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The Motherboards at 15

It's hard to truly take in that the Motherboards turns fifteen years old today, April Fools. These boards, begun just to keep our club community together after our venue MOTHER closed, have outlived even the decade-long club that spawned them ( and sadly - some of the Club Creatures who helped create them.) 

We launched the Boards on April 1, 2001, after a few weeks of visitation by all manner of friends and co-conspirators from hallowed clubs like The Mudd, Danceteria, Pyramid, Boy Bar and our own Jackie 60, MOTHER and Click + Drag.  The conversations came fast and furious, and even as other virtual hangs, platforms and dynasties  came and went, they've never really stopped.

Mothership invite

We could never thank all the volunteers, technical warriors, moderators, and those who stopped here to remember a friend, post a club memory, or gather collaborators for projects near and far. You have all added so much, especially our frequent and longtime posters.  Your contributions have helped make the boards a fertile historical reference for Clubland's late 20th and early 21st centuries as well as a place to promote new efforts.

So, a tip of the Oculus Rift headset to technical whizzes Falon and Darla Diamond and early moderators Rose Royalle,  Zazoo and Satori, Tonya Knudsen, Hattie Hathaway, Katrina and Ulysses Wept. Fond waves to early posters Rob Roth, Ted n Di, Terence Sellers, seven, Bobby Miller,  Joe Birdsong, Jane Buchanan, Sweetie, Michael Cavadias and so many more.

Special thanks must also  go to our hosts since the very beginning - Infopop aka Social Strata aka As their superb software and hosting evolved, they never stopped serving our small and extremely niche, bohemian enclave with the same service they gave enormous virtual communities.

We will be celebrating this auspicious anniversary when the next Motherboards hangout LUCKY opens in late May on Avenue B - helmed by original MOTHER/Click + Drag/Burning Man eminence Editrix Abby.  Stay Tuned - It takes an (East) Village...

- Chi Chi Valenti, Motherboards Founder

Image: The first MOTHERBOARDS party, held at CBGB Gallery, celebrated our first anniversary in 2002.


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