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Wednesday, October 19th, 6-10pm, Midtown NYC

COMPLETELY PRIVATE (no cameras anywhere), easy to get to


It's My Birthday Season and time for a CFNM Domina Play Soiree with class!  Be advised that while My Events attract Upscale Fetishists, I do the work to ensure that everyone is cool. In other words, no walk-ins off the street.

STRICT SECURITY PROTOCOLS - ONLY screened applicants receive specific details.

* Chef-catered, all-inclusive, REAL food & fine quality beverages
* Clean, safe, secure, no cameras anywhere
* Completely private, discrete, non-commercial space
* What happens in Mss. Didi's Domain stays in Mss. Didi's Domain

This is not a money-making event; contributions go to My Birthday Charity Projects.

Please pay close attention to instructions to attend.

More Info and Invitations HERE



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