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Mrs Plop.... YOU WILL be revealed ...look at todays Page 6!

June 23, 2003 -- THE former security director of Plato's Retreat is shopping a tell-all book about the fabled orgy emporium frequented by the likes of Richard Dreyfuss, Jesse Ventura, Mrs Plop, Sammy Davis Jr., Rodney Dangerfield and porn king Ron Jeremy.

During his eight years standing sentry at Plato's, Michael Velez says he saw a slew of celebs at the Upper West Side swingers club, which was a fornicator's fantasyland in the late 1970s and early '80s. While most famous faces remained fully clothed, some plunged headlong into the amorous action.

John Wayne dropped by a few times and once gave Plato's regular Sammy Davis Jr. a nickel-plated .38-caliber handgun as a token of his appreciation, says Velez.

The blabbermouth bouncer claims that Madonna dropped by Plato's "semi-regularly" until another club called Nine opened in Alphabet City. After a day of shooting "Fort Apache: The Bronx" in 1981, Velez alleges that Paul Newman checked out the steamy scene. Neither of their reps returned calls for comment.
If Mrs. Plop doesn't exist, as Sweetie claims in the Poll thread, how come I got FedExed a big box of Fanny Mae chocolates from the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago just this morning, with a hand written note and glossy 8x10 of her? "Don't believe Sweetie's posts," the note urged, "she's been delusional ever since I turned her out at Sacred Yona All Girls Preparatory School and Psychocybersanitorium." Trust me, I'm telling you stories.

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For those who might want to acquaint themselves with Virgina Bonneaux aka Mrs. Plop, I am bouncing this into the present.

In case you don't know, Mrs. Plop will be appearing at the September 17 edition of Cabaret Magique:


Joining the lovely Rabbit at 12:30 is a mystery woman who rocked the very foundations of THE MOTHERBOARDS (our vibrant virtual community) this past Summer.

With these words, the mysterious MRS. PLOP appeared: "My name is Virginia. I am sure I am many years the senior of most of you, but I am like a girl in my heart. I enjoy the luxury of retirement. My career(s) were that of a Hostess in the VIP quarters of a swank Las Vegas, Nevada casino... My only real show business endeavor was demonstrating microwave ovens in Macy's Housewares department before many of you were born. I had a script I performed and wore a beautiful gold lame' gown provided by my employer. I am a single, never married woman who became very involved in Plato's Retreat on the upper west side of New York City... I am a
champion of animals and am the mother of a 13 year old toy poodle Tinkerbell.."

Motherboards addicts know how it all turned out, but the thought of having MRS. PLOP perform a Cabaret set was too tempting and we are THRILLED to finally host her "In The Flesh" for a monologue tonight!

#9 AVENUE A at First Street

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