable and then came the ***** reference. But Dana, can you enlighten us?

Remember the recent talk about DJs such as Daddy not wanting to *have* to play New Wave? I think Bobby was behind that. And I have to say, a mix of New Wave and disco, going very very heavy on the disco, makes the disco feel soooo good. And I won't soon foget Joey spinning and spinning, garlanded, spock ears, body powder, to New Gold Dream.

I was once told just what Sister played first on the very first night of either the Pyramid-as-we-knew-it, or Whispers, or some other first. Anybody wanna guess?
something from the " scooby doo cartoon"? OMG ... How the FUCK can you "pinpoint a song from 1 night 20 yrs. ago ???? well of course ... Joshua can. so many possibilities it sends my mind into astroland ( not coney island ) does She Remember is also a question to ponder over a latte grande. gotta go ... china is hosting 37 african heads of state here in Beijing and ... oh.... the costumes "girls" are FAB.
oh Daddy .... those r some Beautiful sister moments. I miss her alot. concerning THAT PICTURE. No fuckin way is THAT the Bobby Bradley of "the pyramid club" ! That looks like LUKE SKYWALKER or an actor from the 80's daytime tv culture. c'mon josh ..... what song was it ? ps... i once FELL down the stairs leading to the basement with 4 beers in hand and PHIL (bartender / crieg's bro) looking on from the top. it was the 1st time i remember seeing a worried look on his face as he started lifting me up from the crumpled (pre crump-ing) position ... yes... the stairs were already wet and yes ... i could have been a bit toasted (which is why i didn't go to the hospital when i should have.) i still have a broken RIB from that fall. i limped into the tech room and licked my wounds. Then the phone rang ... The show MUST go ON !
This is a Pyramid *myth* mind you. I didn't make this up, but rather definitely heard it from someone, who could have been: Hattie, Bobby, Tanya, Sister herself, Mark Oates (probably him come to think), etc. I wasn't there.

But the idea was that there was some kind of big night, the first of some sort, and Sister didn't let on what the first tune would be until they opened the back room to the strains of

You see what I mean? Alan/Sister was the heart of the 'mid in a way, but that was all the more powerful next to Dead or Alive or Tones On Tail or whatever Ivan was hawking that month (I guess he came in a bit later but you see my point i hope.)

The combo of Sister and everyone gave Pyramid its depth.
Not to digress too much because I think there is a Sister Dimension fan topic somewhere but...

Talk about "giving something depth"

Sister Dimension is the proud father of two gorgeous little girls. Can you imagine how great it would be to have Alan as your father! I've been over to their house and watched as the family puts on shows in the living room for each other. Full costume, make-up, wigs, choreography... the whole thing. It's very 1800's.
He is also a good loving father.
These are not "Messy Little Lizas" that he is raising. His kids are smart, well rounded and obviously open to the ways of the world.
AND they are both killer performers!
I could easily see one of them as president of the United States.
yea..... wasn't that when ms. warwick was doing those infomercials on TV. she was a hot topic at the time ... a real space cadet and of course ... perfect for pyramid fodder.
also .... i always felt "sister D." to be well rounded (even in full dress costumes). she/he and brian knew how to run a tight ship and take NO shit from anyone. respect !
hey ..... when is the next new pyramid gonna hit the club scene because SOMETHING needs to HIT the club scene in nyc. (over the head i hope) .... it must be real hard to smoke weed with the no smoking ban and all. here in china... you can smoke anywhere and because 99.9% of the folks here don't know what "weed or hash" smell like ..... one can smoke it "freely" where ever one likes. .... also ... those groovy hash pipes are a part of chinese culture so having one doesn't draw much attention if any at all. welcome to Beijing (don't wait till everyone and his mother comes here... be a trend set-a .... !)
Miss Understood .... you are SO READY !
WOW.... what a fuckin BEAUTIFUL ahhhhh LADY !
also.... it's so nice to see you AGAIN ... you're looking well.
Hapi is Larry T. i now suspect because ....i never recalled seeing the 2 together. ???
Speaking of beautiful people ... where the hell is TABOO or "Mr. Nice Guy" for that matter? pls. send my regards to them. they were both 2 of my favorites (On my top 100 list of social experiments gone Right or..)
and speaking of "social experiments" can anyone BELIEVE that i teach MIDDLE SCH. ? i still can't believe it ... and i've been doing it for 7 yrs. now ! At that .... it's BACK to class.
bye now

ps. sorry about the gabbing .... i'm a bit isolated here from "The Scene" in nyc... and miss it.
Lifted this pic from Tangella's MySpace page. It brought back memories-- "Disco Hospital" a show that was actually called "Sue Barton: The Story Of A Nurse," based on a vintage series of books for tennaged girls. From left to right: (rear) Dr. "Baby" Gregor, Hapi Phace as Dr. Ben Phacey, Hattie as Nurse Loretta, Sun as the Matron, Nurse Diesel, Audrey White as Sue Barton, the new nurse, (foreground) Nurse Tangella and Nurse Dimension.
Note my "General Motors Blue" eye shadow.


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