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I've only been clubbing for the past few years so therefore my experiences at the Limelight have been few and far between. However I do have to say i preferred the clubs vibe when it was dark and mysterious. Now its packed with the regular run of the mill chelsea queens floss nothing but muscle. I Kind of miss the eclectic crowd that the limelight once offered. Its a club that i wont soon be returning to.
If you ask me about the re-opened a few years back Limelight I'll tell you it was cute and sweet with alot of teenage kids flaunting their attire. If you ask me about the Limelight of the early 90's I'll tell you it was GRRREEEATTT!
I had massive memories of that place that I would never change for anything. It was dark and gothic you really didn't see many wannabe's there were the "real" club kids and dragqueens glamorous as anything some freightful. The rooms were all unique in the sence that it was like a to each his own kindof vibe. If you like rap you were in the right room and it wouldn't be twisted with anything but. If you liked House music you had a nice choice (of course) my favorite was the shampoo room and the red room (forgot the name). And of course Techno (main dancefloor).
There was the slimy rooms upstairs that smelt like sweaty sex I would just pass through... time & place for everything honey.
I'll never forget me & my friends would be so wrecked sometimes that we would wind up on stage and dance forever until they put the lights on.
Thanks for remembering L.L Wink
That atmosphere was godlike. Please don't try to repeat it - try to build upon the greatness and make a new and exciting scene that's all your own!

It was gorgeous in its day. A happy memory for me forever. And to run into Brandywine and Brenda A Go Go filming "On Patrol" at Limelight or Tunnel - so exciting because we got to see the party again on their show on Saturday night before going out.
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from the New York POST...
(favourite line: Chelsea as a 'teenage wasteland')




The infamous Limelight nightclub, now called Avalon, will have its Gothic interior (above) made over into a mini-mall by early 2007.

December 19, 2006 -- The former Episcopal church that once housed the sacrilegious Limelight nightclub will be born again - as a retail mini-mall.

Now known as the Avalon nightclub, the legendary 12,000-square-foot venue on Sixth Avenue at West 20th Street will shutter its doors in early 2007.

"The landlord has decided that he doesn't want to go forward with another nightclub," said broker Frank Terzulli, of Winnick Realty Group.

"He's going to cut it up for retail tenants and a restaurant with patio seating."

Terzulli added, "The area is becoming more upscale with high-priced condos and stores, and that will make it more difficult to get permits from the community board" for a nightclub.

Cops have been cracking down on Chelsea nightclubs and their rowdy and sometimes violent patrons since the murder last summer of 18-year-old Jennifer Moore, who was killed after a night of drinking at the Guest House nightspot.
[isn't that on Lafayette Street?]

Officials have warned club owners that they will conduct more stings on underage drinking and insist that the clubs do more to police themselves.

Community leaders have also complained about Chelsea's club-filled districts, which have been blasted as a "teenage wasteland."

Landlord Ben Ashkenazy's company, Ashkenazy Acquisition Corp., owns and operates several retail malls and the three flagship Barneys stores in New York, Chicago and Beverly Hills.

Sources say international discount-clothing retailer H&M is the likely main tenant for the space, which features triple-height ceilings and mezzanine levels.

A representative for Winnick would not confirm any specific names, since no leases have yet been signed.

Limelight, founded in the deconsecrated church in 1983, hosted some of clubland's wildest parties in the '80s and early '90s under now-deported club king Peter Gatien.

In 1996, federal agents charged that Limelight was a "drug supermarket" and shut it down.

Gatien was acquitted of racketeering and drug charges but convicted of tax evasion. He spent time in jail and was eventually deported to his native Canada.

That same year, one of the club's flamboyant promoters, Michael Alig, pleaded guilty to manslaughter for killing Angel Melendez, a club regular and reputed drug dealer over a money dispute. He's still in jail.

Limelight reopened under new management but was shuttered again in 2002.

It came back to life in November of that year as the short-lived Estate. Avalon followed a few months later.
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